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Satya Prakash

I am Satya Prakash Bharti Founder & CEO of W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. I have over 15+ years of experience in planning, design, implementation & maintenance of quality web and mobile based applications in more than 32+ countries across the globe.

W3care SEO Company. W3care Entertainment app development company. Custom Coded Video Conferencing App Development Company USA. Online Food Ordering App Development Company USA. Book a ride Car rental App Development Company USA W3care. Ghd. Custom Android and iOS app Development. Full Stack Developer. W3care Technologies Pvt Ltd (@w3care) W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (@w3care) / Twitter. W3care Technologies (w3care) on Pinterest. Offshore Web Mobile app Software ERP Engagement Model Development Agency. W3care offers different models for different customers to meet the diverse needs of the global client.

Offshore Web Mobile app Software ERP Engagement Model Development Agency

One can choose from any of the generally accepted engagement models below or customize and engagement model based on your requirement: Time and Material Model - In this model, there is an agreed rate per hour between W3care and the client organization. The number of hours clocked are tracked through a time sheet system, either maintained by the W3care or by the client. Time sheets need to be approved by client managers before it can be used for billing. Sometime we organizations define a minimum hours of utilization in order to cover fixed costs. Fixed Time/ Fixed Price Model - A low risk model, when the scope or the specs of the project are reasonably clear.

Milestone based billing - This model are applied to large long-lasting projects that are managed remotely therefore allowing the clients to test or get involved during development stages/ phases. W3care Web Mobile app Development Process. Though each of our clients has unique needs, goals, and timelines, many website projects do go through stages similar to the following: Pre-Project - Once you will be done with your website planning and submit the planner to us, we then communicate with you via email or phone to better understand your goals and we prepare to develop a proposal for you.

W3care Web Mobile app Development Process

Proposal - Based on communications during Step 1, we draft and provide you with a project proposal. This proposal focused on your unique goals and needs. Analysis And Documentation - Once you approve our proposal then we assign a dedicated Business Analyst who understands the complete flow of system and draft System Requirement Specification document. Web and Mobile App Design Development Services Offers. Finance website design mobile app development agency in USA. There are a number of finance companies, some of which are known to be the major forces and there are many other small and medium-sized companies.

Finance website design mobile app development agency in USA

Banking and insurance are the two major branches of financial industry that are efficiently using the latest technology in their business. The financial industry has always been the early acquirer of latest trends – be it using new software or sharing data on the internet. It is also the one of the biggest industry to have invested in IT sector in order to get better productivity and easy connectivity with their customers worldwide. We develop database driven websites for banking & financial institutions that help them leverage the benefits of the latest web technologies.

Advertisement website design development agency in USA. Dipal and her team were contracted to create from scratch the website of our International Breathwork Foundation (IBF).

Advertisement website design development agency in USA

Communication was very good, with very quick answers everytime we needed to adjust something, despite the time zone change. I found that the availability, efficacy and amability were excellent. In several occasions, I talked with Dipal directly by skype and the communication was very fluid. I always felt understood in my specific needs, even though I am not an expert in technology. Sometimes we would change our mind and always felt supported by good advices in the critical moments. Medical health welfare design development agency in USA. The Healthcare & Pharma Industry is a very complex industry.

Medical health welfare design development agency in USA

Its reliance on IT infrastructure is aspiring to convey better services to a more and more product aware patron. Our medical/healthcare website design solutions are immensely beneficial to healthcare organizations and hospitals. With our cost-effective solutions, you can easily overcome the challenges faced in delivering quick & efficient patient care services. Also, we design websites for doctors and physicians so that they can reach out to a larger number of patients in the easier manner.

Real Estate and Mortgage website design development company in USA. Today an ever-increasing number of people are using the internet to search real estate properties.

Real Estate and Mortgage website design development company in USA

Therefore, it has become very important for real estate owners to have an attractive web design for their business. With our real estate industry-specific solutions, you will be able to showcase your properties in the most tempting manner. W3care is your source for affordable, self-maintained real estate websites: our development panel will tie in all the required functionality, in accumulation to your exceptional needs. Tour and Travel website development company in USA. Online travel and transport websites provide the ease with which any consumer can compare prices, research their chosen destination, and chose the best way to get there, all with the click of a mouse button.

Tour and Travel website development company in USA

The traveling industry is growing at a fast pace. Traveling supports tourism activity across the country, which in turn, helps build the economy: W3care helps companies in the Tours, Travel and Hospitality industries leverage technology expansively, and economically address their most imperative business needs. We have the global reach, the skilled people and the industry knowledge to solve your business problems. So, if you want to start an online travel business, then you have landed at the right place. Tour and Travel website development company in USA. Ecommerce web development agency in USA. Booking engine web design development company USA. Are you an organization which is based on the booking or reservation of an event in the form of tickets, passes etc.?

