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Law and Politics

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The World Economic Forum. The World Factbook. Global Trends 2030: Media Coverage. The Natural-Resource Curse Strikes Again by Andres Velasco. Exit from comment view mode.

The Natural-Resource Curse Strikes Again by Andres Velasco

Click to hide this space SANTIAGO – Chile today produces one-third of the world’s lithium – used in batteries that power everything from computers to cars – and has great potential to expand that share. Home Page. CPOST - Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism. Project Syndicate - the highest quality op-ed articles, analysis and commentaries. The National Interest. RealClearPolitics - Opinion, News, Analysis, Videos and Polls. Consolidated Acts. When the federal government makes changes to Canadian law, often it will create "amending" Acts or regulations.

Consolidated Acts

These amending documents make changes to existing laws. For example, if the government wishes to add a new offence to the Criminal Code, it will not rewrite the entire document or create a new, separate Code, but will create an amending Act. Canadian Political News & Commentary. Center for Strategic and International Studies. Foreign Policy - the global magazine of economics, politics, and ideas. Council on Foreign Relations. The Harvard Political Review — Harvard Talks Politics. The Nation.