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Most common symptoms of Thyroid you need to know. Thyroid happens to be one of the most common medical conditions, affecting the functioning of thyroid gland. Producing hormones essential for the metabolic processes and brain activity, the thyroid gland plays a major role in our body. However, an abnormal production of thyroid hormones leads to severe ailments. Too much thyroid hormone causes hyperthyroidism. On the other hand, insufficient production of the hormone leads to hypothyroidism.

As a matter of fact, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism account for 90% of all thyroid imbalances. Disorders related to the functioning of thyroid gland can either speed up or slow down metabolic processes and lead to a number of long-term health issues. According to a survey, more than 25 million people in America have a thyroid problem, with majority of them not aware of their health issues. Some of the most common symptoms of thyroid include: Suggested reads: Top 5 Health Tips to Avoid Illness during Season Change.

India wants Kulbhushan Jadhav back, and its leaving no stone unturned. India wants Kulbhushan Jadhav back, and its leaving no stone unturned to stop Pakistan from hanging the alleged Indian ‘spy’. In what seems a major diplomatic win for the nation, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has stayed the death sentence of Kulbhushan Jadhav, given by a Pakistani military court. Jadhav has been charged of spying on Pakistan. ICJ, based in Hague, was approached by India on Tuesday, and the court stayed the death sentence handed down to Jadhav on Wednesday. Since the arrest, India had demanded consular access to Jadhav for 16 times, but each time, it was denied by Pakistan. In a letter to Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, ICJ asked to stay the death sentence of Kulbhushan Jadhav, a retired Indian navy man.

He was arrested by Pakistan on March 3, 2016 on charges of spying. India had appealed to ICJ, accusing Pakistan of “egregious” violations of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Top 5 Tips to use Google search like a Pro. Swachh Survekshan Survey - Top 10 Cleanest Indian Cities. India is known for its different culture, history and heritage, however for a few years cleanliness in the nation has been a question. Narendra Modi being insightful stepped up with the initiative to encourage countrymen for clean India campaign popularly known as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. To honor cities that endeavored incredible endeavors for this Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Minister for Urban Development Venkaiah Naidu awarded the top 10 cleanest Indian cities which are also among the greenest city in the country. Indore, Madhya Pradesh Indore has risen as the India’s Cleanest City in the Swachh Survekshan 2017 directed in 434 urban areas and towns. Indore, the state’s largest city, offers a spectacle of majestic palaces co-existing with commercial centers.

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh South of the two lakes is the new Bhopal. Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh From Lakes to cool Beaches, from delightful Hill Ranges to Caves and Valleys, Visakhapatnam has them all. Surat, Gujarat Mysuru, Karnataka. 5 Essential Financial Tips to save money - investmentsummitgt2013. As the financial year 2017 commences, changes in the income tax slab and goods prices will start to strengthen its roots in the fiscal area. Digital means of payment are being promoted by the government, compounded with attractive incentives and schemes. To save you from Union Budget 2017’s negatives and accentuate the effects of its positives, we offer 5 important financial tips to save money.

Give up smoking Don’t fret if you don’t smoke. Cigarette, cigar, and bidi prices are going to rise quite fast. If you quit tobacco products today, you’ll be able to save money as well as your health. Go digital Digital payments ease the whole payment process and open windows to earn handsome returns. Plan your taxes Citizens earning up to Rs 3 lakh per annum are tax-exempt. Avoid Late ITR filings Filing late income tax returns will incur a penalty of Rs 5,000 if paid before December 31 of the fiscal year. Start saving for your retirement Read here for more on financial year tips. CREDAI throws an Ace in Affordable Housing Projects. Post Views: 34 The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India (CREDAI) has launched 352 real estate projects across 17 states.

These will be developed in 53 cities with a total budget of Rs 38,003 crore. More than 2 lakh affordable homes are expected to be built with the help of these affordable housing projects. The official CREDAI statement says that the housing projects will be taken up by CREDAI members. It will be the first mass investment by private entities in the affordable housing movement. These projects were launched by M Venkaiah Naidu, the Minister of Housing and Poverty Alleviation. Among the Indian states benefiting from this move, Maharashtra gets the cream. Each house will cost an average of Rs 18 lakh. The CREDAI affordable housing projects and Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana projects in combination might bring a realty revolution. Suggested reads: Joint Development Agreements Will Reduce Tax In The Housing Sector Give Your Valuable Ratings.

Goods and Services Tax Bill the Greatest Tax Reform in India? On Thursday, India moved another step closer to implementing the biggest tax reforms it would see post-Independence. The much-awaited GST or Goods and Services Tax, is a flagship proposal made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. Experts state that the GST, if implemented, will enhance one or two percentage points on the annual GDP growth, which will hugely impact investment strategies in a beneficial manner.

