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Baseljournal. The Wormworld Saga - A Digital Graphic Novel by Daniel Lieske. LingoJam - Learn German with authentic stories. Genusly. 14 Twitter Feeds For German Learners - LearnOutLive. Twitter is infamous for being a procrastination device, but it’s actually a great tool for learning languages.

14 Twitter Feeds For German Learners - LearnOutLive

No, really! Learning German with ancient grammar tomes is all fine and dandy, but there’s nothing like getting daily mini-doses of vocabulary, idioms and other learning materials sent right onto your smartphone or tablet. Here are a few twitter feeds (with selected tweets) that we think might be helpful for German learners: @dw_learngerman This is the twitter feed by Germany’s international broadcaster “Deutsche Welle” and their amazing (free) German learning program. @uwgerman The Department of Germanics at the University of Washington’s twitter feed is a great place for learning about German culture, society, arts and history. @GermanQuatsch Very amusing feed full of German words and sayings with their literal translation. @BablakeGerman. How to become a “polyglot” marcofromtalkalang: By practicing daily on Start by joining right now!

Vielleicht wollt ihr da mit mir ein bisschen chatten? ;) Freue mich auf jedes Gespräch (Anna Kania). Errate das Wort! Hinweis: Sie ist eine kleine, dunkelrote Frucht mit einem Kern drinnen. Kennt ihr den neuen Wochentag Framstag? Anonym: What would you call a "to do" list in German? Dies und das... Anonymous asked: Your help would be much appreciated...

Dies und das...

What does "Lass dich umarmen" mean? Danke! It literally means “Let yourself be hugged”, which would then usually be translated to “hugs (and kisses)” when found at the end of a letter (: Anonymous asked: Hallo :) Wiesst du, wie man ein "Pen Pal" findet? I've just started learning German this year and I think a pen pal would be incredibly helpful. Hallo! Auf Deutsch heißt pen pal Brieffreund/-in und hier findest du den Link, den du suchst (: Help ): Hey FYDers I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time now and I thought I should explain myself: I’ve started working and haven’t been coping with work and school as well as I thought I would’ve.

So here’s where YOU come in - are any of you interested in helping me keep this blog alive? Those up for the challenge, please send me a non-anonymous message with a short introduction - who you are, where you’re from, how long have you been learning German, why and how you’d like to help. Words in German. Hi!

Words in German

I follow your blog (I really like it!) Because I wanna study german at school next year : ) I'm glad to say that your blog is amazing, and u too! I hope one day I'll move to Germany ^^ Aw thank you so much! Best of luck with all your goals! * A proverb which says that you should not be fooled by how nice something looks on the outside. Anonymous Hey there! Hey there! I just found this blog and it's amaaaazing I'm taking level 5 (IB sl) next year and this is gonna be my lifeline for at home studying lol Thanks, I’m glad I can be a part of your learning journey!!

Hey hey, native speaker here. OH YEAH SORRY MY BAD. Hi, I'm just curious, are your pictures inspired by the words or vice versa? Willkommen in Deutschland! German Words And More. Proverbs in German. Ren lernt Deutsch. Thatswhywelovegermany: literally: And if they have not died, they are still living today.And they lived happily ever after.

Ren lernt Deutsch

Common ending of fairy tales.The sentence is often modified, replacing “leben” with another verb when a group of people keeps failing at something or is carrying out an endless task or have a habit of doing something particular: And if they have not died, they still keep doing the same thing. Daily Dose of German - Page 1 of 406. Warum wir Deutschland mögen. Wadoku - Japanisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch -