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4 Ways to Use Facebook Trending Topics For Your Business. How to Build 44,000 Facebook Fans in 3 Months – Startup Grind – Medium. I was scrolling through the various notifications on my lock screen last week when I came across one I don’t often get.

How to Build 44,000 Facebook Fans in 3 Months – Startup Grind – Medium

There, next to the blue iMessage bubble, were a few surprising words. I swiped to unlock. With only about an hour per day and $800 in total Facebook ad spend, my buddy had turned an experiment in his free time to over 40,000 fans and has now received two offers to acquire his page. I. Background Chin Fong is the chap who sent me the message. We started with a list of all the top fan pages on Facebook and their associated likes to see if we we could detect any patterns.

As you might expect, the niche pages did better for a few reasons. Clowns, Ghosts & Creepy Stuff: 44,380 likesCrafts for Kids: 337 likesWedding Dreamer: 19 likesCity Gardening: 13 likes Each page started at exactly zero fans. Once you reach that threshold, you’ll begin receiving acquisitions requests. That’s over a $9000 profit (10x return) for only about 80 hours of work.

I. Chin Fong said: II. III. IV. V. 3 Facebook Post Publishing Features for Crazy-High Engagement — Marketing and Entrepreneurship. 3 Facebook Post Publishing Features for Crazy-High Engagement It’s getting more difficult to get in front of fans on Facebook without using ads; it’s true.

3 Facebook Post Publishing Features for Crazy-High Engagement — Marketing and Entrepreneurship

All is not lost, though. One of the factors Facebook uses to determine which fans will see your content is affinity, which takes into consideration how engaged fans are with your brand. In a recent column, I shared 13 ways for marketers to beat the Facebook algorithm and as you may notice, most of those tactics were designed to help make your content catchier and more interesting — more engaging. Facebook Marketing Strategy: Why You Need One & How To Build It. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

Facebook Marketing Strategy: Why You Need One & How To Build It

We’ve all heard this expression before. However, that doesn’t mean we always heed this advice. Sometimes we get busy and cut corners (and pay the price later). We see this time and again when it comes to brands and their Facebook marketing strategy. The How And Why Of Facebook Sharing. To be a successful small business owner, it’s imperative to know how to connect with your customers.

The How And Why Of Facebook Sharing

This means that you need to know how to effectively manage all of your social media accounts to keep your audience interested in what your company says, and give your audience a reason to periodically visit your pages. As important as it is to write text posts on social media to keep the dialogues between you and your audience strong, it is just as important to share various types of media, too. How to Use Facebook for Business: 25 Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks. Although some of the younger demographics are passing up Facebook in favor of tools like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook still dominates the market.

How to Use Facebook for Business: 25 Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks

With 1.09 billion people logging in daily (a 16% increase year-over-year), it's still the most popular social network around. Not to mention, Facebook owns 77% of all social logins. If you want your business' content to reach consumers, having a presence on Facebook is a given. But to make the most of your Facebook Page -- to attract and engage visitors, drive them to your website, and convert them into leads (and, eventually, customers) -- you need to optimize your Facebook presence. How To Increase Engagement On Facebook. Making your social media accounts work for your bottom line is a bit of a mystery at times.

How To Increase Engagement On Facebook

As a business owner, we can sometimes be under the impression that simply having a Facebook page is enough. It helps put your name in more places on the internet and gives you a platform to post promotions or exciting news about your company. How to Use Facebook for Business: 13 Essential Tips. How To Make Facebook Work For Your Business. Come gestire la comunicazione aziendale su Facebook. La scorsa settimana sono stato in Toscana per lavoro e ne ho approfittato per incontrarmi con Matteo Pogliani, professionista e amico che stimo e apprezzo per competenze e approccio al mondo del Social Media Marketing.

Come gestire la comunicazione aziendale su Facebook

Mentre mangiavamo quella che loro si ostinano a chiamare pizza, ma che per me è l’equivalente della carta forno dopo aver cotto una crostata, abbiamo chiacchierato un po’ del nostro lavoro, e ci siamo trovati d’accordo su molte cose, in particolare sull’abuso di fuffa nei post scritti da nostri colleghi, alcuni anche illustri e molto noti, che si ostinano a raccontarci le solite quattro cazzate che, a conti fatti, non servono a nulla.

Perché dico questo? Perché l’utente medio di Facebook vorrebbe non dover mai uscire dalla piattaforma per reperire informazioni, iniziando e concludendo la sua esperienza senza fare troppi sforzi. Come si gestiscono le richieste di informazioni su una Pagina Facebook? Seguendo tre passaggi, molto semplici ma essenziali. Francesco Ambrosino. How to Successfully Target a Niche Facebook Audience : Social Media Examiner. Sviluppa un Piano Editoriale per la Pagina Facebook in 3 Step. Come scelgo i contenuti da pubblicare sul mio profilo Facebook. Scrivere su Facebook: 6 consigli per aumentare l'engagement. How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts For Search. Why optimize your Facebook Posts for search?

