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Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Granite Pavers for your Home - Aussie Trade. Your garden is your haven of peace and there’s nothing you’d like better than to relax in your garden and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Granite Pavers for your Home - Aussie Trade

Your garden, though, is not all about plants. Choosing the right pavement is important to achieving that all-important soothing appearance and making your garden look alluring. While natural stones look great in a garden, granite pavers are fast gaining popularity primarily because of their durability. Despite being a bit more expensive than their natural counterparts, these pavers are beautiful and last for really long, thereby giving you good value for the money you’ve put into your gardening project.

Why Choose the Right Pavers Apart from adding an entirely different appearance to your garden or home, the right pavers can either help your plants grow better or even kill them. How to Choose the Right Granite Pavers Choose your granite pavers so that they add an elegant touch to your garden. Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Granite Pavers for your Home - Aussie Trade. Skilled +Reliable - Google Maps. Marble Floor Tiles Sydney. There is no other material that exudes more elegance than marble.

Marble Floor Tiles Sydney

You can enhance your residential or commercial project with our range of high-end marble stone tiles, imported directly from Italy, Iran, Spain, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Greece and Turkey. First grade quality - We import quality materials to give you the best finish and look for your project. Plenty of choice - You have a range of marble stone tiles to choose from,with finishes including: polished, honed and lightly sandblasted. Uniqueness - We only use industry leading materials, some of which are not available at any other supplier. Marble tiles are suitable for a range of home and commercial applications. For the home marble tiles will make a statement for your bathroom, kitchen or foyer. For commercial projects marble tiles have been used for 5-star luxury hotels, upscale restaurants and celebrity houses around the world.

For quality marble tiles, please contact us or visit our showroom in Sydney. Cobblestones Melbourne. Cobblestones are ideal for driveways and outdoor areas in residential and and commercial projects.

Cobblestones Melbourne

Providing an old-world appeal, cobblestones are easy to install, low maintenance and are suitable for high traffic areas. Made from granite, cobblestones are durable and long-lasting by nature. Sareen Stone offers premium cobblestones throughout the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane areas.. Cobblestones are the perfect solution for driveways and paths. We have a variety of cobblestones available, each with its own distinguishing characteristics, all with a non slip outdoor finish: Charcoal Grey Granite Cobblestones - one of our best selling cobblestones, available in a stunning grey finish.

Wall Cladding Melbourne - Sareen Stone. Create charm for your Melbourne project with stone wall cladding.

Wall Cladding Melbourne - Sareen Stone

Our range is imported from Indonesia, China and India. , Natural stone provides you a truly unique look foryour Melbourne property. Stone cladding is a popular choice for making that feature statement. Sydney, Brisbane. Granite and basalts are made of igneous rocks from the crust of the earth that creates a hard texture, making them one of the strongest stones available on the market.

Sydney, Brisbane

This makes them especially suitable for outdoor areas, but you can also use them as interior flooring to create a more industrial look both for the home and for public and commercial buildings. Limestone Tiles Melbourne. Give your Melbourne home a makeover with limestone tiles which are luxurious, wonderful to walk on and exude warmth.

Limestone Tiles Melbourne

Choose from high quality products imported from Egypt, Indonesia, Italy and Germany, each with it's own unique characteristics. We make sure that all of our imported products are of high quality, so you only use the best products for your home. Here are some of the products we have available for you: Lavarosa - a modern looking limestone imported from Egypt. Serpemjani vein cut - a unique combination of sandstone and limestone qualities, also imported from Egypt. Cathedral - an old world look to your Melbourne home, also from Egypt. Gohera - imported from Iran, this is a colored stone used in cathedrals and hotels all around Europe.

Insernia - create an ancient timeless feel for your Melbourne home with limestone imported from the mountains of Italy. Limestone tiles and pavers are usually supplied to the Australian market in a honed finish for a smooth and natural look. Stone Supplies - Sareen Stone.