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Top Reasons Your Baby Requires the NICU. A neonatal intensive care unit or NICU specialises in caring for new-borns with special medical needs, such as an ill or premature baby or one that required surgery immediately after birth.

Top Reasons Your Baby Requires the NICU

This unit ensures round the clock care to make sure that the baby receives the medical attention it needs promptly. The neonatal phase of your baby is from birth up to 28 days. If and when your child needs the NICU, the doctor will inform you within 24 hours of birth, says the best gynaecologist in South Delhi. Make sure you keep in constant touch with your doctor in the days leading up to the delivery and book a luxury hospital suite well in advance, for the most comfortable experience.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the most common reasons why a baby will need the NICU. 1. Your delivery might be traumatic, or some other medical problem might arise during delivery, leading to a decrease in blood flow and oxygen to the baby’s brain. 2. 3. A mother’s health is as important as that of the baby. 4. What are the best precautions to take for a healthy pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes.

What are the best precautions to take for a healthy pregnancy?

There are stages of pregnancy where the development of the fetus undergoes crucial processes and should not be affected by any internal or external factors. Along with planning regular appointments with a gynecologist at the best maternity hospital in Chennai, there are some important precautions you should take during pregnancy. Let’s look at the precautions that should be undertaken by pregnant women. Avoiding smoking. 5 Rare Heart Diseases That Could Affect Your Child. Statistics show that 1in every 100 children might be affected by some form of heart defect, including congenital heart disease.

5 Rare Heart Diseases That Could Affect Your Child

This is usually a birth defect and requires proper medical treatments through drugs and even surgery, at times. In most cases, children with a heart defect are able to lead a fulfilling life, with the right treatment. However, the first step is for the parents to know even the rarest of heart diseases that could affect their child, so that they can consult the best pediatric heart doctor, such as those in Hyderabad, immediately. So, here’s a look at 5 rare heart problems that can affect children. How Much Critical Illness Insurance Do You Need? Critical illness insurance is coverage for critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, liver failure, kidney failure, renal failure etc.

How Much Critical Illness Insurance Do You Need?

Your insurance company will pay the sum assured if you are detected with any of the critical diseases (mentioned in the policy documents) during the tenure. Nevertheless, you do not have to give hospital bills, treatment expenses, etc., in case of health insurance plans, to claim the sum assured. In most scenarios, there is a survival period of 30 days. Simply put, if the policyholder outlives 30 days after being diagnosed with the disease, the sum assured is paid to the policyholder. Here's How Students Can Benefit from a Plagiarism Checker.

Given the explosion of online content, the odds of plagiarism are relatively high in 2020.

Here's How Students Can Benefit from a Plagiarism Checker

With rising internet penetration and the growing popularity of surfing the net on smartphones, students can easily do extensive research online for their assignments, projects, thesis, etc. The idea is to collate information from various sources and then explain the topic in your own words. How to Address Nutritional Needs of Young Kids in a Hassle-Free Way. Nutrition in young kids is instrumental for healthy growth and development in all aspects of living-be to social, psychological, or physical well-being.

How to Address Nutritional Needs of Young Kids in a Hassle-Free Way

An inadequate diet might lead to delayed development, behavioral disorders, and psychomotor delay. These can all be prevented by educating the parents about basic nutrition needs. Why Nutrition is Important in Young Kids? Young kids must never be treated or considered as young adults. It is because the young kids are still in the growing phase, that they need the proper amount of nutrition to obtain satisfactory growth.

Energy Energy needs for toddlers and pre-schoolers rise as the child grows: A one year girl needs 1,15 kcal/dayA one year boy needs 1,230 kcal/dayA 4-year-old girl needs 1,545 kcal/dayA 4-year-old boy requires 1715 kcal/twice a day. How to Address Nutritional Needs of Young Kids in a Hassle-Free Way - TheOmniBuzz. 4 Cake Recipes to Cook with Your Kids during the Lockdown. There is a wide range of flavors of cakes available that can be baked during the lockdown.

