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Saveerweb provides the nursery greenhouses

Beautify Your Garden with Saveer Biotech - Saveer Biotech Blog. Greenhouse gardening is actually the next level of gardening but many gardeners are usually in doubt to build their own greenhouse due to the cost worries.

Beautify Your Garden with Saveer Biotech - Saveer Biotech Blog

The question that arises here is that whether the benefits that you can get by building a greenhouse will match the money you pay to build it or not. With a greenhouse, you can overlook and avoid almost all the season changes and weather conditions all year round. Extreme temperatures, excessive rain or long droughts will not cause any serious problems to your greenhouse gardening efforts. With a greenhouse, you can always be in control now, you get to control the temperature of your garden that gives you a benefit of planting seasonal plants ahead of others or you can choose to delay your planting. You can actually utilize your greenhouse for storage purposes as well. Since you are not planting directly onto your garden soil, you don’t need to worry about the mix of plants anymore.

Nursery Greenhouse. Saveer’s Nursery Greenhouses are specialized in growing containerized seedlings may be it for vegetables, fruits and forest plants.

Nursery Greenhouse

The nursery of the plants is raised throughout the year and farmers get certified seedling of their choice at the desired time. This offers scope to plan the crop by altering the sowing/ harvesting time keeping in view the projected market demand. Nursery greenhouse can be used for raising vegetables, fruit plants, flowers and forest saplings. Saveer Nursery Greenhouses are producing millions of quality seedlings from a small area, thus can bring prosperity to the farmers by addressing to the basic need of quality plant material. The seedlings are raised in nursery growing treys or in root trainers of different sizes depending upon the size of the seedlings/saplings.

Garden Factory. Vermibed Compost. Rain Shelter Design. For drought studies Saveer offers Rainout shelter, which is designed to prevent the experimental plots from rains and high speed wind.

Rain Shelter Design

This facility is used for drought related studies as it provides a means of controlling the input of water. Rainout shelter facility is provided in customized sizes asked by customers as per their needs. Different models i.e. static & movable are available. Movable model has automatic and manual versions. Automatic version is motorized and is signaled by a rain sensor to move over the protected plot by a drive system controlled by microprocessor.Manual version is operated manually by using switch to move the structure.

Carnation Cultivation in Polyhouse. Commercial Greenhouse. Ideal for Commercial Greenhouse Nursery raising- Vegetable, fruits and Ornamentals etc.OrchidariumVegetable Production- Tomato, Capsicum and Cucumber Saveer is proficient in offering controlled environment solutions for commercial production of vegetables, flower, fruits and fish nursling.

Commercial Greenhouse

Garden Factory. Walk in Growth Chamber. Saveer life series Walk-in Plant Growth Chambers are specifically designed for research work to maintain controlled growing conditions of temperature, light and humidity in a 24 hr cycle.

Walk in Growth Chamber

The chamber’s dimensions make it possible for user to walk in the chamber and conduct the desired activities. Our Walk-in Plant Growth Chambers are available in a number of different models, depending on the customer's requirement. They are available as single or double door. Phonemics Facility. Phenomics is the study of how the genetic makeup of an organism determines its appearance, function and performance.

Phonemics Facility

Phenomics speeds up phenotyping of plants by using automated, high-tech imaging systems and computing power. Depending on the trait, phenomics techniques can cut phenotyping time down from weeks to minutes, or even seconds. Laboratory Furniture, Greenhouse Furniture, Laboratory Greenhouse Delhi Noida India. Laboratory Furniture We are a team of experienced biotechnologists, engineers & marketing persons, providing world’s best state-of-the-art working laboratory.

Laboratory Furniture, Greenhouse Furniture, Laboratory Greenhouse Delhi Noida India

Saveer provides excellent laboratory furniture, with an expertise of over two decades. Saveer Lab furniture is the logical choice where style, color and economy are important consideration. Our flush overlay design enables you to create a sleek contemporary environment at a fraction of the cost of other casework options. It is the most suitable for the teaching laboratory. Suspended Cabinets: Suspended cabinets mount directly on walls or support structures, optimizing the use of space are enhanced by PVC edging in either grey or black. Saveer Frame: Saveer main support frames are made of epoxy powder coated extruded octagonal tubes and connectors. Reagent Shelves: The Reagent Shelves are supported by the Saveer frames and thick glass shelves.

Worktops:Choose from a range of worktops that provide chemical resistance. Research Greenhouse, Solutions of Research Greenhouse Delhi Noida India. Greenhouse Saveer Biotech is the only greenhouse company in World that has its in-house R & D center recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

Research Greenhouse, Solutions of Research Greenhouse Delhi Noida India

Since 3 decades our dedicated team of scientists, engineers and experts constantly examine the plant growth strategies in controlled environment prevailing in our in-house R&D centre and solve the researcher’s problems faced by them in growing plants of their interest. We address the requirements of Researchers, by applying core scientific capabilities and technical insights to upgrade our research greenhouses a unique facility with advanced features. Arabidopsis Growth Chamber.

