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Angel Broking - Demat Account & Stock Trading App. Bad attitude Once I called customer cars for some issue.

Angel Broking - Demat Account & Stock Trading App

That time I was not getting so because of it that I was taking much time first he said will call you in evening because a lot of calls are coming and he cut the call and I didn’t get beck call even once I was talking with customer care that guy said please hold my senior calling me and then he cut my call (bhai customer is more important than your senior)Worst servicesSome times their app don’t work properly. Whenever there is emergency suddenly they ask for Tpin. Angel Broking - Demat & Share Trading Account App.

Want a stockbroker at your fingertips?

Angel Broking - Demat & Share Trading Account App

Well, then you have one in the form of Angel Broking mobile share trading app that allows stock trading anytime, anywhere. You can use this stock market app from anywhere and at any time. Everything on What is a Margin Account by Angel Broking. How does margin account work?

Everything on What is a Margin Account by Angel Broking

Margin account lets you invest more than your investment capacity. Margin is a loan from your broker and buying with margin means borrowing money from your broker to buy securities. The act of buying using margin implies that the trader only pays a percentage of the asset value where the rest is paid using the margin loan. Margin account let you leverage, that is if the margin is 10 percent you can invest up to 10 times the deposit in your margin account. Open Trading Account Online: Complete Guide at Angel Broking. Guide on Different Brokerage Calculator in India at Angel Broking. Future Value (FV) Calculator in India by Angel Broking. Everything about CAGR Calculator Online by Angel Broking. What is CAGR?

Everything about CAGR Calculator Online by Angel Broking

Calculating CAGR is easy if returns are constant like those in case of a fixed deposit. However, things become complicate when returns vary from one year to another. For example, when you invest in equity, you may earn returns of five per cent a year, 30 per cent the next year, and zero in another year. In such situations, the CAGR calculator comes in handy. Why would you need a CAGR calculator? If returns vary, you will want to know how your investments fared each year on an average. There is a formula for calculating the compound annual growth rate. Here’s the formula: CAGR(t0, tn) = [V(tn)/V(t0)]1/tn-to – 1. Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required for Sub Broker at Angel Broking.

Guide on Benefits of Being a Sub Broker at Angel Broking. Since the nineties, the popularity of equities as an asset class has been growing leaps and bounds.

Guide on Benefits of Being a Sub Broker at Angel Broking

In a vibrant economy, the stock market has excellent potential, making it attractive for all investors. Retail investors too, have taken to shares and stocks in a big way because of equity’s potential to earn high returns* and beat inflation. Individual investors cannot invest in the stock market directly and have to do it through a broker. Angel Broking, being a broker, appoints sub-brokers who help clients navigate the process of equity investing. The stock market will expand considerably in the years to come, making it more and more attractive for investors. Entry barriers are not that high; all you need is an interest in the financial markets and the ability to communicate effectively with clients. Sub-brokers also have to play an educational role since financial awareness is still limited in this country. All About How to Become a Sub Broker at Angel Broking.

Overview on Corporate Bonds in India at Angel Broking. Guide on Saving Bonds or GOI Bonds by Angel Broking. All About Present Value (NPV) Calculator by Angel Broking. Everything on Tax Free Government Bonds at Angel Broking. Introduction: If you are looking for a haven to park your funds in, here’s good news for you: Invest in tax free bonds and earn interest on your funds every year.

Everything on Tax Free Government Bonds at Angel Broking

There’s more good news; the interest earned on your bond is entirely tax-free. The security of tax free bonds in India is issued by a company, financial institution or the government. These bonds are, therefore a safe investment option. You can sell the bonds before maturity, too, on market price as they are listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges. Features of tax free bonds These bonds have unique characteristics.

Interest: The interest on these bonds is earned annually, and the Central government determines it. Benefits of tax free government bonds The advantages of tax-free go beyond the fact that these bonds give you tax-exempt interest. Currency Options: How to Trade in Them at Angel Broking. Currency options The value of currencies keeps changing about one another depending on a host of situations – economic growth, political developments, central bank policies, and so on.

