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Fritids skapande

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Be a Superhero‎ Åk 2 har skapat bilder med Rymd-tema. I dag har jag varit med åk 2 under två lektioner.

Åk 2 har skapat bilder med Rymd-tema.

På den tiden skapade vi en rymdbild. Eleverna fick stänka vit och gul färg på ett svart papper för att skapa en rymdbakgrund. Under tiden färgen torkade klippte eleverna ut sina rymddräkter. En rymddräkt är vit för att vitt reflekterar värme och den syns bra i rymden.Den väger 140 kilo med all utrustning.Rymddräkten skyddar astronauten mot vakuum, temperaturskillnader och strålning i rymden.Rymddräkt innehåller allt som astronauten behöver för att kunna klara sig och utföra arbetet under rymdpromenader. I dräkten finns syre, vätska, radiokommunikation, verktyg, belysning.Under dräkten har astronauterna ett komplicerat underställ med vattenslangar som ser till att astronauterna inte blir för varma eller kalla.

Planeter målades och när färgen var torr klistrades allt på. Easy Fidget Spinner DIY (Free Template) - Science Fair Project Idea. Ok.

Easy Fidget Spinner DIY (Free Template) - Science Fair Project Idea

So you saw our How to Make a Fidget Spinner late last week. Since then the messages and comments have been flooding in “Try Fidget Spinner DIY please” and “can we have a template please”. So, I listened. I heard you. And I traced our templates out for you! To help your Science investigations along, I have also created a list of DIY Fidget Spinners to check out – from cardboard Fidget Spinner DIYs like ours, to ones using ball bearings (they can be bought cheaply online and in bulk US/ UK (aff links)). Oh.. and unless you are using them for the Science Fair.. here a 5 Reasons to Ban them from the classroom! How to make a Tri Fidget Spinner – Materials: cardboard (though several sheets of paper can be used too)a toothpickcoinsstrong PVA gluescissors and “pokey things” like a needle Your FREE Fidget Spinner DIY Templates: —–> Get your Free Fidget Spinners Templates here <——- Print this out in A4 format to get the dimensions right.

The simple Science behind DIY Fidget Spinners Optics. Easy Fidget Spinner DIY (Free Template) - Science Fair Project Idea. SchoolSoft. SchoolSoft. PAPER PLATE HENS. DIY TOILET ROLL BUNNY. DIY Watering Can Flowers. Sticky Notes Decorated Birds. You need a circle-shaped object (we used a cup and a pot lid) to draw a circle.

Sticky Notes Decorated Birds

Cut it and fold into two. Stick a few notes (we used neon color) and where necessary trim with scissors. Glue two wooden sticks or toothpicks on that bird. Put plasticine in the base. It’s easy, fun and very beautiful, especially when you have made a lot of these birds. look also: Sticky Notes Decorated Birds. Origami Heart with Message - Origami Easy. Varukorg. How to make a cool origami paper sword. Gran hjarta. Kaleidoscope - S�k p� Google. Splatter Paint Fall Tree Craft. Ko-Ko-Ko Kids posted this fabulous fall tree craft and we think your kiddos will have a blast with it!

Splatter Paint Fall Tree Craft

There's just something about using drinking straws in the art station and who doesn't like splatter painting?! Start with a piece of art paper and black or brown ink. Add several drops of ink to the paper then invite your kiddos to use their drinking straw to blow the ink around, creating a tree trunk and branches. This is a great exercise for strengthening the muscles of the mouth that are important to speech development. After the trunk has dried, provide your students with red, orange, and yellow craft paint and invite them to splatter paint 'fall leaves' onto the trunk. We love that each print will be unique and, together, the finished projects will create a fabulous classroom wall decoration for the fall season! Mason Jar-ljus, Ljusstakar och Gör-det-själv-idéer. Adorable Printable Christmas Flextangles for Kids. Today I have an exciting new printable you can download for free for your kids!

Adorable Printable Christmas Flextangles for Kids

They are called flextangles and make the coolest 3D paper toy ever made by Hattifant! Here you will find a Christmas themed one: a fox, an owl, a stocking, and an ornament but there are also 4 other sets to choose from different bloggers. Scroll down to find the other cute ones! See the kids using them in action here: All you have to do is click the link and print the template off. Here are 4 more sets to download for FREE – Yay! Christmas and Winter Kaleidocycles - Hattifant. It is getting closer to Christmas and our little ones can hardly wait any longer!!!

Christmas and Winter Kaleidocycles - Hattifant

They are sooo excited! They are like little wind-up-toys! You know what I mean?! Diversionary tactic NEEDED!!! Hattifant's Christmas Crafts - Hattifant. Welcome to our christmassy craft page!

Hattifant's Christmas Crafts - Hattifant

Enjoy! And have the most beautiful Christmas! NEW YEAR’s Pop Up Card Fireworks. Vi återanvänder ensamma vantar :) - Eveliina Olowolagba. Ljuslyktor l�v - S�k p� Google. Ljuslyktor l�v - S�k p� Google. H�stpyssel - S�k p� Google. H�stpyssel - S�k p� Google. H�stpyssel - S�k p� Google. H�stpyssel - S�k p� Google. How to make a Pom Pom Bunny for a fun Easter craft! Hantverk För Barn, Konservburkar och Burkar.