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Sattvastore is best place to buy Art of Living Products Online at affordable price, All Art of Living products like CD, DVD, Books etc are available at Sattvastore.

Buy Prenatal Yoga DVD with Book Pack. Art of Living Store India. Details Shanti is a powerful, deeply healing and relaxing guided meditation by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Art of Living Store India

Sri Sri takes you on an inward journey of awareness and healing. As you gradually relax and become more and more still, stress fades away, and your mind becomes clearer. The healing mechanism of the body gets activated in a state of deep rest. Meditation, in general, is beneficial to everybody but this one is very effective for people with blood pressure issues. Using meditation to lower blood pressure is being recommended by doctors worldwide and it has been scientifically proven to be very beneficial. Research has indicated that patients who practice regular Meditation are able to maintain their blood pressure without the assistance of medication.

WCF DVD COMBO PACK. Details Its a 4 DVD pack that will come with Special 30 page booklet of WCF pics A set of four DVDs specially compiled for your viewing pleasure, consisting of the magical music highlights of the World Cultural Festival held at New Delhi, India from 11th to 13th March 2016.


The DVDs are a compilation of the grandeur and spectacle that unfolded during the three days cultural festival and bring to you the collage of music and dances staged by artistes from India and worldwide for your visual and listening satisfaction of the epic event. Ananta. Details "Ananta" is the World's largest compilation of Indian music with 30 maestros of India performing 30 original Art of Living music tracks in a 6 Audio CD pack, recorded live.


The proceeds of this mega project will go to the most noble cause of Education through the "Gift a Smile" program. Carrying the meditative and beautiful live musical heritage of India forward, we present to you, "Ananta" Volume 1 - Maestros of India. PT. JASRAJ-GURU OM GURU, PT. Art of Living Store India. Jaya - The Real Game, Real Heroes - Board Game. Chants - Music. Art of Living Store India. Details In this book the author has taken efforts to simplfy the occult science of Vaastu in an excellent manner.

Art of Living Store India

He has explained the significance of every Vaastu principle supported by Sanskrit sloka from classic literature and has provided most accurate and appropriate sketches to explain tricky situations. A new theory of Dev Nakshatra and Yama Nakshatra creating impact zones of positive energy and negative energy respectively in the North hemisphere and South hemisphere of Earth and its connectivity with Vaastu has opened a new chapter in the field to improve health and wealth conditions. Quotations from “Taittareya Brahman” cited support this dogma and indicate how the ancient Indian Philosophy is deeply rooted in this field.

The Spirit Blows Where It Wills. Details The 45 years of religious life of Sr.

The Spirit Blows Where It Wills

M. Concelia Mariampillai (Holy Cross Congregation - Menzingen) includes her active service in Sri Lanka especially in the domain of education and spirituality. Beginning her service as an AMI Montessori teacher, expanded to teaching at the secondary education level and is currently the lecturer of English Literature in Aquinas University College, Colombo, Sri Lanka. She also worked as a Councilor and Spiritual Formator to young Religious over a number of years and currently serves as the Community Leader. Her unquenchable search for “touching the Divine” led her to cross all boundaries and seek to experience the newness of the Creative Holy Spirit in other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Management Mantras: Book on Leadership and Management by Sri Sri. Details Management Mantras is book which sheds light on the qualities of a good leader, business strategies, social responsibility, inner transformation, mind management, life management and building a global family.

Management Mantras: Book on Leadership and Management by Sri Sri

It contains practices and methods to improve employee effectiveness and also how to develop an encouraging and beneficial work environment for the employees to grow in. Lot of management related questions answered in this book by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with practical examples. Management begins with oneself, then with right attitude and understanding management of others and situations becomes a game. Management happens in the mind. Buy Secrets of Relationships (English) A Book by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Know Your Child: The Art of Raising Children. Sanskrit learning tools, Learn sanskrit online, Speak Sanskrit Packs. Details Sanskrit is one of the most ancient languages of the world.

Sanskrit learning tools, Learn sanskrit online, Speak Sanskrit Packs

It was originally called 'Sanskrit Vak', that is 'Refined Speech'. Learning this language opens doors to a vast amount of knowledge on Vedic culture and wisdom. Barriers in learning Sanskrit:• Difficulty in learning pronunciation and translation • A lack of suitable environment for continuous develop ment of language skills Sanskrit learning made easy through the Art of Living SmartPen: It speaks upon touching the book, asks questions and provides an unmatched learning experience. Sandhyavandanam Kit (Small) - Special Packs - Specialty Items. Commentary by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Anti Radiation Mobile Chip. Details Today most of us cannot do without Mobile phones.

Anti Radiation Mobile Chip

They are an integral part of our life, work and social life. But over the years various scientific studies have shown that Mobile phones emit harmful radiations that harm us in different ways. Sri Sri Publications Trust now presents a never before product that helps protect us from the harmful effects of the radiations produced from these products – The Art of Living- Anti Radiation Chip.

Buy Art of Living Products Online.