Currency Options: How to Trade in Them at Angel Broking

These fluctuations affect both importers and exporters, whose fortunes depend to a considerable extent of the value of the currency. To guard against these fluctuations, they use derivatives like currency options and futures. Of course, it’s not just importers and exporters who trade in these. Speculators too are active participants also, hoping to turn in a profit from the movement of exchange rates. Currency options explained There are two ways of hedging against currency fluctuations, and these are through options and futures. Learn Best Intraday Trading Strategies & Tips at Angel Broking. Intraday trading is riskier than investing in the regular stock market.

Learn Best Intraday Trading Strategies & Tips at Angel Broking

It is important, especially for beginners, to understand the basics of such trading to avoid losses. Individuals are advised to invest only the amount they can afford to lose without facing financial difficulties. Everything about Sub Broker Business with Angel Broking. Interest in the equity market has been growing among investors.

Everything about Sub Broker Business with Angel Broking

To invest, one needs to go through brokers or sub-brokers authorised by the stock exchanges. The business model is something like this: Angel Broking provides the brand and infrastructure support in exchange for brokerage. The reward for higher brokerage received is in the form of higher commissions. This can be a win-win situation because getting a broker’s license can be difficult and expensive, and the only way of getting a part of the pie is by being a sub-broker.

This kind of sub-broker business model allows smaller players to enter the market without them needing to make expensive investments in infrastructure and marketing. Guide on Sub Broker Income in Indian Share Market at Angel Broking. What is a Sub Broker? Detailed Overview on Sub Brokers at Angel Broking. Compound Interest Calculator in India at Angel Broking. Let us first understand how interest works.

Compound Interest Calculator in India at Angel Broking

With an understanding of interest, you can estimate the returns on your money. It lets you plan for the future and compare different investment avenues. There are two basic kinds of interest – simple and compound. Simple interest is the fixed interest paid on your capital. When you invest Rs 10,000 into something, and the interest rate is 10 per cent, the simple interest for a year will be Rs 1,000. However, people generally invest money for more than a year. How to calculate compound interest Calculating compound interest can be daunting for someone who is not math-savvy. Compound interest = [P (1 + r/n)nt] - P P = Original principal R = Rate of interest N = Number of times compounding has taken place in a year T = Time or duration of the investment So, if you invest Rs 10,000 for five years at an interest rate of 10 per cent, the compound interest you get at the end of five years would be: Let us first understand how interest works.

Know What is Demat Account: Introduction, Types etc at Angel Broking. Electronic Certificate Bank account, trading account, and Demat account are the three essential necessities while dealing with investments. When you purchase a company’s shares, your ownership is marked with a certificate. This certificate is now available in electronic format and is known as Demat credit. Central Depository (CD) Central Depository is basically a central agency that maintains all the relevant information pertaining to Demat accounts that are opened with DPs throughout the country.

Overview on Section 54EC Bonds: Investment Guide by Angel Broking. All About Investing in Stocks for Beginners at Angel Broking. In order to begin trading, you will require Demat and trading account, both available with leading stockbrokers like Angel Broking A Demat account will act as the common repository that allows you to store the shares you have purchased, whereas a trading account will facilitate the actual buying and selling activities.

Here is some basic information you should know before you can start trading successfully in the Indian share market: The process of trading When you buy a share using your trading account, money is transferred out of your bank account, and the share is transferred into your Demat accountWhen you sell a share, it is transferred out of your Demat account into the share market. The money resulting from the transaction will be made available in your bank account. Understand What is Intraday Trading: Beginner's Guide at Angel Broking. Intraday trading involves buying and selling of stocks within the same trading day. Here stocks are purchased, not with an intention to invest, but for the purpose of earning profits by harnessing the movement of stock indices.