4 Cake Recipes to Cook with Your Kids during the Lockdown

Cake baking can be fun and savoring the homemade cake during lockdown will bring a bigger smile on your kids’ faces. Let’s learn how to make different types of cakes at home: 1. Chocolate Cake A simple chocolate cake is a delicious form of cake that you can enjoy. Ingredients – cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla essence, salt, and oil Procedure Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.Take a large bowl; mix the ingredients- two eggs, oil, a cup of sugar, and vanilla essence. Essential Guidelines for Domestic Travellers. India had encountered a strict and complete lockdown beginning from March 24th, also something which its citizens faced for the first time.

Essential Guidelines for Domestic Travellers

Post two months of stringent travel restrictions and flattening the traveler’s curve helped to prevent the spread of the virus in India to a good extent. The Government had again thought of resuming the airlines in India. Ever since May 25th, the domestic airlines have resumed operations but accompanied by stringent Government-issued guidelines.

With the ease in lockdown, several domestic airline guidelines have come into effect, which needs to be understood for a safe and virus-free journey. High BP treatment and how does critical care insurance help. Given the current environment both – work-wise and surrounding-wise, even if you are leading a healthy lifestyle, you are prone to critical illnesses such as high blood pressure.

High BP treatment and how does critical care insurance help

Additionally, genetics and family medical history contribute significantly to such lifestyle diseases. Hence, it is wise to be prepared for every eventuality. The critical care insurance is crucial for individuals who have been diagnosed with (or prone to) hypertension. In this article, we present you all of the key reasons as to why patients who are undergoing Blood Pressure, aka BP treatment should opt for critical care insurance.

How to start a career in Digital Marketing 2020. Digital marketing is a new trend in online business.

How to start a career in Digital Marketing 2020

It boosts the online presence and offers steady growth for many businesses. More organizations started recognized to implement digital marketing tactics. As a result, there is a huge demand for the digital marketing position. Many companies are recruiting digital marketing professionals to enroll in a successful business.

It has lots of job opportunities. Here you will understand what digital marketing courses offer you. How to Choose the Best Maternity Hospital. How to Find the Best Child Specialist in Chennai. Your child is precious, and their care should not be placed in the hands of someone who isn’t the best. How NAV impact your mutual fund. All of us should have financial planning to reach our goals in life. Without any planning, we cannot fulfil our dreams. If someone wants to buy a house, or a car, or some land, they must have a strong financial backup supporting the plan.

So, investing your hard-earned money in the right places is essential. Productive Ways to Spend Time on the Internet. However, the internet is a life saviour and a valuable resource, which can offer plenty of ways for personal and professional growth. Unfortunately, most of us might not be making the most out of it. Here is how you can use this global repository of knowledge to build up your quality of life.

Consider an Online Home Search. Top Travel Destinations in India for Those Who Love the Mountains. August 15, 2020 10:16 PM PDT You’d be surprised to know that mountains are home to 13% of the world’s population, which is a billion people! They also boast a wide number of endemic species and offer spectacular high-altitude views for tourists. In India, one can be spoilt for choice when it comes to hill stations. A vacation in the mountains can be refreshing, since they are secluded from the hustle-bustle of the metropolitans. How mutual fund investment can change your life.

Are you a newbie looking for a good investment option? Or are you an advanced investor and want to explore the best-suited option for your financial goals and lifestyle? So, you want to start/speed up your investment journey. Nowadays, people have started being keen on financial planning. When it comes to investment, most investors get confused by an overabundance of investment options. 5 Ways to Beat the Pregnancy Heat. Heart Murmurs: Causes, Treatment and Prevention.

Why IVF treatment is a promising option in infertility. In today’s times, the problem of infertility is rising at a high rate in both sexes. 5 things to know before you visit a pediatric oncologist in Hyderabad. Hearing the word cancer may bring in you a sense of panic, helplessness, or a loss of control. Role of yoga in your physical and mental health during the pandemic.

