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Google Fonts. Psdfreebies. Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of free icons. Free vector resources. 400 Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs and Startups. Freebiesjedi - Freebies Everyday // sito fermo, spulciare da ottobre 2015, p.6. RGB-to-Hex Color Converter. RGB-to-Hex Conversion Question: How do I convert RGB values of a color to a hexadecimal string?

RGB-to-Hex Color Converter

Answer: The RGB-to-hexadecimal converter algorithm is simple: make sure that your values are in the range 0...255, convert R, G, B to hex strings, and then concatenate the three hex strings together. For Mac – A Delightful Gif Recorder App. Get Free, Royalty-Free Music Every Week - Music for Makers. A Guide to Color and Conversion Rates. Color is one of the most powerful tools in the designer’s toolkit.

A Guide to Color and Conversion Rates

It should be no surprise that different colors evoke different emotions and draw users attention. But if you ever tried to design a new project, you know how difficult is to decide on a color scheme that works well for it. Image Cyborg · HOME. Stocky - free stock photo, video, graphics, music! Introducing Improvements to Titles, Subtitles, and Headings — The Story.

Introducing Improvements to Titles, Subtitles, and Headings Readability is about more than the structure of a sentence.

Introducing Improvements to Titles, Subtitles, and Headings — The Story

Sometimes, it’s about words on a page. Our aim is to create a space that provides the best writing experience possible for storytellers to reach their audience. The Free Design Templates You Need to Create Stunning Visual Marketing Content. Visual content is in high demand.

The Free Design Templates You Need to Create Stunning Visual Marketing Content

Just about every piece of content you create can be enhanced by some kind of visual element. In fact, content with relevant images gets a whopping 94% more views than content without relevant images. Search, customize and download illustrations. Resource Cards - Selected free resources for designers. Make GIFs from Youtube. TinEye Reverse Image Search. Slidescamp.


Online image editor pixlr free - fix photos direct in your browser. Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva. Snappa - The Easiest Graphic Design Tool You'll Ever Use. Pablo by Buffer - Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds. - Visual Content Creation Made Simple. BeFunky: Free Online Photo Editing and Collage Maker. Sproutsocial. Vintage and Retro Photo Effects. Photo Editing, Collage Maker, Graphic Design. Meme Generator. Trianglify Generator. Interactive Content Creation Software. Freebies. Onextrapixel - Web Design and Development Online Magazine. Spoon Graphics. 42 Free Nail Varnish Brush, Drips and Splatters Graphics I’ve been having fun making a mess with my wife’s nail varnish to create some new free design resources for you to download.

Spoon Graphics

I brushed, dripped and splattered a whole bottle worth of varnish and scanned the results to create a variety of creative assets. Instant Logo Search. Iconfinder - 825,000+ free and premium icons. Noun Project - Icons for Everything. Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of Free Icons. Icons8 App: search 19,500 icons and import to Photoshop or Xcode. Font Awesome Icons. Iconmonstr - Free simple icons for your next project. Material Design Icons. SVG Icons - Ready to use SVG Icons for the web. 100 Free vector Icons with a Clean Look and Feel. For iOS, Android and Web Applications. 8500 Pixel Perfect Flat Icons Set Bundle. 19,400 Icons - Free Download. Free icons by first-class designers - IconStore. FUTURAMO ICONS – The Invention in Icon Design. Nucleo - 7000+ Vector icons for iOS, Android and web. 4000 Material Design Icons. For Android, desktop and web applications.

Transformicons. Evil Icons. Scaricare caratteri. 6 Great Contemporary Alternatives to Helvetica. 6 Great Contemporary Alternatives to Helvetica I have gathered a collection of 6 grotesque fonts that are widely used on minimal designed websites lately.

6 Great Contemporary Alternatives to Helvetica

Also, they are a perfect choice if you want something else than Helvetica. All of them are very contemporary, and can be applied in a broad range of contexts and media. Font Pair - Helps designers pair Google Fonts together. Beautiful Google Font combinations and pairs. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. Typekit. 1001 Fonts · Free Fonts Baby! Color Hunt. Coolors on the App Store. Combinazioni colori. Color Hex Color Codes. Color Safe - accessible web color combinations. Colorful gradients. Color Palette Generator - Colllor. Material Design Color Palette Generator - Material Palette. Blend - Generate simple and beautiful CSS3 gradients. LOL Colors - Curated color palette inspiration. Free Stock Photos · Search 30+ sites with LibreStock. Free Images - Pixabay. High-Resolution Photos. Stock Up - 9,000+ Free Stock Photos. Picography - Use however you like. Free Hi-Res photos. MMT. New Old Stock. ISO Republic - Free and premium stock photos.

Free stock photos · Pexels. Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads. Jay mantri. Home - Death to the Stock Photo. Raumrot - 803 FREE stockphotos download for commercial use. Authentic hi-res images handpicked & curated by Markus Spiske. Wikimedia Commons. Good Free Photos - Free Public Domain Stock Photos. Gratisography: Free high-resolution photos. Life Of Pix - Free Stock Photos & Images - Photography. Information is Beautiful. Create infographics & online charts. Getting Started Guide. Piktochart. How to create a piktochart infographic easily. Create and share visual ideas online. Easelly Infographics. Vibby — Free Youtube Video End Card Templates & Tools: The Easiest Way to Add Clickable End Cards. Youtube video end cards are custom created templates made clickable with help of Youtube annotations.

Free Youtube Video End Card Templates & Tools: The Easiest Way to Add Clickable End Cards

The simplest way to explain how to create a video end card is: Grab a free template belowCustomize it in Photoshop (Or use an online editor)Use your video editor to add the customized template as part of your video* (at the end)Upload the video to YoutubeMake the template parts clickable using Youtube annotations (Spotlight annotation is the best annotation type to use because it allows transparent clickable background) * End cards should be part of your video file, so make sure to add them before uploading to Youtube.

Make Animated Videos on Cloud for free. 6 Ways to Promote Your Videos on a Budget. Have you ever cleaned the house, made a home-cooked meal, dressed up, set the table, and forgotten to invite guests?

6 Ways to Promote Your Videos on a Budget

Probably not. So why does a similar scenario happen more often than not in video marketing? How to start taking advantage of autoplay videos right now. “What is our Number One strategy for your Facebook marketing right now?

How to start taking advantage of autoplay videos right now

Video.” says the Buffer Social Media Marketing Team. The statement is hard to argue with.