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Savepro helps to manage your mutual fund's portfolio and will guide you about the ups and downs of the market while you enjoy the wealth from your comfort zone. Savepro explains that a mutual fund portfolio must be re-balanced because some funds do better than others. For example, over a period of time, your stock funds may outperform than bond funds.

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savepro Profile

Our goal is to help you find the software and libraries you need. Made by developers for developers. The collection of libraries and resources is based on the Awesome Node.js List and direct contributions here. To add a new module, please, check the contribute section. Savepro Profile. Understand The Tax Benefits Of Your Mutual Funds - Savepro - Gaindamull Hemraj Financial Services. 3 Tips to Invest Wisely In Mutual Funds. Investing in the right type of mutual fund can be an easy task if you have wholesome knowledge.

3 Tips to Invest Wisely In Mutual Funds

On the other hand, it may lead to a drastic loss if you haven’t paid much attention to your asset allocation or the type of assets. What Is Open-Ended Mutual Fund? An open-end mutual fund issues a total number of shares that investors want to buy.

What Is Open-Ended Mutual Fund?

It also buys shares back from investors. On the other hand, closed-end funds limit the number of shares that it issues. It also doesn’t allow you to buy back shares. As per Savepro, a financial advisor, the total value of an open-end share is equal to the net asset value (NAV). The NAV is calculated by decreasing the liabilities from the fund’s total asset value and then dividing the amount from total shares outstanding. How to Save Yourself from a Financial Calamity? - Savepro - Medium. A situation of financial calamity is most likely a result of an unprecedented event like the loss of a job, an accident, or a death.

How to Save Yourself from a Financial Calamity? - Savepro - Medium

Therefore, Savepro advises all breadwinners to make plans to save yourself from a financial calamity. In order to do so, you should take the following steps: When you face a financial calamity, you face a lot of issues to manage your bills. Evidently, this leads to late payments fees, extra interest, and closure of accounts. Do Mutual Fund Returns Compound? - Savepro - Gaindamull Hemraj Financial Services. Mutual funds returns don’t get compounded daily or even monthly, but only annually.

Do Mutual Fund Returns Compound? - Savepro - Gaindamull Hemraj Financial Services

The interest is shown as a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR). Savepro states that CAGR is a global standard for comparing different types of assets across geographies. For example, if you are told that you will earn 10% on bonds and 15% on equities. Then you will know that annually you will earn 5% more in equities than in bonds. Basic Questions to Ask Before Investing In a Mutual Fund. Investors reap many profits and losses when they usually start investing in mutual funds.

Basic Questions to Ask Before Investing In a Mutual Fund

This is because of many reasons. Some might suffer losses because they don’t keep a close watch on their funds. On the other hand, other investors reap benefits from the same funds because they are experienced, and have taken time to gain knowledge about the fund. Savepro, a financial advisor suggests that investors should ask these questions before making any investment decision: What is the goal of the fund? This should be the first and foremost question before you begin to invest. 5 Tips for Investing in the New Year. The New Year is typically the best time to revisit and re-assure your investment portfolio.

5 Tips for Investing in the New Year

As an investor Savepro suggests you should definitely review/re-assess/check/re-evaluate five important things. These include your financial plan, asset allocation, and re-balancing, insurance, debt, and estate documents. The top priority for you every year should be to maintain your financial health. This should be done by drafting a financial plan for the year. Therefore, you should update your assets, insurance coverage, liabilities and goals. Savepro Explains: Re-balancing a Mutual Fund Portfolio – Savepro. Re-balancing a mutual is one of the most necessary things to do as an investor.

Savepro Explains: Re-balancing a Mutual Fund Portfolio – Savepro

It incorporates methods to buy low and sell high value mutual funds. This process includes asset allocation and managing investing types. 5 Tips For Investing In The New Year. One of the greatest resolutions you can make for the coming new year is to splurge less and save more!

5 Tips For Investing In The New Year

Limiting your impulsive expenses is a great way to curb all the unnecessary. Don’t worry, and we are not going to lecture you on how to invest or plan your finances according to a specific budget. Savepro lists out five basics that you need to be aware of for a healthy financial life. 1. Make sure that you are pre-planning your investments ahead of all the time. 2. How To Save Yourself From A Financial Calamity? - Savepro - Gaindamull Hemraj Financial Services.

​Let’s give you a situation.