Arabidopsis Chamber Arabidopsis are small flowering plants and one of the model organisms used for studying plant biology.

Arabidopsis Growth Chamber

These are the first plant to have its entire genome sequenced. Growth Chamber, Manufactures Growth Chamber, Design Chamber for Plants. Growth Chamber Saveer has come up with State of the Art Plant Growth Chamber with wide range of temperature, humidity and light intensity patterns that are essential in plant growth.

Growth Chamber, Manufactures Growth Chamber, Design Chamber for Plants

Plants can now be accurately reproduced and controlled with our upgraded range by Plant Growth Chambers. These growth chambers are useful for all type of plant related research including plant breeding and genetic research, photosynthesis, nutrition, and other aspects of plant pathology, entomology, physiology etc. This facility allows the researcher to access most of the climatic conditions prevailing in the world at the same time eliminating the variability found in nature. Commercial Greenhouses Manufactures, Research Greenhouses in India: Better Productivity With Carnation Cultivation in Polyhouse. Now agriculturist have all the reasons to cheer as they can now do Carnation cultivation in polyhouse, Capsicum cultivation, and also Gerbera cultivation in polyhouse.

As these poly houses are naturally ventilated and can easily control the environment for better growth of agricultural produce both in terms of qualitative and quantitative. These poly houses are well suited for the off season production of cut flowers such as Gerbera cultivation in polyhouse, vegetables and fruits and since the quality is better than that of open field cultivation these products can be easily used for the export market as they will fetch better prices for farmers. Not only that, producing off season fruits and vegetable fetch better prices in the domestic market. Commercial Greenhouses Manufactures, Research Greenhouses in India: Improve Your Productivity With Greenhouse Food Production.

With the volatile changes happening in our climatic conditions now a days, greenhouse food production is picking up around the world. However, with the help of Garden Factory producers and farmers across the terrain can easily produce seasonal fruits and vegetables round the year with great ease and that to without worrying about the variation in the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Greenhouse Food Production with the help of Garden Factory can easily produce crops for commercial purposes.Most of these crops include tomatoes, Spinach, salad greens, berries, a variety of Chillis and various other such crops. However, one has to choose the technology involved in the Greenhouse installed. Commercial Greenhouses Manufactures, Research Greenhouses in India: Produce Fresh, Eat Fresh only with Garden Factory.

Now produce off season fruits, plants, and vegetables to your heart’s desire with Saveer’s Greenhouses and Garden Factory. Most of the planters and farmers struggle to produce off season fruits and vegetables at economically viable rates and quantities for commercial purposes. But, with Saveer Biotech’s Commercial Greenhouse and Garden Factory farmers and planters can easily plant off season fruits and vegetables in a commercially viable set up and can easily alter sowing and harvesting seasons as required.

Changing seasons for the plants and vegetable is easy as one can control the elements required by the plants, such as, temperature, humidity and natural light. Garden Factory, Nursery Greenhouses, Garden Factory in India - Saveer Biotech. Garden Factory, Garden Factory in India - Saveer. Plant Phenomics Facility, Greenhouse Food Production, Phenomics Facility. Plants Growth Chamber, Growth Chamber, Plant Growth Chamber. Plant Growth Chamber, Growth Chamber and Plant Growth Chambers - Saveer.

Study plants in perfect controlled environments with the help of plant growth chambers. As most of the plants grow in different environments, therefore, it is important that proper temperature and humidity along with light is maintained during the growth study of the plant. Plant Phenomics Facility and Greenhouse Food Production - saveer. Greenhouse Food Production and Plant Phenomics Facility -Saveer. Growth Chamber and Plants Growth Chambers at Saveer Biotech. Greenhouse Food Production and Plant Phenomics Facility - Saveer Biotech.

Laboratory Furniture- Laboratory Greenhouse - Lab Furniture. Get Laboratory Furniture and Lab Furniture - Saveer. Nursery Greenhouses and Nursery Research Greenhouse in India. Laboratory furniture and Greenhouse Furniture - Saveer. Labs are integrated parts of science and research related schools, colleges and research centers. These labs are consists of various components including various types of chemicals, instruments, vessels and tools. Laboratory furniture are one of the main parts of every laboratory. Though the market is all flooded with dealers and manufacturers which offer different types of laboratory furniture, perfect pick require proper selection. Several things should be kept under consideration before making the final purchasing decision regarding laboratory furniture. Things to keep in mind while purchasing laboratory furniture: Functionality: Functionality of laboratory furniture should always be kept in consideration before purchasing any type of laboratory furniture.

Design: Design is an important factor for selecting ideal laboratory furniture. Ease to use: Every Laboratory furniture should be easy to use and they should not disrupt the workflow. Nursery Greenhouses and Nursery Greenhouses in India. Agriculture is the mainstay of the population of India.