Booking engine web design development company USA

You have knocked the right door. That is exactly what a booking engine developed by W3care aims to deliver. Our team can develop the most comprehensive booking engine solutions prevalent in the market with hotel booking, real estate property websites, travel portals etc, & product websites with an extremely simple yet a very powerful way to sell rooms, tour packages, properties and other.

The booking engines may have following features that can be developed by our skilled team: CSS web development company USA. CSS - Cascading Style Sheets is the name of a simple language that allows you to add any style (font, colors, graphics, links, and layouts) to your web pages.

CSS web development company USA

CSS 3 is the latest and most advanced version of this most popular style sheet language in the world. It has been a great source of providing accessibility, flexibility and control in the process of defining the appearance and feel of the web page. Benefits of CSS: CSS saves time Pages load faster Easy maintenance Superior styles to html Easy to control No need for extra codes Separate content from presentation Consistent site wide look and feel consistency Improve search engine rankings Fast loading Increased accessibility We does not just use CSS as only another tool to work out web solutions but we also make the most out of it in every dimension possible to produce something edgy and really functional.

W3care Technologies Pvt Ltd. Fanpop - robj8151's Profile Page. Custom PHP Web Development Services in USA. PHP is a scripting language that is widely used for developing websites.

Custom PHP Web Development Services in USA

It can also be used in conjunction with HTML. Efficiency and robustness are the key features that interest web designer and web developers to build their websites using PHP. Currently all major web applications, B2C, B2B and e-commerce applications are designed only with PHP. The biggest advantage is that pages using PHP are generated quickly because scripts are processed on the server before sending to the browser. OpenCart Development Services in USA. OpenCart is a free effective ecommerce shopping cart solution for Web merchants. This allows internet merchants to create a quick and easy online store to sell their goods and or services online in no time at all. It is handy, feature rich, search engine friendly and has a visually alluring interface. Here is the list of OpenCart features: Several Payment Gateways Option Multiple shipping methods for the delivery of products Reviews and ratings for products Infinite Categories & Multiple Products Infinite Manufacturers Readymade Templates Multi-Language and Multi-Currency option Automatic Image Resizing Super zoom feature Multiple Tax Rates Unlimited Information Pages Discount Coupon System SEO Friendly.

Joomla Development Services in USA. Joomla is a free open source which allows web application solutions, can be used for News Portals, Learning Management System, Education, Forums, eCommerce, Social Websites, Job Portals, Community Websites, Web Application and Restaurants. It is an award-winning open source, content management and eCommerce solutions. Anything you can think can do with Joomla. Our expertise in building Joomla sites has gained us the credibility of our clients. It made us adept in developing websites on web based applications of various types. Drupal Web Development Services in USA. Drupal is a strong open source framework for content management which has become one of the most important content management frameworks to be used for back-end system.

It is used and referred by the top Drupal development companies worldwide and leverages the quality and usability of the content and the way it is managed. Our experienced Drupal development team offers lots of desired solutions for the websites. Get 30 Days Free SEO Services. Android app development: How to deliver a successful android app for business. In this competitive business world, a mobile app has become a crucial tool for businesses to achieve success. At present, almost 87% of the worldwide mobile operating system market is dominated by Android. Due to this Google play store has more mobile apps in comparison to Microsoft App store and Apple App Store.

According to stats, it is predicted that there will be more than 4 million Smartphone users due to apps have become the modern part of living. With the constant usage of Android apps, mobile app development companies and developers are fully focused on developing applications of all types of processes. Mobile App Development Services. How about an application on your device? Many of today’s fastest developing organizations prefer getting their application developed for the devices, that lets their user operate the entire functionalities of their website without switching up their internet browser.

PSD to HTML Conversion Services in USA. Groom your website pixel perfect! We understand the requirements of website owners. Therefore, we ensure that our conversion of PSD to XHTML appeal to leading search engines. Magento Extension and Drupal 8 Module Development Services in USA. How to choose the right logo design for your business. Do you know why the creative Logo is important for any business? Reasons Why Everyone Love WordPress for Website Development. W3care Technologies. Satyapbh. The Top 7 Reasons Why Apps Fail & How to Avoid Them. We all know that the mobile app market is vibrant and developing rapidly.

According to stats, almost 100,000 apps are added to the Google Play Store every month. But the question is how many become successful? An increase in the number of mobile apps does not mean their quality as well. Competition in the app market is high but the ratio of failure app is not low. 7 Reasons - Why CakePHP is the Most Effective Framework of 21st Century. How Custom Website Development Services Can Increase Sales for Your Business. In today’s digital age the requirement of a corporate website is not just limited to startups; it is equally important for a well-established business. The Importance of Technology for Modern Business Survival. In the fast-paced environment of technology, a business can’t be imagined without technology. Web Mobile App Design Development Technologies Blog and News. Do you know there are more than 184,424 Magento Live Online stores?

COVID-19 Outbreak – We can still help to grow your online business? What are The Best Ways to find iPhone App Developers for a Project? Benefits of migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Platform. W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Wins Top Web Developer Leader Award. Web Mobile App Design Development Technologies Blog and News.