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Julia Lorent

Savvy Bariatrics was created out of frustration and despair for clients who had WLS believing it to be the answer to weight management. Something was definitely missing in the process. While their weight changed their thinking didn’t which in over 60% of clients lead to regaining weight and reverting back to old habits and bingeing as well as nutritional deficiencies . We have been the most trusted Health care Nutrition for 25 years. We're proud of our rich history for nutritionists services.Being an Internationally Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Bariatric Hypnotist & Coach, Counsellor, Coach & Mentor for approx. 18 years, allowed me to change my life and take control once and for all. I use a myriad of modalities including hypnosis to change and transform your mindset allowing change to happen easily and effortlessly. With Diploma’s in Nutrition & Gut Health we are able provide a complete service to our clients. Call Now!

Fitness - Savvy Bariatrics. Physical activity can take many forms it isn’t necessarily defined by going to the gym, doing bootcamps, running marathons.

Fitness - Savvy Bariatrics

It’s about movement that makes your muscles work to sustain a healthy body and mind. Every organ in your body, every part of your body including your skin relies on blood and oxygen flowing freely throughout to keep you alive. Fitness/Exercising can: There are a number of ways you can begin your Fitness regime that don’t require over exertion particularly if you have been sedentary for some time due to obesity or obesity related physical issues. In my many years of Clinical practice I have found most clients will own a treadmill, exercise bike or some other piece of fitness equipment that has been used as a clothes rack!!! So, here is what I get my clients to do. Weight Loss Coaching & Emotional Eating Coaching Melbourne.

Regain - Savvy Bariatrics. That dreaded word Regain.

Regain - Savvy Bariatrics

No matter what you call it Regain, Stalled, Plateau it sends feelings of dread and failure through your system. It doesn’t have to be that way. Regain, Stalled or Plateau is not an indication of failure it is simply an indication that you require a level of assistance or intervention to address what is really happening here. You are not alone. Over 60% of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery recipients will experience regain at some stage of their journey. Regain is caused by a number of different factors including but not limited to: Poor food ChoiceGrazingNight Eating Excessive Portion SizeAlcohol intakeMedicationInadequate Protein intakeMixing fluids and foodNo Plan or PreparationInactivityLack of supportEmotional/Psychological issuesPoor Nutrition The worst thing you can do at this stage is accept the regain and give up on yourself. Post Surgery - Savvy Bariatrics.

Congratulations, you’ve had your surgery, you are on a high, full of optimism and confidence.

Post Surgery - Savvy Bariatrics

You probably thought that the surgery was the answer to all your problems and you quickly find out it isn’t. Its only part of the weight loss equation. So many changes need to happen and if you are not prepared or can’t find the right help it can be a nightmare. Making all those adjustments about how you eat, when you eat, what you eat. The anatomy of your stomach and gut has changed which means what you ate before surgery may not agree with you anymore. Post Surgery will have its challenges physically but more importantly emotionally and psychologically. Behaviours like overeating, secret eating, bingeing etc. Pre-Surgery - Savvy Bariatrics. You have just made a huge decision probably one you have been thinking about for a long time.

Pre-Surgery - Savvy Bariatrics

A decision that will most definitely change your life. There is excitement and trepidation happening simultaneously. HypnoSlim - Savvy Bariatrics. Transform your Mind, Transform your Body If you do not change your mindset about Food, Dieting and Weightloss, you are always going to struggle with your weight.

HypnoSlim - Savvy Bariatrics

I have had clients with surgical Gastric Bands that have lost 60kgs, but then regain it because they didn’t change their Mindset around food. Bariatric & weight loss program in Melbourne. There are many aspects to weight and weight loss.

Bariatric & weight loss program in Melbourne

Many reasons why we gain and why, when we lose, it all seems very temporary. We may even have an expectation of perpetual loss and gain as being our life’s path. It doesn’t have to be that way, it really doesn’t. For this reason our programs cover a myriad of issues that all seemingly conspire to keep us on the roller coaster of trying to manage our weight. End Binge Eating. Eliminate Emotional Eating and Release the Main cause of Weight Gain. Eliminate Emotional Eating The number one reason a weight loss program fails is Emotional Eating.

Eliminate Emotional Eating and Release the Main cause of Weight Gain

Emotional eating is the act of eating in response to an emotion. That emotion can be deemed positive or negative. Those of us who suffer this condition are eating in response to a negative action or as a coping mechanism for a negative emotion. It’s a strategy which soothes and pacifies you when you feel stressed, angry, bored, overwhelmed, stuck, sad or lonely.

How many times have you thought that if you could control that never ending cycle of emotional eating you would control your weight issues? For too long now we have ignored the missing link in the weight loss equation and that is the power of Mindset Transformation. As a leading expert in this field I have been helping people transform their Mindset around food and emotional eating for over 20 years with outstanding success. Weight Loss Coach Melbourne Julia Lorent Expert. As an Internationally Accredited Weight Loss & Bariatric Weight Loss Coaching Expert with Certifications in Neuroplasticity, I know how hard it can be.

Weight Loss Coach Melbourne Julia Lorent Expert

I’ve been there myself. I have endured the countless operations to correct prior surgeries that left me with long term issues that I have had to learn to adapt into my everyday life. Like you, I just wanted to feel normal, to be able to go into a store and buy anything I want and know I looked good. It wasn’t that easy. For some people they breeze through the whole process, but for me it was fraught with complications that at one point saw me flat line 3 times before spending 3 months in hospital and ICU on life support. Weight Loss Coach Melbourne and Mindset Transformation Coach.