Thus, the fluctuations in the prices of the stocks are harnessed to earn profits from the trading of stocks. An online trading account is used for the purpose of intraday trading. While doing intraday trading, you need to specify that the orders are specific to intraday trading. As the orders are squared off before the end of the trading day, it is also called as Intraday Trading. How to Invest in IPO: Buy Online Stocks in India at Angel Broking. As the name suggests, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the process by which companies raise funds from the market.

Businesses require funds for a variety of reasons. They could be requiring funds for expansion of their capacity, they could be looking at diversification into new business lines, they could be looking at expanding their presence across India and abroad or they may even be looking to repay their high cost loans. All these funding requirements can be met through an IPO. As investors what you need to understand is how to apply for IPO and, more importantly, how to buy IPO online.

New offer versus Follow-on offer versus Offer-for-sale The term IPO is actually a generic term that encompasses a variety of sub-items. Great Offers on Demat & Trading Account Opening at Angel Broking. Know How to Invest in Stock Market: Online Guide at Angel Broking. Stock market is a money-earning platform for those who have the right knowledge to tap the movement of stocks and gain lucrative returns.

If you wish to learn the working of stock market, and how to invest in it, then here are a few tips to follow: Identify your Investment Requirements:Before placing the order on the stock market, investors must determine their needs and limitations. While determining the requirements, users must consider present as well as the future needs. The same rule is applicable while determining their limitations. Investors must list their incomes and deduct all their expenses along with debt obligations (if any) to find the investible surplus.

Enter at the Right Time:Entering the market at the right time is one of the most important share market basics often overlooked by investors. There are different kinds of stocks traded on the markets. Things You May Also Like to Know. Everything on Dematerialisation of Securities at Angel Broking. Dematerialisation offers flexibility along with security and convenience. Guide on What is Call Option in Share Market by Angel Broking. The call of the options An option is a kind of derivative that gives you the right to buy or sell a particular asset at a predetermined price at a fixed date in the future. However, it does not give you the obligation to exercise the right. Options are available for a variety of assets, including stocks, gold, petroleum, wheat and so on. There are two types of options – call and put options.

The call option definition is that it’s an instrument that gives you the right, but not the obligation, to buy something. Know What is a Put in Share Market at Angel Broking. A put option primer. What is an Option Contract? Detailed Guide by Angel Broking. Options are a type of derivative, and hence their value depends on the value of an underlying instrument. The underlying instrument can be a stock, but it can also be an index, a currency, a commodity or any other security.

Guide on Futures Contract in Share Market at Angel Broking. Overview on What is F&O and its Trading in Share Market at Angel Broking. If there’s one thing that’s certain about financial and commodity markets, it’s price changes. Prices keep changing all the time. They can go up and down in response to various factors, including the state of the economy, the weather, agricultural production, election results, coups, wars and government policies.

All About Futures and Options (F&O Trading) at Angel Broking. NCD or Non-Convertible Bonds in India by Angel Broking. Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme: SGB Bonds by Angel Broking. Understand Intraday Trading in India at Angel Broking. Intraday trading, as the name suggests, is trading stocks within trading hours in a single day. Many new investors and traders are keen to know about how intraday trading works. Everything on Demat Account & its Opening by Angel Broking. Such accounts are of crucial importance today because, the entire financial platform of investing, trading and maintaining have become digitised. Hence, to enable the user with a seamless and straightforward experience, demat accounts are the necessity of the day.

These accounts are essential to trade in India’s stock exchanges. Although SEBI – Securities and Exchange Board of India, has permitted traded up to 500 shares to be settled in the physical form, it is not a preferable option these days since it causes excessive inconvenience of maintenance and tracking. This account retains certificates of financial instruments such as shares, bonds, government securities, etc.

Thus, the dematerialisation account aids the investor to maintain their investments systematically as well as concedes an easy movement to buy and sell any products they desire. All About F&O Margin Calculator Online by Angel Broking. Using a margin calculator. Overview on What is Sensex, NSE, BSE & Nifty by Angel Broking. Commodity Trading: Investing Online in India at Angel Broking. Online Trading: Share Trading & Broking in India at Angel Broking.