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19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates. Practicing good inbound marketing means sending emails to people who actually want to hear from you.

19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates

But oftentimes, your emails still end up getting lost in the inbox clutter -- or worse, in the spam folder. And then, when someone actually opens your email, they don't actually click through. Everything You Wanted to Know About Email CTA Buttons – Really Good Emails – Medium. From the beginning of mankind/womankind, buttons have been useful in interacting with the physical world.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Email CTA Buttons – Really Good Emails – Medium

Here’s a quick rundown on how humans have developed buttons for special purposes: Since the button transitioned into the virtual world via Apple computers in 1986, there really hasn’t been that much of a development. Sure, there is a one less border (or maybe no border at all) and some color added, but it looks very much like it did back then. Interests So, as the second part of the Email Design Trends of 2016 article, I took every email submitted to in 2016 and broke down their CTA buttons. 5 Email Campaign Ideas to Help Increase Conversion Rates. As businesses adopt inbound marketing and generate more and more leads, the need for an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes clear very quickly.

5 Email Campaign Ideas to Help Increase Conversion Rates

After all, 50% of leads aren't ready to buy at the time of first conversion, so lead nurturing -- especially through email -- is the smartest way for marketers like us to reach them. Why is email is the most powerful channel for lead nurturing? Because it's a one-on-one interaction, and it can be highly personalized based on where a lead is in the buyer's journey. In terms of engagement, research shows that lead nurturing emails beat out individual email blasts by far. A Simple Way to Turn Your Email Subscribers into True Fans.

10 Tips to Make Your Sales Emails 10X More Effective. Imagine this: You’ve just received a new email, adding yet another to the 200 messages already crowding your inbox.

10 Tips to Make Your Sales Emails 10X More Effective

But once you start reading, you realize this email feels a little different from the rest. The formatting on your name is a little off and some guy you’ve never heard of before is writing to you as if you’re old pals. Congratulations. 7 Copywriting Strategies to Increase Your Sales Email Response Rate by 10X. Any good salesperson knows that the key to email is personalization.

7 Copywriting Strategies to Increase Your Sales Email Response Rate by 10X

Don’t send generic emails to huge email lists -- it’s a waste of your time and won’t get you any results. Heather Morgan, the founder of sales copywriting agency SalesFolk, knows this fact all too well. Morgan has written and optimized over 10,000 cold emails for over 200 companies over the last decade. She’s taken email response rates from 3% to 31% -- a 10X increase -- and helped sign hundreds of new customers by personalizing email templates for her clients, who include Lyft, KISSmetrics, 15Five, and When I Work. Here are seven best practices Morgan follows when she writes email templates for her clients. 1) Research your prospects like a journalist would. How We Doubled Email Signups in 30 Days — Stories by Buffer.

We wrote a post awhile back about email list building, and in the course of writing that post, we got the Christmas morning jitters.

How We Doubled Email Signups in 30 Days — Stories by Buffer

We wanted to try every single idea we could. And so we did. And wouldn’t you know it, the ideas worked! Do Your Sales Emails Suck? Buyers' inboxes are jam-packed with sales emails -- most of them terrible.

Do Your Sales Emails Suck?

To cut through the noise and differentiate yourself from all the other spammy, pushy, hard-charging sales reps out there, you need to separate yourself and your message from all the rest. But knowing precisely how to go about that isn't the easiest thing in the world. And despite a sales rep's best efforts, beautifully customized and personalized emails often go unopened and unnoticed. The Magic Content Marketing Ratio: Email Conversion Rate. We may think of email marketing as a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s actually been around for so long that’s probably older than a lot of today’s CMOs.

The Magic Content Marketing Ratio: Email Conversion Rate

You’d have to go back to 1978 to find the first email campaign. It was sent to a few hundred recipients, reportedly generating an astounding $13 million in sales. Fast-forward almost 40 years later, and people now send more than 120 billion emails per hour. McKinsey recently estimated that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. And among top-performing B2B marketers, Forrester found that email marketing was reported as the most effective tactic for lead nurturing. What is ECR, and why should you care about it? Last week on The Content Strategist, I wrote a piece about the importance of measuring both long-term and short-term success metrics for your content marketing program. How to Write Copy That Converts: 7 Tips to Improve Your Sales Emails. Copy is writing that sells, so by definition, it has to be compelling.

