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12 Ads That Prove Nostalgia Is a Powerful Marketing Tactic. Nostalgia marketing is the advertising equivalent of comfort food.

12 Ads That Prove Nostalgia Is a Powerful Marketing Tactic

In a time when most marketing focuses heavily on the future, it transports us back to a simpler place where our current problems don't matter and the hustle and bustle of modernity just melts away. Instead of anticipating the next great thing, nostalgia marketing urges us to focus on the things we already know are great. We know at a gut level that nostalgia gives our lives a feeling of meaning and continuity, but you may be surprised to learn it can also make us looser with our wallets. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that nostalgic feelings made participants more willing to spend money on consumer goods and services.

It would appear that advertisers are catching on. Subscribe to HubSpot's Agency newsletter today. "Millennials are coming of age in an age of economic turmoil -- a difficult job market," Cassandra McIntosh, a senior insights analyst at Exponential, told Digiday. 1) Spotify 2) Freia. All of the Feels: How Brands Use the 4 Basic Emotions in Advertising. Ads that make people share and buy can be summed up in one word -- emotional.

All of the Feels: How Brands Use the 4 Basic Emotions in Advertising

That should be no surprise. How to Make Banner Ads That Don't Suck. How to Make Banner Ads That Don't Suck 10 Steps for Creating High-Quality Ads That Help You Reach Your Goals Start with the Basics "Everything is Designed.

How to Make Banner Ads That Don't Suck

Few Things are Designed well" - Brian Reed, Senior Experience Design Lead at Adobe A banner ad is an actionable image that gives users something in exchange for their action. How to Engage Your Audience Using Digital Advertising. Context is King: A Million Examples of Creative Ad Campaigns Getting it Right. Untitled. 7 Ways You Can Make More Money With Google AdWords – Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Medium.

AdWords, Google’s advertising system, requires time and money — but thousands of companies have discovered it to be time and money well spent.

7 Ways You Can Make More Money With Google AdWords – Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Medium

Here’s why. Should you advertise your business using Google AdWords? Is it effective? Yes! 12 Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy. Content creation is an essential part of a marketer's day-to-day job.

12 Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy

From drafting ebooks to promoting webinars, we have to be creative and concise with our writing in order to engage our audience. However, finding the right words can be tough -- especially when there is limited space. I'm sure we've all struggled with having just one too many characters in a tweet (I know I have). Are Ads Worth the Investment? [Free ROI Calculator] Marketers considering ads always ask me the same thing: “How much should I spend?”

Are Ads Worth the Investment? [Free ROI Calculator]

It’s a good question -- an important question -- but it’s the wrong question. The right question is: “For every dollar I spend on ads, how much will I get back?” If you know the answer to that question, or at least have an educated guess, it matters less how much or little you can spend. To help you figure this out, we’re launching a free tool called the HubSpot Advertising ROI Calculator. This simple calculator allows you to explore how different metrics will impact the profit and ROI you can expect from ads. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On The New Huge Google Ads – Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Medium.

Pop quiz: Expanded Text Ads have given AdWords advertisers 45 new characters to work with.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On The New Huge Google Ads – Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Medium

What are you going to do with them? This change, which began rolling out July 26 and will be complete by October 26, is huge. It requires an entire reboot of your PPC marketing strategy. You can’t simply stick to the same old ideas that have worked for you up until now. Create Effective Text Ads: Google Best Practices - AdWords Help. Official Guide to Optimizing Ads and Messaging on Google Search.

Create Effective Text Ads: Google Best Practices - AdWords Help

Successful marketers need to deliver the right messaging for the right moment. Better creatives improve ad relevance and drive more qualified clicks from your text ads. Three of the most important data segmentations for any Google paid search analysis. Are Display Ads Worth Your Time? [Flowchart] There are a lot of reasons to avoid display ads.

Are Display Ads Worth Your Time? [Flowchart]

In recent years search, social, and video ads have cruised past display as the go-to ad format for digital marketers looking to give their campaigns a boost -- and for good reason. There’s not much to love when you look at display ad performance in aggregate. People don’t generally click on them or trust them, and many are actively blocking them. However, good marketers know better than to trust data in the aggregate. There's evidence that display is undergoing a bit of a renaissance. 3 common mistakes made in do-it-yourself PPC. How Targeted Ads Change the Way We Think About Ourselves & Our Purchasing Decisions [New Research] Behavioral marketing has been called creepy and an invasion of privacy, but new research is finding that it can actually change how people perceive themselves.

How Targeted Ads Change the Way We Think About Ourselves & Our Purchasing Decisions [New Research]

A study recently published in the Journal of Consumer Research by Rebecca Walker Reczek, Christopher Summers, and Robert Smith found that consumers adjust their self-perception when they view an ad that they believe has been targeted to them. The ad is seen as a type of flattery -- as long as it close to matching up with the consumer’s idea of himself -- causing purchasing intent to increase as he wants to “live up” to the brand's perception.

The team conducted four different studies to better understand how using behavioral targeting and social labels, such as sophisticated or outdoorsy, influences self-perception and purchase intent. For the first study, 188 college students were asked to spend 10 minutes creating a travel itinerary online. How to Get More Out of Your Google Adwords Campaigns [Infographic] 10 ways to get ready for the new AdWords. AdWords Location Setting Tips For Your Small Business. Location, location, location Location settings are often overlooked after the initial campaign setup. Long Copy Ads Aren't Dead: Here Are 20 Inspirational Examples. People don't read. A person's attention span is now below that of a goldfish. We skim. We communicate in tweets.

We want short, easily consumed content. And this might be true in some cases. How To Increase Your PPC Leads in 5 Easy Steps [INFOGRAPHIC] Optimizing your AdWords account without direction is a bit like signing up at the gym without a personal trainer. Sure, you’re probably making small, incremental gains, but you secretly know that things would be more efficient if you just had a little help. If you want direction from someone who really knows what they’re doing, check out this infographic case study by digital marketing agency SMB Clix.

When they took over their client’s three-and-half-year-old Google AdWords campaign in January 2015, they uncovered many ways their budget was going to waste. Decision trees for SEM segmentation. Can you manage your inventory with Google Shopping? Building Successful PPC: Understanding Campaign Settings. This post is the second in a six-part series written by Portent’s small business team outlining the fundamentals in building your first PPC account through Google AdWords. 6 Commonly Confused PPC Advertising Metrics - Marketing Mojo. By Tony Park | Jun 3, 2016 More Articles by Tony Are You Confusing These PPC Advertising Metrics? When you first start your digital advertising journey, you quickly realize it’s a little more complex than you thought. Along with budgets, bids, bid modifiers, match types, there are pay-per-click (PPC) performance metrics you have to understand. As someone who vividly remembers the beginning of my own PPC endeavors, I know how you feel.

I also recall that one of the first things that tripped me up were all of the different PPC advertising metrics one could use to measure campaign performance (especially in Facebook). So, today, I am going to help my confused/lost brethren out by going over six metrics that can be terribly ambiguous for beginners and, more importantly, explain why these PPC metrics are worth analyzing and understanding in your digital advertising efforts. Sessions vs. It’s important that you understand the differences between the two for so many reasons. Reach vs. Ads not performing? Strategies to steal from the email marketing playbook. AdWords' new extra headline: 7 ways to make the most of it. Decision trees for SEM segmentation. 3 Google AdWords hacks to drive high-quality leads. Using data science to improve your enterprise paid search marketing results.

6 Ways to Organize Your PPC Account to Improve Performance. Even after mastering the basics, a lot of people new to AdWords struggle to find the “perfect” way to organize and structure their account. It’d be great if there were a standard cookie cutter guide to follow, but the truth is, there is no such thing. Reach Past Visitors with Display Remarketing: Google Best Practices - AdWords Help. El remarketing programático en la Red de Display de Google puede ayudarle a atraer a los visitantes anteriores del sitio web mostrándoles anuncios personalizados. Estos son 10 consejos para configurar etiquetas, listas de remarketing, pujas y formatos de anuncio con eficacia.

