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Join us on Saturday, April 12th, when our special guest will be Donna Román,"Featured Teacher". Donna Adams Román is a 5th grade teacher at Mill Creek School in Illinois, blogger, trainer, and presenter committed to providing rich learning opportunities for her learners and professional learning network. She is a recent recipient of ISTE’s first place SIGOL Online Learning Award (2013) and a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator. Donna is active in Professional Development online and in her district, CoSN, ISTE, and iEARN. Educators are pulled in so many constantly changing directions.

Classroom 2.0

Classroom 2.0
Composing free and open online educational resources - Wikiversi Short name: oercourse (you may use this as the tag in all course related things) This course with an online class of ten weeks started on March 3rd 2008 and was finished in May 5th 2008. If you want to join the next cycle, please add yourself here. Composing free and open online educational resources - Wikiversi
Sobre web 2.0 en educación
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KnowNet - Open Source for Collaborative Knowledge Development an
The Edublogger — Tips, tricks, ideas and help with using web 2.0
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sme-learning: ICT & SMEs Project Website 「どろあわわ」について お笑い芸人の「くわばたりえさん」が使っていることで話題 になった商品「どろあわわ」ですが、「どろあわわ」のどこがそんなに凄いのでしょうか。 まずは「泡」が他の商品とは全く違います。 sme-learning: ICT & SMEs Project Website
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Curriwiki Curriwiki Donate There are a lots of ways to get involved with Curriki from contributing resources to sponsoring content. Curriki’s non-profit Tax ID # is 203478467. You can also help us with tax deductible donations: Volunteer If you are looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities, we would love to hear from you.
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B-Learning4All » Welcome to the b-learning4all Project Website
Consell Municipal Escolar Consell Municipal Escolar Activitat La LOMCE, la participació i els consells escolars dels centres El Plenari del Consell Escolar Municipal de Barcelona del 27 de març de 2014 va aprovar un document sobre la Llei orgànica de millora de la qualitat educativa (LOMCE) i els consells escolars de centre. <veure més>
E-Aprendizaje - knowledge, collaboration, information, partnersh
E-Aprendizaje - knowledge, collaboration, information, partnersh
CETIS Cetis is the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards. Our staff are globally recognised as leading experts on education technology innovation, interoperability and technology standards. For over a decade Cetis has provided strategic, technical and pedagogical advice on educational technology and standards to funding bodies, standards agencies, government, institutions and commercial partners. We work with our clients and partners to develop policy and strategy, providing impartial and independent advice on technology, innovation and standards.Our work includes a wide range of activities from representation at national and international standardisation bodies, facilitation of online and face-to-face events to production of a range of formal and informal publications. CETIS
e-learning 2.0 - how Web technologies are shaping education

e-learning 2.0 - how Web technologies are shaping education

Written by Steve O'Hear and edited by Richard MacManus. This is a two-part series in which Steve will explore how Web technologies are being used in education. In Part 2 he will profile Elgg, social network software for education, and interview its founders. Much has been written on Read/WriteWeb (and elsewhere) about the effect that web technologies are having on commerce, media, and business in general.
WEB - Correo e. Boletín Informativo Núm. 42- segunda quincena de agosto de 2002 En este Boletín: A. - Noticias de las universidades en la web. Bienvenid@s a Diálogo Iberoamericano, Agencia Universitaria de N Bienvenid@s a Diálogo Iberoamericano, Agencia Universitaria de N
marzo 2006 Post número 1: (autor:alvaro gregori blog: mandarina-learning ) (p.d.ultimamente estoy mu pillao por los cítricos) Tecnocentrismo e Infocentrismo Archivado en: artículos — Alvaro Gregori @ 1:27 pm Esas son las dos mayores lacras que sufre el e-learning. Primero pasamos el sarpullido del tecnocentrismo. marzo 2006
CinEscola. El cinema a l&#039;aula. [AulaMèdia] CinEscola. El cinema a l&#039;aula. [AulaMèdia] El espíritu del 45. L’esforç que la societat britànica va realitzar durant la Segona Guerra Mundial és probablement un dels exemples més rics de lluita col•lectiva realitzats al llarg del segle XX. Després de la terrible contesa, les classes populars del Regne Unit van decidir que mai més deixarien que la pobresa, l’atur o l’ascens del feixisme entorpissin la seva història. Si l’heroisme del poble havia fet possible la victòria a la guerra, tota la ciutadania junta podria guanyar la pau. Si s’havien dut a terme campanyes militars molt difícils, ¿per què no es podia plantejar un programa social de construcció d’habitatges, la creació d’un servei sociosanitari, la nacionalització de l’aigua, del gas, de l’electricitat, del ferrocarril, i aconseguir els béns necessaris per a la reconstrucció del país?
Public Health capacity building in low- to middle-income countries Internet based online learning using Open Education Resources Volunteer international faculty to develop modules and guide online discussions Modules offered twice a year - cover the Foundations Sciences of Public Health and Public Health problems Partnerships and collaboration across the global and digital divides Certificate, Diploma and Masters (MPH) awards