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Save On Medicals is an integrated healthcare provider providing 360 degree healthcare solutions to patients ranging from medicins to doctor consultation, surgery needs of patients from best hospitals of Delhi/ NCR.

How to Save on Cost of Chemotherapy Drugs. Chemotherapy drugs are, as a rule, very expensive and well out of the reach of the average middle-class patient.

How to Save on Cost of Chemotherapy Drugs

Combined with the costs of testing and radiation, medical care expenses can run over several lakhs of rupees that are not adequately covered by insurance companies. In this scenario, the patient has no choice but to get into debt. But, in today’s times, patients can check the various websites and look for more economical medicines online that have the same composition but are produced by local companies.

Under the advice and guidance of their doctor, they can opt for these medicines that are easier on the pocket. Activities of Indian Drug Price Regulating Agencies In October 2014, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) removed the price control caps on 108 medicines that also included drugs used to fight cancer. India’s Efforts to Control Drug Prices Comparative prices of Some Chemotherapy Drugs. Saveonmedicals. Learning Disability Among Children. Save On Medicals Launches Its First Experience Center In Jammu.

Jammu, 26th June 2016:, an integrated online Healthcare aggregator, launched its first “SaveOnMedicals Experience Center” in Jammu today.

Save On Medicals Launches Its First Experience Center In Jammu

The SaveOnMedicals Centre would showcase an array of innovative Healthcare services that are otherwise available online through the www.SaveOnMedicals.Com site that are transforming the healthcare industry. The online portal helps customers to save on astronomically high medical finances and offers wholesome health services that include an online pharmacy and video consultation with reputed doctors. At the inauguration event, the Chief Guest Mr. Kavinder Gupta – Speaker, Jammu & Kashmir Assembly said – “Technology in healthcare will help bring access to better medical facilities to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Ms. Save on Medicals is a unique approach to healthcare, offering discounts on doctor consultations, surgery, hospitalization and medicines. Mr. About SoM was incorporated in June 2015 in Gurgaon, by Mr.

Should Adults Take Regular Supplements. Check your local chemist and youll probably see a range of supplements and multivitamins that promise you many health benefits.

Should Adults Take Regular Supplements

These can include better energy levels, relief from joint pains and other regular aches and pains, improved skin appearance, healthier heart, stronger nails and hair, and even raised libido. Before you buy any of these products and begin taking them, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and follow the recommendations. Most doctors will tell you that instead of taking supplements, a better idea would be to improve your diet and include healthier and more nutritious items in your meals. Multivitamins are prescribed only to people whose test results show that they need the boosters because of having been sick for a while or for any other medical issue.

Common Misconceptions of Supplements Most people take multivitamins and supplements for all the wrong reasons. ? ? ? ? Supplements for the Elderly. Aloe Vera – Benefits & Insights. Should Children be on Regular Supplements? Children typically get all the vitamins, minerals and vital nutrition from the food they eat.

Should Children be on Regular Supplements?

And this is why, doctors do not recommend that you give them multivitamins as supplements. They would prefer that you give your kids a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet that naturally contains all the nutrition they need in their growing years. If you do feel that your kids need the boosters, make sure you give them only under the supervision and advice of your pediatrician. When to Give Your Kids Supplements If your kids eat well with adequate amounts of milk and other dairy products, fruits, vegetables, cereals and multigrain foods, and rich sources of protein, that should be sufficient for their needs. Dealing with Possible Heart Problems. Lifestyle Changes that can Help a Person Delay Old Age Problems–Part 1 (Dealing with Possible Heart Problems) One of the many problems associated with aging is high blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can put you at risk for for heart disease and stroke.

Dealing with Possible Heart Problems

Your heart is a very sturdy muscle and beats at a steady rate during rest all through your lifetime. Kids and younger people have a higher heart rate when conducting vigorous physical activity. The heartbeat is an electrical activity that keep blood flowing to the different organs of the body and then back to the heart for diverting to the lungs. Causes for Heart Probelms In response to the natural process of aging, your heart develops a condition called arteriosclerosis or a hardening of the arteries.

Preventing Heart Disease The best way to protect your heart is to get yourself tested early on so you know if you’re at risk. High levels of bad cholesterol can lead to a building up of plaque in your arteries.