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The Australian Furniture Association (AFA) Quick Tips and Recommendations When Moving House. Tip 1 – Write a ChecklistYes, write a checklist! This may be the simplest task to complete, but it’s commonly forgotten because of that simplicity. This is the most important part of organising your move, as it allows you to ensure everything is planned for before, during and after the move. This can then eliminate any concern of leaving behind belongings, or not planning ahead.When writing a checklist, be sure to add specific details. For example; don’t just write boxes as a checklist point; estimate or determine how many boxes you may want or need. You can then mark down how many boxes you use so that there is no risk in losing any of your personal items or belongings.Tip 2 – Protective MaterialsThe first protective material everyone thinks of is bubble wrap.

However, this isn’t always the most appropriate protection material when moving. Make Sure Your Gas Connection is All Set Up Before Moving. Moving Your Personal Property and Utilities. It goes without saying that getting back to the your normal everyday routine after relocating and moving utilities always requires a period of adjustment and transition. Making sure that you’re adequately prepared and organised to move house will enable you to circumvent potential difficulties that might come up, such as not having your regular internet connection set up and configured for you and your family to use or having to sit around without gas and power.

According to Direct Connect: The difference in having your utilities connected on the day of your move is like night and day, and that is not just because you won’t be left sitting in the dark if your electricity is connected! The sooner you are connected, the sooner the whole family can get back to the routine of daily life, which would include hot showers and home cooked meals!

Original Article at: Like this: Like Loading... Reality Furniture | Hand crafted custom made, upholstered furniture store in Adelaide. Most Comprehensive Moving Solutions and Gas Connection | Direct Connect. Why everyone should visit London at least once in their lifetime | Travelodge | Latest News & Events Guide. So perhaps you’re not much of a traveller. Whether your budget’s too tight for regular trips away or you’re just a homebody by nature, there’s at least one trip you need to make, and that’s to the country’s capital. London is a city unlike any other in the world, so why not book at room in one of our London hotels for a long weekend? Here are 6 reasons why everyone needs to go to London at least once: 1) The Famous Sights Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye… The list goes on and on. There’s nothing quite like the experience of hopping on a red double-decker bus and seeing some of the most recognisable sights in the world from its top deck. 2) The Shopping Whether you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket or you just want to have a nose past some windows, there is no better place to experience the best shopping in the world than London. 3) The Nightlife Londoners may work hard, but they also play hard too. 4) The History 5) The Unexpected Bits 6) The People.

21 Signs You're A Traveler, Not A Tourist. It may seem like splitting hairs, but there are major differences between being a traveler and being a tourist. Being a traveler is sort of like being a part of a Newtonian law: A traveler in motion stays in motion, yada yada yada. While being a tourist is sort of like intentionally plopping yourself down somewhere to say you went there. Fancy yourself a traveler? See if the below rings true first. You dream about your next trip during your morning commute.

Solo travel is your jam. You wouldn't be caught dead doing this. Or THIS. You love it so much, you made it your job. Homesickness happens, we know. You understand that not all money looks like American dollars. You plan trips you don't end up taking for the fun of it. You have maps stashed on your walls/in your wallet/underwear drawer from favorite places. Your Facebook cover photo is a destination you love/just got back from. Your phone has the weather and time zone of your favorite spots just because you like to know. You're spontaneous. Differences Between a Tourist and a Traveller. You may use the words "tourist" and "traveler" interchangeably, but to some people in the travel community, these titles have different implications.

It's not necessary to commit to one title or another; however, you can choose to be more of a tourist on one day of your vacation, then be a traveler on the next. Considering the way you define yourself while traveling can help you get the most out of each trip. Tourists It's usually easy for locals to spot a tourist among them. Travelers Generally speaking, someone who considers himself a traveler will try to immerse himself in the local culture rather than standing out. Being a Better Tourist Being a tourist is perfectly okay.

Being a Better Traveler If you consider yourself a traveler, you're likely already surrounding yourself with locals. About the Author Cooking, travel and parenting are three of Kathryn Walsh's passions. Photo Credits Digital Vision. Direct Connect | Top Movers in the Country and Ergon Energy.