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Shop Till you Drop in Mumbai: 4 Shopping Streets That Will Appeal to the Shopaholic in You – Self Drive Car Rental. Mumbai besides being home to yummylicious delicacies and ancient monuments, includes some of the best shopping spots in India. These shopping streets sell everything from high end designer clothing to fashionable imitations that are high on style quotient but light on pocket. A visit to these shopping heavens must rank high in your priority list, whether you’re visiting the city to attend a meet or are among the many people who migrate to the city with a dream of making it big. So sit back and decide your fashion itinerary as the post takes you through the four best shopping streets in Mumbai. 1.

A visit to Linking Road is a must whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or an occasional shopper. 2. Finding fashion accessories, handicrafts, books, clothes, latest shoes and jewellery, all at one place can be a problem, but not if you’re at Colaba Causeway. 3. A visit to Crawford Market is a must if you want to shop the “Mumbaiya” way. 4. Last Few Words Like this: Like Loading... Shop Till you Drop in Mumbai: 4 Shopping Streets That Will Appeal to the Shopaholic in You – Self Drive Car Rental. 5 Considerations to Selecting a Rental Car-Autoriders. Rental cars provide a great way to enjoy safe, affordable, and hassle free trips. If you are an international or domestic tourist, you can leave your hotel for sightseeing, shopping, and meals any time without having to rely on public transport. It is important to choose a car that can accommodate you and your family comfortably, and have enough space to store your luggage.

Autoriders provides high quality cars for rent in a selection of makes and models at minimal rates. Selecting the right car helps you maximize the fun and convenience of your trip. Number of People Travelling The choice of a rental car is influenced by the total number of people in your travel party. Luggage Pack your luggage in a proper and even manner, as most car rental services give the number of average-sized suitcases or bags that can be accommodated in different cars without accounting for oddly-shaped items or bags.

Insurance Cover Rental Rates Condition of the Car Let’s Talk! Have a happy and wonderful trip! Self Drive Car Rentals in Bangalore - Autoriders. Self Drive Car Rental Services in Bangalore Autoriders International Ltd., placed among the pioneers of self drive car rentals in Bangalore, offers premium yet cost-effective rental cars, on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis, in all parts of the city. Whether you are in Indira Nagar in East Bangalore, near the luxurious Grand Magrath hotel on the Magrath Road, or the Palace Grounds on Bellary Road, you can take advantage of our car rental service to quickly, comfortably, and securely drive your way to your destination. Our fleet comprises an array of latest models of vehicles that are regularly maintained to provide customers with a seamlessly comfortable and highly fuel-efficient drive.

Choose from a wide range of self-drive cars include a wide spectrum of options. Hassle-free Service, Right at Your Doorstep! Bangalore is a busy city, and we understand that the need for a convenient, reliable and safe mode of transport may arise at any time or location. Book Your Favorite Car, Now! Celebrating Valentine's in Ahmedabad? Here are 6 Street Foods to Try. Ahmedabad is home to some of the most ancient monuments in India and also has a lot to offer to the gourmet in you.

The city is home to delectable street food, the aroma of which is makes you an instant believer. Trying Ahmedabad street food should be on your list of to-do-things as you make lasting memories and bond with your partner. If you need a reliable, comfortable, private, flexible, and affordable means of transportation to take you to all the cool places that serve authentic street food, Autoriders International can help. We provide self-drive car rentals in Ahmedabad to help you conveniently explore the city.

Chole puri is a traditional north Indian cuisine. Pav bhaji has become a fixture in food streets across India and Ahmedabad is no exception. Keema samosa, unlike other samosa types, is a 100 percent non-vegetarian delicacy with minced meat (keema) instead of the regular potatoes and green peas. Bhatiyar Gali is a paradise for non-vegetarians. 7 Places to Visit in & Around Bangalore During Valentine’s Week - Auto Riders. 5 Party Spots in Bangalore to Shake a Leg This Weekend - Self Drive Cars India. 4 Great Road Trip from Famous Metropolitan Cities in India. Many people who live in cities often feel fatigued due to monotonous lifestyles.

Taking a road trip is one of the easiest ways to break the monotony and refresh your life. Whichever city you live in, you can find plenty of roads in good condition, leading to amazing destinations. Autoriders gives you top notch car rentals in India for convenience, affordability, and comfort. Here’s a glimpse at four popular routes to exciting destinations leading from famous metropolitan cities. 1. This is the best time to embark on a road trip to Goa. 2. Although you require at least a week to do the beauty of Munnar any justice, you can still opt for the Chennai-to-Munnar route for your weekend trip, especially if you want to escape Chennai’s hot and humid climate. 3. Bangalore to Ooty via Mysore is a perfect route for travel enthusiasts who like the company of nature. 4. Book a Ride for the Trip Car rentals in India, Self drive India. 4 Restaurants that Serve the Best Tandoori Chicken in Delhi. IN Travel & Adventure ON 21 Jan, 2017 Ask a non vegetarian about their favorite food and tandoori chicken would definitely be on their list.

The dish is a staple food of non vegetarians, and it's not just popular among Delhiites, but it has fans from around the world, too. In this blog post, we list the four popular restaurants in Delhi that serve the best tandoori chicken. If you are visiting the city, you can rent a self drive car in Delhi, or hire a chauffeur driven car to travel to these restaurants. Moti Mahal Delux, a chain of restaurants, is one of the most preferred destinations of food lovers in India. Take your family or friends for a ride to the Gulati Restaurant, Pandara Road to gorge on some lip-smacking chicken dishes. Known for serving one of the best non-vegetarian platter, Embassy in Connaught Place is yet another amazing restaurant that offers scrumptious Chicken dishes including Tandoori Chicken. Had a hectic day and need a place to relax?

