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Qué es el software social. Siguiendo con la serie de rankings dedicados a periodistas, esta vez nos hemos ido a Galicia.

Qué es el software social

De la mano de Nacho de la Fuente, hemos seleccionado a los más influyentes en los medios sociales y los hemos puesto en una clasificación. Evidentemente, pueden faltar algunos, así que no dudes en añadirlos en los comentarios para que vayamos metiéndolos. Justcartography - Free Cartography Systems. Cartography is the science of map-making.

justcartography - Free Cartography Systems

It comprises many problems and techniques, including: measuring Earth's shape and featurescollecting and storing information about terrain, places and peopleadapting three-dimensional features to flat models (my main concern)devising and designing conventions for graphical representation of dataprinting and publishing information. Rethinking Community Documentation. By Andy Oram 07/06/2006 A new era is halfway here, and nobody has recognized its impact--even though we've all participated eagerly in its arrival. The way we educate ourselves to use and program computers is shifting along many of the same historic lines as journalism, scientific publication, and other information-rich fields.

Researchers have pounced on those other trends, but computer education remains short on commentary. People say casually, "I find my information about using computers by searching online," but few have asked how that information gets online, or how it changes the way they use their computers. It's delightful to see thousands of ordinary people writing up guidelines to help each other; the outpouring of energy is impressive. Why are people writing this information? I care about community documentation for several reasons. Community documentation has swept up so many talented people and accomplished so much that I've decided to join in and help it flourish. - The place for projects. SuprGlu - Gluing your life together. Fòrum de Cultura, democratitzem la democràcia. Crusher Website. Plaxo. Sigue lo que se dice de WikiST. Compete. Second Brain™ - All Your Content. LiFE2Front : you, you, and YOU. And your friends too. Wiki Mailxmail: Crea tu propio wiki. Picasa Web Albums. Create, Organize, Share, Connect. Shyftr. Riya - Visual Search. FuseCal - The Web's Events in Your Calendar. Lifestreams - your life live. Pixish: We bring visual artists and publishers together. Fray is the web’s original storytelling magazine, telling true stories online and off since 1996.

Pixish: We bring visual artists and publishers together

Fray began as a website. We presented individually designed, true first-person stories. Each one ended with a question that prompted the audience to tell their stories, too. You can see an archive here. Then it evolved into a series of live storytelling events, Fray Days and Fray Cafés, that took place all over the world, attended by thousands of people. And now Fray has evolved again — this time into a series of independently produced books. Our Catalog Contributors retain the copyright to their contributions.

Expertly hosted by. The Telegarden. A free online service to organise your academic paper. ILIAS. Peanut Labs. What We Use: The Lifehacker Editors' Favorite Software and. Feed Sifter: Get only the good stuff. ITerating: Wiki-Based Software Guide. Ginger: the new Netvibes. Posts from the Social Software Category at The Social Software W. Where is me? - PerfSpot. Web2share wiki. Leafletter. (beta) Online Calendar. what's new online.

Joost™ MoSexIndex. Jumpcut - Be good to your video. Community plumbing. Social Source Commons. ProfileFly - Share Your Profiles Contacts Bookmarks. A Whole Features: Social Software ideas. Participatory Media Literacy / Participatory Media Literacy. Guide To This Site's Contents Welcome to Participatory Media Literacy (Home)BloggingWikiRSSSocial Bookmarking, Tagging, Music/Photo/Video SharingPodcastingVideo BloggingDigital Video ResourcesDigital StorytellingMashupsChat: Channeling the BackchannelTransliteracyForecasting: Thinking long term, developing foresight Participatory Media Education Resources Recent technological changes have made much wider social changes possible: Until the end of the twentieth century, only a relatively small and wealthy fraction of the human race could broadcast television programs, publish newspapers, create encyclopedias; by the twenty first century, however, inexpensive digital computers and ubiquitous Internet access made the means of high quality media production and distribution accessible to a substantial portion of the world's population.

Participatory Media Literacy / Participatory Media Literacy

In 20068, more than one billion people are connected to the Internet and more than three billion people carry mobile telephones.