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The Dark Side of Oz. National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - Alan Taylor - In Focus. National Geographic is currently holding its annual photo contest, with the deadline for submissions coming up on November 30.

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - Alan Taylor - In Focus

For the past nine weeks, the society has been gathering and presenting galleries of submissions, encouraging readers to vote for them as well. National Geographic was kind enough to let me choose among its entries from 2011 for display here on In Focus. Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc. Split Family Faces. Cousins: Justine, 29, & Ulric, 29 How much do you and your family members really look alike?

Split Family Faces

Quebec, Canada-based graphic designer and photographer Ulric Collette has created a shockingly cool project where he's exploring the genetic similarities between different members of the same family. By splitting their faces in half and then splicing them together, he creates interesting new people that are sometimes quite normal looking and other times far from it. Design Ideas and Tech Concepts - Toxel.com. Putting A Camera On Hoola Hoop. Awesome people hanging out together. Photography by Angus R Shamal. A self portrait of Stanley Kubrick with his daughter, Jack Nicholson and the crew @ the set of The Shining. A selection of some of the most awesome Behind-the-scenes shots I’ve seen from some famous movies found at aintitcool.com. Back when set designs were huge and hand made, when special effects where mechanic and photographic and film stars were risking their lives on the set. Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive.

Netflix Envelope Doodles. Admit it, you've done it.

Netflix Envelope Doodles

You've taken a Sharpie to a Netflix envelope and doodled the heck out of it. Not just once, but a multitude of times. You've then imagined the expression of the postal worker as the envelope passed through their hands, all with a wide grin on your face. Here are some fun examples of people who publicly admit to doing just that. Picassa Webalbum Integrator (PWI) HiddenColors.com. 1984 comic.

Brooks Shane Salzwedel : Prints. Photographer Turns his 91-Year Old Grandma into a Superhero to Cheer Her Up. A few years ago photographer Sacha Goldberger found his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika feeling lonely and depressed.

Photographer Turns his 91-Year Old Grandma into a Superhero to Cheer Her Up

So to cheer her up, and put a spark back into her life, he turned her into a superhero! He took a series of awesome photographs of her wearing costumes in unusual superhero type posses. "Grandma reluctantly agreed, but once they got rolling, she couldn't stop smiling. " Frederika isn't only a superhero in these photos, but she was a real hero during World War II. The Art of Mark Brown. The models who were used in “American Gothic” standing by the painting.

Little People – A tiny Street Art Collection. Decadent Lifestyle. Roberto Ferri - Galleria quadri e dipinti. FOUND Magazine. (Image) - Zupa pomidorowa. Charterhouse of the Transfiguration. Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized! Under the Button. What if Matrix was shot in the silent films' era on yay!everyday.

The perfect high. Seize the Day. Seize the Day by Derek Lin Here's a puzzle for you: What do you see in this grid above?

Seize the Day

What do you think it represents? Okay, it's not a difficult puzzle. Ten Strange Places. At the summit of Mount Teide, one of the largest Island volcanoes in the World is the Las Cañadas caldera.

Ten Strange Places

The crater, which is an enourmous sixteen kilometres across, is a picture of what Hell might look like if it cooled a little. Sheer walls that formed when the caldera first collapsed encircle this dry and alien place. Meat. I’m honored that this often shows up on the internet.


Here’s the correct version, as published in Omni, 1990. "They're made out of meat. " BoredStop.com. Марионетки-гиганты (32 фото) » ZizA.Qip.rU. The Quest For Every Beard Type. I’ve been growing a beard every winter for some years now, and every spring, I try to see how many facial hair variations as I can check off from the chart of facial hair types.

So far, over 2.4 million people have been following along. Listed below are descriptions of 44 facial hair types including examples of the 39 42 variations that I’ve been able to attain so far. 20 Scary Old School Surgical Tools. A quick glance at our gallery of some of history’s gnarliest surgical tools will definitely make you thankful for just how far our industry has progressed throughout time.

20 Scary Old School Surgical Tools

Browse through images and descriptions of surgical tools dating as far back as the 1600′s – a time when surgery was definitely not for the squeamish. You might think your HMO plan is scary, but at least it doesn’t use these vintage surgical instruments…hopefully. Amputation Knife (1700s) Knives used for amputations during the 18th century were typically curved, because surgeons tended to make a circular cut through the skin and muscle before the bone was cut with a saw.

By the 1800s, straight knives became more popular because they made it easier to leave a flap of skin that could be used to cover the exposed stump. Amputation Saw (1600s) While some surgeons chose to flaunt their wealth with elaborately decorated saws like this, the crevices in the intricate engravings proved to be a breeding ground for germs. These people exist -Part IV (29 photos. Interesting High-speed Video Clips. The video clips below were filmed with a special high-speed camera .

Interesting High-speed Video Clips

The super slow-motion playback lets you visualize effects that cannot be seen with the naked eye or with a standard video camera. {*style:<b><i>NOTE: No humans or animals were hurt during the filming of any of these clips. Also, all humans (and my pet dog) were willing and eager participants. Subliminal Messages - Hidden Subliminal Image Samples - Do you get the hidden subliminal message? This is an image that ran in the phone book until they found out that it is a little unusual.

Subliminal Messages - Hidden Subliminal Image Samples - Do you get the hidden subliminal message?

Subliminal messages are in images every day. Subliminal images are on video boxes, in magazine ads, even in the phone book as the image to the left supports. Everything. Tree Men. Adamshooka.jpg (JPEG Image, 560x423 pixels) Girl stuck in Pittsburgh airport overnight shoots epic horsing around video. Exploding Perseid Meteor 20100812-EarlyAM. DataLife Engine > Версия для печати > <a href= de la naturaleza (20 fotos)</strong></a>

Maker Profile - Kinetic Wave Sculptures on MAKE: television. A Supremely Awesome Stuntman. Good Watertower, EVIL WATERTOWER. Many, many years ago, these two watertowers used to be friends, great friends. But after the Good Watertower got her beautiful new paint job and her snazzy Plover logo, the Evil Watertower became angry. The Good Watertower has serviced Plover with drinking water for a number of years and is loved by her customers. The Evil Watertower has worked for a factory all his life, where he has been abused, and even worse in his eyes, taken for granted. The Evil Watertower then started conspiring to take over the factory and the world. Vai avanti .com by rafaël rozendaal, 2006. Todd Lamb Notes From Chris Gallery. Welcome to the “ Notes From Chris” gallery. These are notes that I post around New York City from a mysterious man named Chris.

Chris wants to do tedious things with people. He also has lots of problems. “ Notes From Chris” is a project started by Todd Lamb in 2008.