How to Write Copy That Converts: 7 Tips to Improve Your Sales Emails

Does your copy also have to be concise? Yes. Does it have to be clear? Absolutely. Brevity and clarity will ensure that your message is digestible, which is important if you want your words to be read and understood with ease. Compelling copy fascinates its target audience and drives them to pull the trigger on a CTA. How to Write Emails that Pave the Way Towards Action. What does it take for an idea to register?

How to Write Emails that Pave the Way Towards Action

The challenge is that information alone isn’t enough to convince or teach. The way you deliver information matters. When Melissa Studzinski joined General Mills as a brand manager for the product Hamburger Helper, she got binders of data, market research and surveys, and briefs to help do her job. These “death binders,” as she called them, overwhelmed her with information in the abstract.

What clicked for Melissa and her team was when they started visiting moms cooking in their kitchens. “I’ll never forget one woman, who had a toddler on her hip while she was mixing up dinner on the stove. Chip and Dan Heath tell this story in Made to Stick to illustrate the power of concreteness, how decision-making can be easier when guided by specific experiences.

How The New York Times Gets 70% Email Open Rates. Raise your hand if you check your email more than 25 times per day. Raise both hands if you check it more than 50 times every day—then take a step back from your device and admit you’re addicted. Point is, regardless of whether you fight to hit Inbox Zero or you’re the person with 15,243 unread messages dating back to 2006, our inboxes are the center of life on the Internet. And while email has always been an important part of the way we communicate and do business on the web, The New York Times seems to have realized something that other publishers are still trying to figure out: Email has become more than just a personal communication hub—when it comes to newsletters, email has essentially become the new homepage. While most publishers are comfortable with one digest, the Times now produces more than 30 newsletters, most of which run weekly or biweekly, to meet consumer demand in an uncertain media landscape.

What readers want really depends on the section. 28 Sales Email Templates Guaranteed to Get a Response & Start a Relationship. Yes, you read the title right -- I guarantee that these templates will get responses from prospects. No, this isn't an infomercial. And you're right that they won't work every time. But, compared to the overly salesy prospecting email templates most salespeople are sending, I am confident that these will work better -- or your money back. Start sending customized sales prospecting emails with HubSpot's free CRM now. To be eligible, just pay me one easy payment of $99.99 before reading the rest of this article. 10_email_marketing_templates. The Sales Email Template That Won 16 New B2B Customers. Heather R. Morgan is the founder of SalesFolk, a B2B sales emailing consultancy.

Today we bring you some of her best messaging tips, written in her own words. What’s the difference between the sales email no one opens and responds to and the one that generates dozens of new customers? Is it the subject line, the length, the way the copy is written, or the ideas contained in the content? The answer is a combination of all of the above. The Crazy Simple Formula For Writing Sales Email Subject Lines That Buyers Love.

One of the hardest things about being a sales rep is just getting someone to talk to you. In order to do what you love as a sales rep -- that is, sell -- you first need to get buyers to want to talk to you in the first place. Getting someone to engage with you takes effort. It takes setting yourself apart from all the other sales reps reaching out to the prospect. The 23-Word Sales Email Template That Brings Stale Deals Back to Life. Sometimes a deal goes stale. The prospect was talking with you and seemed interested ... but now, weeks (or even months) later, they’ve gone cold. Start sending customized sales prospecting emails with HubSpot's free CRM now. An email sent to revive a stalled deal is different than most other sales sends.

Whereas you might have included some small talk or personal chit chat in other messages, it’s important to get straight to the point with a contact who's fallen off the map. 18 Sales Email Opening Lines That Put "Hi, My Name Is" to Shame. You know what tips buyers off that the email they're reading is a sales pitch? "Hi, My name is John Smith, and I'm a sales rep at Company.

" Yup. That'll do it. While you should never actively hide the fact that you're a salesperson from buyers, there are far more creative and engaging ways of opening sales emails than the standard name-and-company introduction. The Optimal Email Writing Technique for More Responses, Based On 40 Million Emails [Infographic]