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The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding – Help Scout – Medium. The psychology of color as it relates to persuasion is one of the most interesting — and most controversial — aspects of marketing.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding – Help Scout – Medium

At Help Scout we believe the problem has always been depth of analysis. Color theory is a topic of complexity and nuance, but splashy infographics rarely go beyond See ‘n Say levels of coverage. Green Lantern can’t turn lemons into lemonade and I’m left equally unequipped to make smart decisions about the spectrum which shades our world. But why is such a potentially colorful conversation so unwaveringly shallow? Color Psychology In Marketing: The Complete Guide [Free Download]

In content marketing, color is an emotional cue.

Color Psychology In Marketing: The Complete Guide [Free Download]

In an ocean of content marketing, color can help yours stand out. It’s what gets your audience to see what you want them to see, feel what you want them to feel, and to do what you want them to do. Which hues you choose can also affect usability and whether content is readable it or not. This is what makes understanding color psychology so important for the success of your content. However, poor color choice can also negatively change the impact of your message. 23 Things to Consider When Creating Video Content. The 6 Types of Presentation Styles: Which Category Do You Fall Into? How To Make Your Not-So-Great Visual Design Better — Facebook Design. How do I get better at visual design?

How To Make Your Not-So-Great Visual Design Better — Facebook Design

Having answers to these posed questions is an excellent place to start. Being a good designer—being a good visual designer — requires intentionality. That means that you’re thinking through these questions and answering them as you’re making design decisions, not only when someone asks you the question after the fact. The next thing to work on as you answer these questions with intentionality, is to ensure that intentionality is based on solid design principles and research and attention to detail, and yes, sometimes things like style and preference. This can be tricky, because not every designer has these sensibilities or well-founded opinions yet. ​How to Create Images That Attract & Convince Your Target Niche.

5 Color Choice Mistakes You Should Avoid in Web Design. The color you use to communicate a message, a value, or a brand can either support that idea or detract from it.

5 Color Choice Mistakes You Should Avoid in Web Design

Consider how your view of the McDonald's logo -- with its bright yellow and red palette -- would change if its colors were a desaturated brown and blue. Would the Nike swoosh be iconic if it was a green neon hue? Color influences the way we buy by conveying attributes such as professionalism, friendliness, security, authority, wealth, wisdom, etc. And this is especially important when it comes to combining colors in a brand's online presence.

You want a brand's color palette to evoke the right emotions in viewers to increase trust and interest. 10 Web Design Errors that Can Cost You Big Time. This is a guest post by Kristy Bernales.

10 Web Design Errors that Can Cost You Big Time

She is a Senior Designer with Web Design Xperts, a Melbourne-based web design studio. Digging deeper into new advancements and blogging are the activities that keep her busy when not designing. Web Design To Achieve Your Business Goals. Today, investing in good web design is a must.

Web Design To Achieve Your Business Goals

Your company’s website speaks volumes about your brand and has the power to encourage or deter sales. It is estimated that over 83% of customers use the internet to research and find potential vendors. While they search they also judge. How to Make an Infographic in Under an Hour [15 Free Infographic Templates] Wouldn't it be great if creating infographics was as simple as writing regular ol' text-based blog posts?

How to Make an Infographic in Under an Hour [15 Free Infographic Templates]

Unfortunately, the reality is that making visual content like this usually takes a lot more time, effort, and let's face it -- skill -- than the written word. Usually. But considering the popularity and effectiveness of visual content in marketing today, you can't just afford to throw in the towel. That's why we decided to take all the pain and suffering out of infographic creation. Seriously -- don't throw in the towel just yet. 9 Types of Infographics That Get Shared. How To Make An Infographic In 7 Easy Steps. Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a purely textual article.

How To Make An Infographic In 7 Easy Steps

Love them or hate them, they are a rising content type for reaching your audience. Infographics are also the highest shared content type and therefore, one of the best and quickest ways to communicate data to your audience. As a designer who loves numbers, I personally fall into the ‘love’ category with infographics, but I realize that not everyone has been taught how to make this popular content type.

While infographics are easy to digest, they’re not necessarily easy to create, so I hope to enlighten you in how to make an infographic in 7 easy steps from research all the way to publishing. Social Video Chart: Your at-a-glance guide to 7 major platforms. When words are not enough, gestures or images can say more. How Online Video Influences Your Audience. The Latest Video Trends: Where Your Audience Is Watching. A Simple Framework for Landing Page Information Hierarchy. Some marketers do an excellent job of laying out information on their landing page so that it tells a story in a way the reader needs to hear it.

A Simple Framework for Landing Page Information Hierarchy

Not only does that yield awesome conversion rates, it creates an experience for the reader that feels effortless. Other times, information is presented in a way that feels disjointed or out of order. JPEG, PNG, or GIF? The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Image File Formats. Three Keys to Effective Video Marketing. Video is the most popular form of online content.

Three Keys to Effective Video Marketing

And YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. That said, a lot of us are more comfortable with creating text and audio content. Producing great video is generally more intensive work, and let’s face it … we can be a little self-conscious in front of the camera. 5 Tips for Choosing Images That'll Make Your Content Engagement Skyrocket. Last year, I read a report from CMO Council that thoroughly stumped me. Sixty-five percent of senior marketing executives said they believe visual assets are an essential tool for communicating their brand’s story. But what about the other 35 percent? Why wasn’t that number higher? Do more than a third of marketing executives really think visuals aren’t important? If you work in marketing, you’re constantly reminded about the impact visuals have on audience engagement. Create Emotion With Color In UX Design — UX Planet — Medium. Create Emotion With Color In UX Design Color is more important now than it ever has been. In modern world we need to communicate without words and color is a key to that.

CSS Reference. 5 Psychology Studies That Tell Us How People Perceive Visual Information. Ever wondered how we see things? How do we take in all the visuals in an environment filled with strong sensory stimuli? And how do we interpret what we see? The phenomenon is called visual information processing or visual perception. How do colors affect purchases? Infographic. 6 Techniques to Dramatically Upgrade the Quality of Your Presentation. Presentations are so much better when your audience isn't bored — when they're engaged with what you're saying, and attentive, and wowed. But what's the secret formula to giving a great talk? Where do you start? In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Rand will help you boost your presentations to the next level with six tips that have spelled success for him.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription. 5 consigli per realizzare una presentazione efficace. Color vs. Contrast — Which makes you click? — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking. To prove my point about the effectiveness of contrasts, I conducted a study using Screenshot Click Testing (nods to UX’ers). It’s a study where people basically click once in screens I show them. With an audience of around a hundred, I tried to figure out whether a more contrasting color scheme (and a slight change to the buttons) would actually give more clicks on the sign up buttons.

I have shown participants of the study two screenshots: The first featured elements colored in different shades of blue, including the buttons, so the contrasts were minimal.The second screenshot used my favorite pairing of colors: navy and orange, to display a bigger contrast between the website and the CTA. How I Work with Color. How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Brand. Beyond Aesthetics — Design Principles For Startups — Black n White. 10 Types of Visuals For The Everyday Content Marketer To Use. Abraham Lincoln’s Favorite Infographic and the 5 Qualities of the Most Memorable Images — Social Media Tips. The Secrets Of A Memorable Infographic. Interactive Infographic - 13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics. Contently Case Story: How The Trade Desk Used Infographics to Transform Its Marketing Program.

About The Licenses. The Best Ways to Be Sure You're Legally Using Online Photos. Button UX Design: Best Practices, Types and States — UX Planet — Medium. 3 Visual Trends Marketers Need to Know About. Visual Content. What Companies and Brands Can Learn from Successful YouTube Content Creators.