What is GST? Currently, anything that is purchased − from a film ticket to a car − are subject to a multitude of taxes. These taxes vary from one state to another and at times, multiply too. The passing of the GST bill means that a confusing number of state and central levies will be replaced. This means that India will experience a common market for the very first time.

The proposal of GST is aimed at replacing the existing levies, i.e., luxury tax, excise duty, lottery tax, VAT, entertainment tax and central sales tax with a single tax. Financial year tips - Exceptionally Sensational Economic Year 2016-17. Financial Year tips: In many ways 2016 was a turbulent, unprecedented and, for some, a distressing year. And the realty sector was not immune to the year’s inconsistencies. India’s real estate market has witnessed several drastic and transformative reforms, including Demonetization, FDI relaxations, Real Estate Regulator Bill (RERA), GST, Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act, amendment in Accounting standards IFRS −- all implemented successively. The New Financial Year of 2017-18 has started after an exceptionally fabulous and sensational economic year of 2016-17. In the Economic year 2016-17, we saw Sensex climbing by 20% and Equity Funds giving a normal return of 30%.

Obligation Funds gave 9%-10% relying on the classification of store chose. As indicated by us, Financial year 2016-17 was great year for speculators of money related resources like Equity and Debt Mutual Funds. Loan fees have fallen strongly. Keep visiting investmentsummit for more on financial year tips. RERA Act 2017: 7 Effects Real Estate Buyers Should Know About. 10 Refreshing drinks and cocktails with a Mango Punch. Say cheers to refreshing drinks and cocktails with raspberry lemonade, tequila coolers and more. Cool off this summer with delicious cocktail and drink recipe ideas.

Get more fun summer recipes like these at 1. Raspberry Mango Sangria Ingredients: 1 Bottle Spanish Red Wine1 Mango, sliced2 cups of fresh raspberries (or thawed frozen)1 lime, sliced3 oz brandy2 tbsp of suberfine sugar if desired1 Can club soda 2. Ingredients: 1 cup ice.1 lime wedge.3 ounces silver tequila.1 small mango—peeled, pitted and coarsely chopped (3 ounces)1 1/2 ounces fresh lime juice.1 tablespoon chile powder, such as Tajin (see Note)2 ounces orange liqueur.1 1/2 ounces agave nectar. 3. Champagne, chilled.Chambord.Fresh Raspberries.Mango Puree (yield ¾ cups):1 ripe Mango – peeled, pitted and cut into chunks.1-2 TBS Granulated Sugar.1 tsp Lemon Juice. 4. ¾ fresh lime, cut into wedges 1-2 shots Cachaça, such as Cuca Fresca ½ shot simple syrup (see notes) 1 cup ice Mango spears, to serve 5.

Ingredients 6. 7. Top Ten Life Lessons from the Dalai Lama that’ll give Inner Peace. The Dalai Lama is renowned for his wisdom and teachings of Buddhism. His Holiness’ philosophy on how to live life in a jovial way without hurting anyone should be taught to all. Here’s top ten life lessons, as told by the Dalai Lama that you should strive to follow. Be compassionate. Do not subject others to situations that you yourself would hate to be in. Be kind to everyone. Be happy and find your state of bliss. Always share your happiness with everyone around you. Nurture your relationships with everyone. Stay healthy and exercise daily. Avoid violent confrontations and arguments. What you think is what you’ll become. Be honest to yourself and the world around you. Destroy your anger. These top ten life lessons from the Dalai Lama should be implemented daily for the best results.

Suggested reads: Things Old People Regret. How to throw a Beach Party | Liquorsky. Summers are always welcomed by beach parties. This is the best way to get relieved from hot scorching heat. A well-organised beach party can really help get a lot of applause from your guest. A beach party can be transformed in to anyway, it can be a pool party for kids or just a get-together for your girl gang or some fun activities for the guys. Best part of beach party is the venue the beach. Here are some tips that will help you on how to throw a beach party. Food the essence Food is the essence of any party. Decoration is the main highlight Decoration is the main highlight of any party. Games for kids You can keep the friends happy at the party by engaging them in games. Music Music is the best way to rock a party. Research Decide the beach venue and seek detailed information about it.

Once your beach party is over, clean up the area of the party. You can rock your beach party with some planning and management. Top 5 of the World’s Most Expensive Homes | Indiapropertyjournal. Post Views: 30 For the affluent part of the society, ‘home sweet home’ has a different meaning. Their residences are majestic, beautiful and possess a number of luxurious facilities. The upper strata of society, counts in rich industrialists, businessmen, and fortune owners. We bring you a glimpse of what their domestic life is like, by showing you the world’s most expensive homes. Enjoy! Buckingham Palace The royalty of United Kingdom lives in the most expensive house in the world, situated in London. Antilla Antilla is none other than the abode of India’s richest man and Reliance’s honcho Mukesh Ambani.