How To Save Yourself From A Financial Calamity? - Savepro - Gaindamull Hemraj Financial Services

Imagine:You are the only person who is working in the family. As a responsible individual, you are out with your family on a much-needed vacation that is absolutely a luxury and a long-awaited one too! Suddenly a mishap happened, and one of your family members met with an accident.Now you are helpless and have no clue with any money at hand! Know The 3 Ways To Deliver Excellent Customer Service. Customer Service is like oxygen for any business. Also, it’s not just for a single department but the whole.

Well, we firmly believe that “Great Service Delighted Customer which in turn refers to a Prosperous Business”. Any business would need its employees as to be passionate enough to deliver quality service to its customers for creating a life-long association. However, one of the biggest challenges is how to motivating the pillars of any company, i.e., the employees to imbibe the positive attitude. The One Sparkling Star. While the latest jewellery trend has been “Less is More”. So why not opt for some trend-setter pieces and glam up the look? Women from all the age groups have shown interest in mix-n-matching too many jewellery pieces.

A statement neckpiece works well with any outfit. Team it up with our diamond danglers and you’re all set to fire on the stage. 3 Important Financial Tips For Millennials Before Investing In Mutual Funds. Who does not like to know a little more about the sensational topic- Mutual funds? Yes, one of the safest and the hottest investment options that is available today! Ask anybody whether you wish to save, splurge, grow more money or know the tax benefits; the answer will come down to this one aspect- Mutual funds. How To Improve Your Credit Score? Know These 3 Easy Tips - Savepro - Gaindamull Hemraj Financial Services. VPF vs PPF - Comparison And Benefits Of Investing In These Schemes - Savepro - Gaindamull Hemraj Financial Services. A lot of young professionals today understand and know the importance of having the right retirement plan. However, given the wide variety of investment options, the selection of the desired retirement plan can be a bit confusing.

For investors, who don't wish to put themselves through a massive risk profile, provident fund schemes like the PPF, VPF or EPF, can be great options.The awesome part is that these schemes are incredibly secure and assure stable returns throughout. As a result, they are ideal for people with long term investment goals like merely saving for the retirement plan.If you understand the difference between the available schemes, it gets relatively more accessible for you to pick the best scheme. So, here we at Savepro will help you see through the differences between VPF and PPF and based on that, you can decide which one of these schemes is most beneficial for you. However, before we jump to the difference, let us understand in brief, what is VPF and PPF.1. A Fund For Every Priority - Savepro - Gaindamull Hemraj Financial Services.

Funds Our parents, grand parents, and all of our seniors have always advised to “Know your priorities well!”. In all our growing years, each one of us has heard this while growing up. However, priorities may ping your door anytime, at any age! 6 Reasons Why Mutual Funds Are The Best Way To Start Investing. Saving is so necessary. We get to realise when we are too late for it and are already in difficult circumstances. The testimony of Hamzah even said,“Somebody should have guided me earlier, I would have saved a lot earlier than now.

How To Save Money For Retirement? Not everyone is born as a billionaire and all of us face financial crisis at one or the other point. WHICH OPTION IS BETTER MUTUAL FUND VS. HEDGE FUND: savepro12 — LiveJournal. A few qualified wealthy investors manage hedge funds by pooling their money to buy assets as against mutual funds where thousands of investors pool their funds to invest in securities. Unlike mutual funds, hedge funds are unregistered private investments, which make use of a diverse range of trading techniques to invest in securities with diverse risks, thereby chasing absolute returns and not relative returns as mutual funds. WHICH OPTION IS BETTER MUTUAL FUND/FIXED DEPOSITS? Things to know about: Budget 2019-20. With the Modi government, the budget 2019-20 has impacted greatly on the economy.

The finance ministry invests some that can affect the fiscal deficit. The former finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, gave a traditional budget with an ease in the FDI norms. The money supply is influenced while getting lower profits, and the cost capital of the industry is also increased.The former government forces claim that this budget is meant for all. What is SIP? Why should someone invest in it? Mutual Fund Vs SIP. WHICH OPTION IS BETTER MUTUAL FUND OR PPF? When it comes to investing money, we are drenched in a pool of options. Many of these are successful in ticking off almost all the conditions such as high returns, low risk, feasibility in the liquidity of portfolio, and tax saving. How to avoid too much debts? It just takes a swipe to make transactions here and there! Until you realise ‘it’ has compiled too much on your shoulders and it’s already too late. Millennials do not realise how much starve themselves financially. Are You financially Ready to Get Married?