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Peregrine Druids. College of Isis Magi Degree Centers. Fellowship of Isis ~ Homepage Archive. Noble Order of Tara. Noble Order of Tara Fellowship of Isis Foundation-Center Society "pro Dea et Natura" "as an bhean O Tara" (For Goddess and Nature) (all glory to Tara) © Coat of Arms of the Barony of Strathloch Please do not reproduce.

Noble Order of Tara

"What we think, feel and imagine now, if we act upon it, will make our future. " Noble Order of Tara Overview: Courses in druidry, druidry training, druidry courses, druids, druidism. Untitled Document. Reformed Druids of North America Homepage. The Henge of Keltria - Druidism for the 21st Century.