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La Box à Planter ⋆ Box jardinage bio légumes & aromates. Meuble-tetris-sur-mesure. An organized basement nook: the after - the sweetest digs. After working away in this little corner of our pad for the last month, we can finally call this spot done-zo.

an organized basement nook: the after - the sweetest digs

And let me tell you, this nook works harder than any other spot in our place. Here is what we started with. So much wasted space, so little organization, and just plain uuuugly. We cleared out the space, painted the turquoise wall, invested in our IKEA Algot system and Aneboda wardrobe, some storage bins, and got to installing and organizing…. And now? There are a few main zones of the nook. To the left of the paints are the drawer section of our Algot system. Then we move over to the actual shelving part. All of our paperwork had been in magazine files up in our office (which will be no longer, with baby sprout coming along!) The magazine files that stayed were for a few select items that we add to very frequently. The shelves didn’t quite reach all the way to the other wall due to a bulkhead, but luckily, this worked out perfectly. The Ikea Blog » Hack: ALVE Corner Workstation.

The Ikea Blog Hack: ALVE Corner Workstation March 10, 2010 ~ Hacks.

The Ikea Blog » Hack: ALVE Corner Workstation

Kitchenware — BuyMeOnce.Com. Projet Gaspard. How to Turn Your Phone Into a DIY Photo Projector for $1. Slide projectors are great but outdated.

How to Turn Your Phone Into a DIY Photo Projector for $1

And digital projectors cost a bundle. What’s a photographer to do when they’re looking for a bigger picture? We’ll show you how to turn your phone into a photo projector for just $1. Yep, for a buck you can have Instagram on overdrive and Flickr living large. The project is so easy, you might even have time to sneak in a cat video or two. Comment fabriquer un vidéoprojecteur avec une boîte à chaussure et un smartphone. Fabriqué à l'aide d'une boîte à chaussure et d'une loupe, ce projecteur pour smartphone ne coûte presque rien.

Comment fabriquer un vidéoprojecteur avec une boîte à chaussure et un smartphone

(Crédit : Photojojo) Don’t Like Tea? – 14 Ways to Make Tea More Enjoyable! - 1001 Tea Facts. So, you know that tea is really good for your health and you are trying to convince yourself to have that cup of tea every day, but you can’t seem to enjoy its bitter taste that much..

Don’t Like Tea? – 14 Ways to Make Tea More Enjoyable! - 1001 Tea Facts

Tea is wonderful for your body and mind and you should definitely give it a second chance. Luckily there are multiple ways to make it more delicious. In this post I am going to suggest 15 ingredients that can certainly make your tea drinking a delightful experience! 1. Sugar White or brown, sugar is the most common add-in to tea. 2. How to Brew Gaiwan Tea: 7 Steps. How to Brew with a Gaiwan – Samovar Tea Lounge. Here is how we like to use this gaiwan (start with these guidelines, and then experiment on your own): * Pre-warm the cup by adding some hot water to it, and then discarding that water * Brew the tea directly in the cup by adding 2-3 tbsp of dry leaves * Awaken the leaves.

How to Brew with a Gaiwan – Samovar Tea Lounge

For oolongs and puerhs, cover the leaves with some hot water, and then immediately discard that first “rinsed” infusion. Leave the lid on the rinsed leaves * Lift the guywan to your nose and tilt the lid open about 1/2” to release the aroma of the awakened leaves. Take it in. Inhale again and again, savoring this intoxicating scent * Now add some hot water to these leaves, paddle them once or twice with the lid, and then replace the lid to let them steep about 30 seconds * Tilt the lid back slightly and either start sipping directly from the gaiwan, or, decant the brew into another cup. Gaiwan, bols et tasses à thé. Les ustensiles du thé – 3 Gaiwans Le gaiwan (ou zhong ou gaibei) est l'outil indispensable de tout amateur de thé.

Gaiwan, bols et tasses à thé

On peut tout faire avec, infuser toutes les sortes de thés, les humer, les apprécier et même les boire… On les trouve à 5€ dans les bazars chinois, les parois sont plutôt épaisses, mais ils sont d'un rapport qualité/prix imbattable, et on ne stresse pas trop quand on le casse. Gungfu et Gaiwan. Pour beaucoup le Gung-Fu Cha, ou l'art chinois d'infuser le thé avec équilibre et discernement, va de pair avec une théière de Yixing, ces petites théières auxquelles on attribue la capacité de magnifier le thé qu'elles infusent.

Gungfu et Gaiwan

La théière n'est cependant pas l'unique ustensile à pouvoir prendre place au centre du Gung-Fu Cha, et une autre manière d'infuser son thé de la sorte existe : Le Gaiwan (盖碗), aussi parfois appelé zhong. Dénigré par certains, qui ne jurent que par la théière Yixing le Gaiwan est pourtant un outil incontournable et qui n'a d'égal dans bien des situations. Brewing Green teas in a Gaiwan - Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company. Ok, you've given up on the "tea ball" and are ready to take it to the next level.

Brewing Green teas in a Gaiwan - Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company

Welcome to brewing in a Gaiwan! This is for when you want to sit down with a friend and enjoy some time and tea together -- also, don't be afraid to brew this way at your desk, it's relaxing as you work. A Gaiwan (Ch.) is a covered bowl of some sort that can be used to brew tea. Now, before I start, you must know that these recommendations are a starting point. It can and SHOULD be calibrated with your own experience. Mmmm. Enter the Gaiwan set. Now first off, we need to warm our set. Warm the rest of the set up by just pouring the hot water from your Gaiwan into the other pieces. Bedtime calculator. Ficus-ginseng. Le ficus ginseng est une superbe plante d’intérieur que l’on apprécie pour son superbe tronc racine et son feuillage très décoratif.

Les feuilles se développent sur la grosse racine, formant ainsi un des plus beaux effets. Facile d’entretien, voici comment l’arroser, le tailler ou encore la bonne période de rempotage. En résumé, ce qu’il faut savoir : Bien choisir un bonsaï. 5 conseils de rangement pour garde-robe encombrée. Suite à la lecture de la Magie du Rangement de Marie Kondo , j’ai entrepris un grand nettoyage de printemps dans ma garde-robe.

5 conseils de rangement pour garde-robe encombrée

Cela m’a pris un dimanche matin, comme ça, sans prévenir. J’étais tellement motivée que je pensais finir pour le dimanche soir. Bref, plié en quelques heures quoi !