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The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing For Ecommerce. If you’re not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist.That’s a direct quote from Gary Vaynerchuk—an entrepreneur, hustler, and truth-teller who has a lot to say about marketing, business, and the relationship between today’s consumers and the companies they choose to do (or not do) business with.

The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing For Ecommerce

In true Gary Vaynerchuk fashion, it’s a fairly simple, yet painfully honest and strikingly blunt claim intended to drive right into the hearts of every entrepreneur and business owner currently fighting for the attention of online consumers in 2016. A Dozen Digestible Takeaways from 2016's E-Commerce Benchmarks Study. The Future of e-Commerce: What if Users Could Skip Your Site?

Designing a styleguide: elements that go into building compelling products — Free Code Camp. Designing a styleguide: elements that go into building compelling products If you look at companies like Dropbox, Google, and Twitter you’ll notice that they each have their own unique aesthetic.

Designing a styleguide: elements that go into building compelling products — Free Code Camp

Across all their products, both mobile and web, there is a sense of consistency and uniformity in their design. The way that companies and products achieve consistency is through styleguides. A styleguide is a set of standards that aligns designs with a company’s voice and mission. Consistency is important because it creates trust. The goal of this article is to introduce you to some well-thought-out styleguides and branding guidelines. Hopefully, these elements and examples will serve as a source of inspiration and influence how you design sustainable products in the future. How e-commerce SEO matters in strategic redesign of web shops. Retail study: 9 out of 10 consumers say free shipping No. 1 incentive to shop online more. Untitled. The fundamentals of SEO are the same for all websites.


But the devil is in the details – when dealing with e-commerce website optimization, you have to employ very specific techniques, depending on your circumstances. The competition is tough and doing your best is not always good enough. In order to be great, you have to be number one. Last week, during an SEMrush webinar, Scott Masson and Vincent Cuibus, SEO specialists at Suso Digital, a London-based SEO agency, shared tips on how to get your e-commerce site SEO optimised in time for the summer buying season without losing a single position. 4 Ways Copywriting Can Boost Your E-commerce Conversion Rates. An Infographic for Better Cart Abandonment Emails. Paul Simon knows exactly how to get rid of a lover, but if you’re an ecommerce brand trying to win back shopping cart abandoners, you better start singing another tune.

An Infographic for Better Cart Abandonment Emails

(What’s that, Justin?) Our friends over at Email Monks put together this comprehensive infographic all about what makes your visitors leave and how you can be proactive about getting them back with optimized cart abandonment emails. How to build an international ecommerce company - Sticker Mule Blog. Last year, Sticker Mule shipped to 87 countries.

How to build an international ecommerce company - Sticker Mule Blog

It's been a long process to lay a foundation to support international customers and we still have a lot to do. Since the decision to go international is one faced by every ecommerce company, I thought it’d be worth sharing our approach. Anyone looking to go international should understand 2 things before embarking on the journey: International business is difficult and initially unprofitable. In order to effectively support foreign customers, you’ll likely take a loss early on as you build international volume. 7 Ecommerce Design Conventions for 2016. Ecommerce sites should follow design conventions that shoppers expect, to encourage sales.

7 Ecommerce Design Conventions for 2016

Online shoppers expect ecommerce sites to follow certain design and layout conventions, including logo position and function, the placement of product navigation, and the use of a “hamburger” menu on mobile devices. When online retailers follow these conventions, shoppers’ expectations are met and, hopefully, sales follow. A design convention is simply a description of the way that something, like positioning an element on a page, is usually done. It describes the normal, customary way of laying out an online store. Shoppers come to recognize common design conventions and expect online retailers to follow them. 10x Your Revenue: Increasing Customer Lifetime Value - Sellbrite. Shopify for WordPress, A New Approach To E-Commerce. When you think of WordPress and e-commerce you probably can only come up with a few options.

Shopify for WordPress, A New Approach To E-Commerce

WooCommerce is a given since it has been the free plugin of choice dominating the market pretty much forever, with free plugins like Easy Digital Downloads and iThemes Exchange coming up in second and third place. But while free at first, all three of these plugins require a host of premium add-ons if you want to access their full list of features. If you’re serious about you online you might not have time or patience to purchase, install and configure all of these add-ons. Other professionals, like Daymond John of FUBU and Tina Roth Eisenberg of Tattly don’t have time for that either. Which is why they rely on Shopify for creating their online stores. E-commerce e l'importanza dei social media.

Con l’appuntamento di oggi scopriamo l’importanza dei Social Media nel mondo e-commerce.

E-commerce e l'importanza dei social media

Lo facciamo con il contributo editoriale di Rudy Bandiera (socio fondatore di blogger, consulente Web, imprenditore e racconta storie in digitale, come si definisce lui. Autore del libro “Rischi e opportunità del Web 3.0″ nel quale analizza gli scenari futuri in ambito digitale, Web e comunicazione. E-commerce di successo -

E-commerce: le migliori opportunità - infografica. E-Commerce mini guida: strategie e software per vendere online. Creare un sito eCommerce: 10 domande da porsi prima di vendere online. eCommerce: 27 KPI da conoscere assolutamente. Quando si gestisce un eCommerce, prima di preoccuparsi che gli utenti inseriscano gli articoli desiderati nel carrello, è bene accertarsi di conoscere gli indicatori che concorrono a determinare lo stato di salute dell’eCommerce stesso: i cosiddetti Key Performance Indicators.

eCommerce: 27 KPI da conoscere assolutamente

Perché sia tale, un indicatore-chiave del successo di uno shop online dev’essere S.M.A.R.T.: Specifico, Misurabile, Accessibile, Rilevante e Tempificato. Di seguito presentiamo 27 Key Performance Indicators che consentono di valutare criticamente un eCommerce: non solo metriche puramente marketing (traffico organico, CTR…) ma anche KPI lato utente (Churn Rate, CR…), servizio (DOP, ART) e business (CPA, CPO…). Come realizzare campagne di Link Baiting nel settore eCommerce in maniera efficace. White-Paper-ecommerce-storytelling.

9 Essential Tips for Building Product Pages That Convert - LeadChat. 95% of our purchase decision making happens in our subconscious mind, according to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman.

9 Essential Tips for Building Product Pages That Convert - LeadChat

Therefore, reading something as simple as a product description can influence a consumer’s behavior. And that’s good thing! Because ecommerce business possesses the power to accelerate sales. In order to persuade shoppers, companies must write compelling copy that highlights the value of the product and the brand’s mission. Product descriptions are the new sales assistants. Improve your strategy to sell more. 1. 20 Helpful Plugins for a WordPress Blog, for Ecommerce. Writing a blog can be a good way of providing your shoppers with useful product information while also establishing your expertise.

Here is a list of helpful plugins to customize a WordPress blog. There are plugins to manage your content, improve your site speed, optimize your pages, engage your readers, and add ecommerce solutions. Plugins for a WordPress Blog Editorial Calendar. This editorial calendar gives you an overview of your blog and your publishing schedule. Editorial Calendar. YARPP. 5 Solutions to Boost Ecommerce Revenue and Customer Engagement. Ever wonder if you were really getting the most out of your ecommerce site? If you have the sneaking suspicion that you aren’t, you’re probably right. Now the question is: What to do about it? One statistic goes a long way to providing the answer – increasing customer retention by a mere 5% can boost revenue by over 25%.

And holding onto customers means putting greater emphasis on customer engagement. With this in mind, here’s a look at five applications to keep your customers onboard and maximize their revenue potential. Zopim – Keep the Conversation Going Making real connections with customers and helping them feel at home often requires direct communication.