Lockdown has changed the way of work for us. Millions of people commuting to workplaces have started working from home. With almost no physical exercise and mental stress, people are facing health-related issues such as back pain, headache, and anxiety problems. This is the time you can start practicing yoga. Insurance for children is a must, and here’s why? Getting Out of Debt: 5 Tips that Work. How to Eat Like a Local in Kochi. If you are a curious foodie, the coastal city of Kochi offers a lot to satiate your mind, body and soul. There are umpteen reasons why tourists visit Kerala and the mind-blowing cuisine tops the list. The fascinating cultural legacy, along with the welcoming locals, make the city feel like home away from home. What adds to its charm is the unique food culture. High BP treatment and how does critical care insurance help. Given the current environment both – work-wise and surrounding-wise, even if you are leading a healthy lifestyle, you are prone to critical illnesses such as high blood pressure.

Additionally, genetics and family medical history contribute significantly to such lifestyle diseases. 3 positions that help you find g-spot. Ou cannot call sex with your partner sex until you hit their g-spot because there is no point in having sex that isn’t pleasurable. 5 common complications to watch out for during pregnancy. 3 Simple Tips For Choosing The Best Pediatrician In Hyderabad. About to Go into Labor? Here's How to Make it Less Painful. How to invest in gold funds in India. Looking to Increase Property Value? Here's How to Do It.

4 Green Indian Recipes For Preschoolers. Tips to Take Care of a Premature Baby. Worried about copyright infringement? 5 best ways to avoid plagiarism. Do you know how to compare 2 files? Here are three simple ways to do it. Planning a family vacay in Udaipur? Here’s where to stay. All You Need to Know About Goan Cuisine.

5 Tips to increase your chances of conception with IVF. 5 gold fund investment tips for beginners. Cryopreservation: Embryo & Sperm Freezing. Cancer Insurance plan: Here’s why you should get one. Get the Best Term Insurance Plan online. 5 Common Kidney Diseases Found in Children. Factors that Can Cause High Risk Pregnancy. Why is Nandan Van a Must Visit for Animal Lovers? Tax saving funds still attracting investors in 2020. Short term mutual funds - Secret mantra of a successful investment portfolio.

How to Keep Yourself Safe During Your First River Rafting Experience. Where to Go to Enjoy Bangalore's Nightlife? How to ensure your kid maintains a healthy weight. 6 Things to know before starting investment. 6 Ways to Save Money While Booking Flight Tickets. Do something awesome for yourself. How Diabetes Reversal Works? Reversing Type 2 Diabetes.

Tips to Keep your Luggage Safe While Travelling. Flourishing career opportunities in digital marketing. 5 Diploma Courses After Class 12th for Better Job Prospects. 5 ways to have a financially secured retire life. 7 hacks for quick kitchen cleaning. Try these tips with your partner and improve sex life. Top 7 movies of Alexander Skarsgård. 6 natural ways for strengthening your back. 5 things to know about gold exchange traded funds. What causes Appendicitis among Children? What are the Symptoms and Causes of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Telugu songs that crossed borders and touched millions of hearts. 4 Quick Ways To Pay Your Electricity Bill. 3 Best Plans by Vodafone. Tips for choosing the best DTH plan. 7 Tips for Frequent Business Travelers in India.

5 places for shopping lovers in Singapore. 5 Medical Decisions You Must make before your baby is born. 4 Best Options after Completing B Tech. 5 Insurance Plans Every Working Woman Should Have. Impressive investing habits of millennials. If it’s winter, it must be gajar ka halwa. What’s so special about bread pudding? Famous Malayalam songs by Shreya Ghoshal. What Factors Influence the Success of IUI Procedure? Latest international hits you should listen to right now. 4 Quick n healthy evening snack options for kids. What is Croup and how to treat it? 6 Best Sports to Watch as a Couple.

What Should I Know Before Taking a Postpaid Connection? A Quick Glance At Mahindra XUV300 Variants. Rising importance of personal banking. Baby Diet: The Dos and The Don'ts. How do you benefit from a term plan? Axis Long Term Equity Funds, Long Term Mutual Funds. How to maximise your fixed deposit. 5 Equity Fund Investment Options to Diversify Your Portfolio. Will Street Bikes see a Rise in Demand This Year? 5 Questions You Need To Answer Before You Plan A Summer Trip. Wealth Management with Mutual Fund Investments. IDFC Home Loan – Decoded. To the Land of Dhokla: Things to do in Ahmedabad.

Colour me purple: Using this bold hue for the home. Best engineering college for B Tech courses in India.