How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts For Search

It is mainly because Facebook is the leading social media with the most number of active users, tallied at 1.18 billion by August of 2015. This is a gold mine for network marketers. Facebook is the regular “go to” for those who want their brand or businesses to be noticed. This social media platform is crucial for each and every brand that needs to market itself.

It has a variety of features, if fully optimized, could help your brand or business in so many ways. That Blue Check Mark on Facebook Can Now Be Yours. Here Is How — Life Learning. The elusive blue checkmark — once reserved for celebrities and household names on Facebook — is easier to get than you might think.

That Blue Check Mark on Facebook Can Now Be Yours. Here Is How — Life Learning

Here’s why it’s worth it. For no other reason than reaching a vanity milestone, Blake Jamieson and I decided we wanted to get our public pages verified. Both of us figured it might help us look a little more credible online and potentially help us land more speaking engagements. How to Add a Location to Facebook. Adding location to Facebook is a great way to bring your Facebook marketing to a local level and promote your Facebook page for free.

How to Add a Location to Facebook

It allows you to connect and interact with customers who are in and around your area. Letting people know where you are also encourages communication at a more intimate level and invites greater engagement. How to Start Creating Facebook Instant Articles for Your Blog: Facebook and Wordpress Team Up. Facebook is preparing to roll out Instant Articles to publishers —of any size, anywhere in the world—next month by the start of their F8 conference, on April 12 and 13. To make publishing to Facebook easier for the 25% of the web that uses WordPress, Facebook has teamed up with Automattic, parent company of WordPress, to build a free plugin for Instant Articles. This plugin enables anyone with a WordPress blog to seamlessly share their content as Facebook Instant Articles.

If you’re looking to increase engagement and reach of your content, Instant Articles could be the way to go as early analysis suggests that people engage more deeply with the immersive experience and share Instant Articles with their friends more often than standard web articles. In this post, I’d love to share with you a little on how Instant Articles work and how you can get your blog set up with Instant Articles using the WordPress plugin. Let’s get into it! How does it work? How you can get up and running. How to Make a Facebook Event. For most people, Facebook is much more than a mere rolodex of individuals they want to stay in touch with.

Over the years, Facebook has evolved to become a go-to place for news, entertainment, and, events. Public or private, almost all social invitations and information about events is available on Facebook, including events. How to Promote a Facebook Event. Facebook is a must-use platform when it comes to creating events.

It’s a free and effective way to get the word out on any event your business plans on hosting. But just creating a Facebook event, crossing your fingers and hoping that people will participate is no good; you need to promote it as well. Creating a Facebook Event Facebook has a foolproof method for creating events. When doing so, it will prompt you with the different details like the date, location, description, etc. How [and Why] to Build a Booming Facebook Group. Over the last 2 months, I've driven well over 6,000 organic Facebook visits to my site.

It's not coming from a Facebook Page; it's coming from a Facebook Group. Several months ago I started my own Group, Digital Marketing Questions — this week we hit 3,000 active, engaged, spam-free members. In this post, I'm going to retrace my steps and tell you exactly how to build your own Facebook Group. What are the benefits of building a Facebook Group? Before I tell you how to build one, I quickly need to talk about why you should build one. Perché inserire i Gruppi di Facebook in una strategia di SMM. Come usare i gruppi Facebook per fare branding. Post multilingua su Facebook: come gestirli? Nonostante la crisi profonda e il livello di disoccupazione – soprattutto giovanile – allarmante, il settore che ancora riesce a tenere a galla l’economia nazionale, non senza difficoltà, è l’export. Ne consegue una sempre crescente necessità da parte delle aziende italiane di dialogare con clienti e fornitori presenti in altri Paesi dell’Europa e del mondo, anche sul web, in particolare sui social network.

Gestire la presenza online di un’azienda che vende prodotti e/o servizi all’estero è difficile, perché alle competenze tecniche va aggiunta la conoscenza fluente di una o più lingue straniere, a seconda dei mercati interessati. Ma come si gestiscono i canali social in questo caso? Beh, come sempre non esiste la formula magica, e bisogna sempre effettuare prima un’attenta analisi dell’azienda, del target di riferimento, dei Paesi interessati, le lingue, la tipologia di prodotto/servizio, e così via. In linea generale, però, esistono due strade da poter percorrere:

Research Your Competitors’ Social Media Strategy (and Borrow Their Best Ideas) Are you stuck in a social media rut? I’m going to let you in on a little secret – despite what you were told in grade school, it’s ok to be a copycat. This “copying” I speak of comes in the form of competitive research. In this post, we’re going to cover the steps to researching your competitors’ social media strategy, and how you should be “borrowing” their best ideas for your own social media campaigns.

Don’t look down in desperation, look to your competitors for inspiration.