Villa La Leopolda This French villa in Cote D’ Azure was built on an estate once owned by King Leopold II of Belgium. Fair Field New York has a fair share of posh homes. Kensington Palace Gardens Kensington Palace Garden is situated in London, where the Indian industrialist Lakshmi Mittal owns three houses. Don’t agree with the list of world’s most expensive homes? Give Your Valuable Ratings. India Nightlife : Top 4 Party Cities In India. In big cities, You will find a variety of pubs, bars & nightclubs to throw a party. What do you expect from nightlife scene in party cities of India. Now we are presenting you the top party cities in India. Each city has a brief description on nightlife. 1. Goa It is one of the top most party city in India. It has long history behind the partying .. The best party about partying in Goa is that nothing closes until the sun rises. 2. After Goa, Mumbai is the good place for partying. 3.

It is “ Silicon Valley of India & It is the IT hub of India. It is also known as the “pub capital of India” because of beer loving culture & best nightlife of nightclubs , pubs & bars. The most of the clubs, pubs & lounges are located at MG Road in Bangalore. 4. Delhi has grown rapidly in recent years. Want to add another entry into this list of amazing party cities in India? Suggested reads: TOP 5 DESTINATIONS FOR WINE LOVERS IN INDIA. 10 Types of Wine you should know | Liquorsky. A regal experience of fine dining at home requires a round table, candles, savory dishes, your significant other, and a good old bottle of wine.

However, many of us are illiterate when it comes to choosing the right wine for the occasion. To help you, Liquorsky has compiled a list of 10 types of wine you should know, that will bring about the best fine-dining experience. Chardonnay It’s a white wine that’ll treat your tongue when you taste it as well as when you pronounce it.

Young Chardonnay packs a fruity punch while an old bottle has a hint of bourbon. Cabarnet Sauvignon It’s a red wine that complements red meat such as beef and lamb veal. Zinfandel Zinfandel has a better fruity profile than any of the wines on this list. Chenin Blanc As the name suggests, Chenin Blanc is a white wine (Blanc means ‘white’ in French) made from the grapes of the same name. Syrah Syrah can taste like plum, black pepper, tobacco, and even blueberry. Chianti Sauvignon Blanc Merlot Pinot Noir Pinot Gris. Virtual Reality in Real Estate: Evolution of Property Tours. Post Views: 93 WYSIWYG looks like a sophisticated medical acronym until people learn that it actually stands for ‘what you see is what you get’.

WYSIWYG objects provide people with an instant preview of what they’re ordering. Imagine if it’s application in the real estate industry. Well, welcome to 2017, where the use of virtual reality in real estate is making it possible for potential real estate buyers to take an immersive tour of the property. The brainchild of Gautam and Tithi Tiwari called SmartVizX is what’s making the revolutionary change. The architect couple found this company two years ago when they discovered a huge communication gap between the customers and real estate agents. 2D plans are converted into 3D models for the VR platform. Real Estate firms are feeling optimistic with this technology even though it’s expensive. Give Your Valuable Ratings. Top 5 Health Tips to Avoid Illness during Season Change. The changing season can prove to be really harsh for a working individual. If you catch the common cold or fever, it can keep you sick for a week or more.

Luckily, there are simple but effective ways to avoid that ordeal. Here are five tips to stay healthy and avoid the flu during the unfavourable weather. Following top 5 health tips will help: Sweat it Out Working out makes sure that you expel toxins from your body. Dress Appropriately for the Weather Enjoying the extremes of the seasons is fun. Get Some Fresh Air Staring at your screen in a Hunchback of Notre Dame position will severely affect your spinal cord. Keep Your Mind Busy Too much stress is a Trojan horse for your immune system. Rest Your whole body relaxes and heals when you go to bed.

Want to add more than these top 5 health tips in the list? Suggested Reads: Homemade Remedies to Protect Your Skin from Summer Tan. 7 best destinations for drinkers across the world. Joint Development Agreements will Reduce Tax in the Housing Sector. Best sports bar In Gurgaon to chill out with your friends. Draw Easy Circuits with the Revolutionary Conductive Electric Pen! | Gadget Guru Blog. Most Popular Cocktails For Different Moods And Occasions. Latest DDA News- 77 Operations to go Online | IPJ. Here’s how the Implication of GST Will Help Home Buyers! The Top 7 Women Liquor Brands Should Get Tipsy On. Union Budget 2017: Through the Eyepiece of Real Estate. Union Budget 2017- Changing Home Loans and Real Estate.

Interest on home loans is expected to come down.