Prácticas recomendadas de remarketing de display [Video] In this video, we cover the two types of remarketing you can run: (1) Dynamic remarketing and (2) Standard or static remarketing 1. Building Successful PPC: Writing Engaging Ads. Building Successful PPC: Researching Keywords. After creating your PPC account structure and establishing standard campaign settings, it’s time to start researching and adding keywords in your ad groups. Three ways to deliver future-focused digital advertising.

SEM ad copy tips that you may find scary. Does Paid Search Work for B2B Marketing? Destroying money is a crime, but you’re doing just that when you don’t have a paid search strategy in place. Image via Shutterstock. Paid search advertising doesn’t get a lot of love from B2B business owners. Having audited over 350 B2B paid search accounts, it’s pretty easy to see why: Paid search is a great way to lose a lot of money. In particular, it can be difficult to succeed at paid search advertising in the sorts of niche markets most B2B companies target.

The smaller your market, the harder it is to identify profitable search terms and — even when you’ve found a good keyword — turning clicks into conversions and sales can be a real challenge. For example, a few months ago I audited a B2B account that had spent months and $150,000 on paid search advertising without producing a single sale. Is it any wonder the owner thought paid search was a waste of money? The ABCs of Compelling Visual Ads. This year, 73% of content creators plan to prioritize creating more engaging content, while 55% plan to prioritize creating visual content, according to a report from Content Marketing Institute. This means more infographics, more social media images, more video content, and more visually appealing advertisements. What’s a Good Clickthrough Rate? New Benchmark Data for Google AdWords. As marketers, we're always thinking about the most optimal way to target our potential customers.

Brand bidding & PPC optimization: effective bidding techniques (part 7 of 8) Google Manufacturer Center helps brands find and convert new customers. Google provides consumers around the world with the answers they need to find, review, and buy the products they’re looking for. Last year, we announced Google Manufacturer Center, a free tool to help brand manufacturers accurately represent their products to shoppers on and other Google services. By uploading complete and accurate product data into Manufacturer Center, brands increase their chances of standing out in a crowded marketplace -- and ultimately get more of their products in the hands of consumers.

Today, we’ll shine a light on three manufacturers who have boosted results with Manufacturer Center, and highlight new partners that can help manufacturers maximize the tool. 6 Keys to Great PPC Ad Copy. How to ensure your campaign uses the best-available targeting data. How to Idiot Proof Your Ad Campaigns. Create Effective Mobile Ads: Google Best Practices - AdWords Help. Brand bidding & PPC optimization: enforcement options (Part 6 of 8)

Gmail Ads: Email marketing without the emails. How advertisers should respond to fewer ads showing on Google. Remarketing to People That Have Already Visited Your Website. The Day Remarketing Changed Forever. Four Ads on Top: The Wait Is Over. DoubleClick Advertiser Blog: Google display ads go 100% HTML5. 3 upcoming trends in paid search. Advice From the Masters on What It Takes to Write a Great Ad. The Main Reason Advertising Fails on YouTube. 7 PPC Mistakes You're Probably Making (and How to Fix Them) AdWords Call-only. The state of cross-channel paid search, part 3: SEM & display. Adwords. Scopri come funziona con Inside AdWords: Google brings you closer to your customers in the moments that matter. Keywords to the Wise - AdWords Help. Reverse-engineering AdWords Quality Score factors.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads - Google Best Practices for AdWords. Does Ad Viewability Always Equal Views? The Best Hidden Features of the AdWords Editor. The Advanced Guide to Online Publicity Campaigns. Come rendere efficace una campagna Google Adwords. How To Create Modern Advertising That Sells — Personal Growth. Build Lower Maintenance PPC Campaigns.

Brand Bidding & PPC Optimization: Partner Relationships (Part 4 of 8) Brand bidding & PPC optimization: Reducing your competition (Part 5 of 8) Excel Macros - The Unsung Hero Of PPC. Am I Paying for Ad Fraud Bots? Is Your Crappy Traffic Foiling Your CRO Efforts? Fight ad fraud through innovation... just like the ancient Greeks. Click-Through Rate Isn't Everything: 8 Ways to Improve Your Online Display Ads. Campaign Tracking Without Going Crazy: Keeping Order in AdWords Optimization. New Features: Quality Score Analysis In-Depth - AdAlysis. Get up close with PPC KPIs to improve your performance.