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Las bases de datos conocidas hasta ahora (bases de datos relaciones) están dejando poco a poco su protagonismo absoluto para dar paso a una nueva clase de gestión de base de datos conocida como NoSQL. Bien es cierto que este nuevo modelo está aún muy lejos de cazar a las tres grandes: Oracle, MySQL y SQLServer. Pero poco a poco están aumentando su presencia, llegando a destacarse el crecimiento de unas sobre otras, ¿a qué se debe? En estas fechas en las que desde todos los medios nos bombardean con imágenes idílicas de lo que debería ser la Navidad, desde Alianzo, hemos querido acercaros la otra cara de la realidad a través de nuestra actividad. La cara solidaria, formada, en gran medida, por las principales ONGs operativas a nivel mundial. Las elegidas responden a diferentes áreas de acción, desde el fomento de la lectura hasta la cura de enfermedades o la erradicación del hambre. Qué es el software social Qué es el software social
justcartography - Free Cartography Systems justcartography - Free Cartography Systems Cartography is the science of map-making. It comprises many problems and techniques, including: measuring Earth's shape and featurescollecting and storing information about terrain, places and peopleadapting three-dimensional features to flat models (my main concern)devising and designing conventions for graphical representation of dataprinting and publishing information. There is an endless variety of geographical maps for every kind of purpose.
by Andy Oram 07/06/2006 A new era is halfway here, and nobody has recognized its impact--even though we've all participated eagerly in its arrival. The way we educate ourselves to use and program computers is shifting along many of the same historic lines as journalism, scientific publication, and other information-rich fields. Rethinking Community Documentation Rethinking Community Documentation - The place for projects Fòrum de Cultura, democratitzem la democràcia Fòrum de Cultura, democratitzem la democràcia Divendres passat el regidor de cultura de l’ajuntament d’Olot, va comunicar a en David Santaulària, director de l’Àrea de Creació Contemporània d’Olot que inclou l’Espai Zero 1, la Sala 15, les Beques de Creació i Comissariat; que l’ajuntament havia decidit tancar aquesta àrea i, en conseqüència, prescindir del seus serveis. Un grup d’artistes i usuaris volen entrargar demà al matí una carta a l’ajuntament d’Olot, demanant que reconsideri aquesta decisió, podeu manifestar la vostra adhesió a a la carta que adjuntem, enviant urgentment un correu a l’adreça: Format pdf Carta Espai Zero1 Davant de les informacions que apunten al tancament de l’àrea de creació contemporània d’Olot (Espai Zero1, Sala 15, Beques de creació, coproducció amb d’altres centres d’art, …) i l’acomiadament del seu director, David Santaeulària, demanem a l’ajuntament olotí que es repensi aquesta decisió atenent als següents punts:
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LiFE2Front : you, you, and YOU. And your friends too LiFE2Front : you, you, and YOU. And your friends too you, you, and YOU !and your friends too. Take your social weapons, Join community's battalions, Deserve all mankind with your best mind ! The LiFE2Front network hosts experiments to promote user's life, relationship, activities, and personal content such as blogs, photos, videos, podcasts, bookmarks, or wishlists.
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Shyftr Sunday, January 12, 2014 Home Insomniac holds signed Xbox One auction for injured intern 3 minutes ago - Joystiq After losing her leg in a hit-and-run incident, Insomniac Games intern Ana Kessel faces mounting medical bills related to her treatment. Shyftr
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lifestreams - your life live lifestreams - your life live Read, Write and Forward Across All Your Networks Think of as of a brand new, web based email client, which brings you all kind of messages from a broad selection of social networks: You get all your friends status updates from Twitter, their messages from Facebook and their latest photo uploads from MySpace - all in one place. But you can not only read and follow what's going on, but you can also reply to, comment and forward across different services. And if you have lots of different kind of friends - say business, private, local or family - you can group them together across all networks and message them separately.
Fray is the web’s original storytelling magazine, telling true stories online and off since 1996. Fray began as a website. We presented individually designed, true first-person stories. Pixish: We bring visual artists and publishers together Pixish: We bring visual artists and publishers together
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