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Benefits of Implementing Cloud Based DevOps in Healthcare. Outsource DevOps to Experts. AR VR App Development Company. AR VR App Development Services. Evaluating 5 Popular LMS Platforms. According to Work Institute’s 2017 survey, 86% of companies said that their employees left the organization due to the lack of career development opportunities.

Evaluating 5 Popular LMS Platforms

The same survey revealed, offering good training plans motivates employees to stay within the organization. Employee training plays a critical role in the overall growth of a company. Are Wearable Devices the Next Big Thing. Wearable technology has surpassed smartphones as the fastest growing technological innovation.

Are Wearable Devices the Next Big Thing

A survey conducted by Forrester’s Consumer Technographics stated that “14% of US online youth (ages 12 to 17) use a wearable device – the most popular being a Fitbit, followed by Apple Watch” Wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness bands have gained worldwide popularity. Their demand is rising with each passing day and tech-enterprises are striving to establish themselves firmly in this space. Developing a wear app is a challenge due to the design limitations of small screens featured by wearable devices. Designing an app for a wearable device depends on many factors including sensors, body movements, and desired functionalities. Why Smart Devices are Popular. Benefits of a Learning Management System. Constructivist methods of teaching have replaced traditional methods of teaching at schools, universities, and offices.

Benefits of a Learning Management System

The modern learning management system (LMS) focuses on cognitive development to improve learners’ critical thinking ability. The learning management system is a web-based technology used to plan and implement a specific learning process. The method focuses on enabling students to retain the concepts in their minds for long. Learning management systems are found fruitful for retaining the concepts in the minds of students with special abilities. How Customer Experiences is Enhanced by Augmented Reality. The Technology: Suppose you want to buy a Bracelet for your birthday.

How Customer Experiences is Enhanced by Augmented Reality

You just open an application on your mobile phone, select the Bracelet and it is projected in the real world through the phone camera. You can try out the Bracelet by placing in on your hand and save yourself the hassle of going to a shop or returning a product which looks good online but doesn’t suit your style offline. In another example, suppose you visit a clothing shop and like a dress displayed on a mannequin.

You focus your camera towards the mannequin and it comes to life on your screen, posing with the dress to help you get a better look at the dress. The technology is limitless and the possibilities countless. Expanding the Product Catalogue: Retailers can create product catalogs via AR apps, offering an excellent experience and various preview options. LMS Moodle Development Company. Boosting Ecommerce Sales with Augmented Reality. The success of an eCommerce platform depends on how minimal is the cart abandonment rate.

Boosting Ecommerce Sales with Augmented Reality

According to the Baymard research institute survey: 30% of the app customers abandoned the cart because of the confusion related to the product’s appearance. 35% of the customers were confused about the product quality Again, 35% of the customers were unsure of the dress fittings Augmented Reality in the eCommerce platform enhances customers’ experience to reduce cart abandonment rates.

Let’s explore how: 1. Use Case: Home Depot’s AR technology-based Project Color App was released in 2015. 2. Use Case: Engine Creative, the UK based agency created an Augmented Reality campaign for Pizza Hut. 3. Use Case: Sephora Virtual Artist App enables users to try and test lip shades, eye shadow pallets, foundation shade, rouge, and more before making a purchase decision. 4. 5. Oodles Technologies Augmented Reality app development experts create multiple AR apps for Android and iOS customers.

E-Learning Software Development services. Building Augmented Reality Apps with ViewAR. The rising popularity of AR apps is vindication that tech-savvy consumers have an inclination for immersive experiences.

Building Augmented Reality Apps with ViewAR

Businesses looking to monetize this trend can take advantage of AR development toolkits to accelerate time to market for AR apps. Let’s explore ViewAR, a leading toolkit that is popular among AR app developers. The ViewAR SDK is replete with interactive modules that developers can choose from. It supports all tracking systems including ARKit, ARCore, Wikitude, etc. ViewAR is powered with Vuforia Engine that is effective for creating interactive apps. ViewAR Success Story ViewAR provides consumer businesses several business opportunities with deeper audience engagement. Machine learning development services. Chatbot Development Services. AI Application Development Company. Virtual Reality App Development Company. Implementing Virtual Reality in Consumer Applications. The buzz around Virtual Reality(VR) technology has increased over the recent years thanks to multiple commercial applications.

Implementing Virtual Reality in Consumer Applications

Initially, the technology was exposed only to fewer domains like medicine, engineering, education, design, training, and entertainment. It is now used as an effective marketing tool by online retailers for branding purposes. SuperData, a Nielsen company released the following findings in their 2019 study - Annual VR revenues reached $3.6 billion in 2018 A total of 700,000 units of Sony PlayStation VR, 555,000 units of Ouerculus Go, 160,000 units of PC-Tethered Oculus Rift, and 130,000 units of HTC Vive were sold in 2018. The Rising Adoption of Wearables and the Internet of Things.

The most visible application of IoT technology is wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers.

The Rising Adoption of Wearables and the Internet of Things

The demand for wearables has surpassed that of smartphones in the consumer electronics segment. From checking notifications to tracking physical activity, these devices provide novel means to accomplish routine tasks. A survey conducted by Forrester’s Consumer Technographics stated that “14% of US online youth (ages 12 to 17) use a wearable device.

As per the latest Gartner’s recent report, the global shipment of wearable devices are anticipated to rise by 25.8% every year to $225 million (GBP 176.3 million) in 2019. Clutch surveyed 500 people who owned connected devices to learn how they interact with popular consumer IoT technologies. Apple Watch (41%) is the most popular wearable product followed by Fitbit(35%)”, and Samsung (21%). Augmented Reality App Development Services. Android Wear App Development Services. Wearable App Development Services. Data Protection Services. AngularJS Web Development Company. AngularJS Development Services. MEAN Stack Development Company. Quality Assurance Services. DevOps solutions & service provider company. Mean Stack Development Services.

Big Data Analytics Consulting Company. Business Intelligence We leverage the best BI tools to utilize your data for strategic business decisions.

Big Data Analytics Consulting Company

Our include data integration, transformation, analysis, visualization, and reporting tools that enhance your business capabilities by effectively comprehending complex datasets and producing valuable business insights. Interactive BI Dashboard Transforming complex current and historical datasets into compelling visualizations to get useful insights, spot trends, and track performances Identify New Business Opportunities Understanding hidden data patterns to improve product/service experience and enhance customer satisfaction Customizable Reporting Leveraging easy to use, customizable dashboards and automated reporting to monitor and analyze business performances, maintain a single source of truth, and always have access to latest insights Faster Decisions. Wearable App Development Services. AR VR App Development Services. Cloud application development services. Data Protection Services.