4 National Parks must Visit in Bangalore - Autoriders. Discover the True Wilderness Bangalore, popularly known as the “Silicon Valley of Asia”, is a prominent location of famous national parks and sanctuaries that are brimming with flora and fauna. A great destination for wildlife aficionados, planning a trip to the national parks gives you a break from the monotony of city life. The sanctuaries are also great for a romantic getaway nestled at the heart of mother nature.

Watch the setting sun, meditate, and unwind. The trip is great for the whole family, as it gives children exposure to nature, science, wildlife conservation, and history – all while having loads of fun. National parks in Bangalore, however, are quite spread out and if you are planning a trip, rent a car in Bangalore from Autoriders for convenience, comfort, flexibility, and more.

Situated almost 22 km to the south of Bangalore, Bannerghatta National Park is one of the prominent zoological reserves in India. Ideal Time to Visit – September to January. 5 Romantic Getaways to Explore in and Around Bangalore: selfdrivecars. Popular for it romantic getaways for couples, Bangalore has definitely moved from the predictable concepts of romance in parks and malls. From plush resorts to picturesque hills, there are some awesome places around Bangalore that you can visit if you are planning a dream holiday with your partner. Most of these places are 150 to 200 kms from the city and you can either rent a car or hire a self drive car in Bangalore. The blog lists 5 romantic getaways you can explore in and around Bangalore. Mysore is a popular escape for Bangaloreans, thanks to its pleasant weather and mesmerizing beauty. If you want an offbeat romantic vacation, you can visit the resorts with exotic ambiance and luxurious amenities in Mysore. Located at a distance of 135 km from Bangalore, Mysore lets you experience blissful serenity amid its lush green view.

Rent a car and visit the beautiful city to discover its lovely culture and relive its rich history. 4 Must-Visit Eateries in Hyderabad to Gratify the Food Lover in You. 5 Popular Shopping Destinations in Ahmedabad - Auto Riders. Ahmedabad is the second largest producer of cotton in India. The largest city of Gujrat, it is one of the popular textile destinations of the nation. From modern attires, bandhej sarees, beaded ghagra cholis, wooden decoration items, to block printed fabrics, the city has a plethora of pickings for fashionistas. If you visit to Ahmedabad, don’t forget to check out a few popular street shopping destinations that are listed in this blog post. For easy , comfortable, and flexible commutation, rent a car in Ahmedabad from AutoRiders at affordable prices . 1. Sindhi Market Ahmedabad is famous for its tie-dye fabrics, also known as ‘Bandhani’ or ‘Bandhej.’ 2. Lal Darwaja is yet another popular shopping destination bustling with shoppers throughout the week. 3.

There is more to Manek chowk than what meets the eye. 4. Rani-no-Hajiro is a famous tomb complex near Manek Chowk in Ahmedabad. 5. Besides textiles, Ahmedabad is also famous for its wooden toys and beautiful artefacts. Way Forward. 5 Delectable Street Foods to Try When Touring Bangalore. Bangalore is one of the best cities in India to spend your holidays with family and friends. The city is famous not just for its beautiful tourist destinations, but a variety of delectable street dishes to satiate your palate. The streets are an epicure’s paradise, offering an assortment of affordable cuisines that are rich in taste, and with car hires in Bangalore, you have an added advantage of convenience as you crisscross the city. Your tour of Bangalore is incomplete without sampling some of its street foods and to help you, here’s a list of delicious street foods you must not miss. 1. Palya Bun, also known as ‘Aloo Bun’ is one of the favorite breakfast items in Bangalore. 2. Nimbehannu Chitranna, also known as ‘Lemon Rice’, is a popular dish that served for breakfast and lunch. 3.

Akki Roti is yet another local street dish you’ll definitely love. 4. From famous restaurants to roadside vendors, you can find dosas at every corner of the city. 5. Way Forward. 4 Picturesque Hill Stations Near Mumbai For A Fun-Filled Weekend Trip. Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, is a land of workaholics. A weekend trip to some of the nearby locations provides a welcome break from a hectic lifestyle and busy schedule.

The availability of car rental services makes it easy to hire a car and visit some of the hill stations close to Mumbai. The blog post discusses five hill stations near Mumbai that you can visit with your friends and family for a fun-filled weekend. More info: Amboli (491 Kms from Mumbai) Thanks for sharing! You should sign up for our newsletter! 3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers Error sending email An unexplored and underrated hill station, Amboli is located amidst the Sahyadri hills of Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar (262 Kms from Mumbai) Mahabaleshwar counted as one of the spectacular hill stations in the Western Ghats, attracts nature enthusiasts, peace seekers and adventurers because of its scenic beauty and pleasant weather.

Matheran (83 Km from Mumbai) Khandala (93 km from Mumbai) Check Out these 4 Short Excursions from Ahmedabad – Self Drive Car Rental. Ahmedabad, one of the fastest growing cities in India, is the reflection of culturally rich Gujarat, and also one of the most popular travel hubs in India that can take the travellers by surprise. There are more than a few sightseeing places located in the proximity of the city that are worth your visit.

In this article, we list 4 such locations near Ahmedabad that you can go to on a short excursion. All you need to do is rent a self drive car in Ahmedabad and set out on a memorable trip with your loved ones. Lothal Located about 80 kms from Ahmedabad, Lothal is among the most prominent cities of Indus Valley Civilization. Modhera Sun Temple Love to visit places of religious interest? Rann of Kutch Wildlife One of the largest sanctuaries of India, Rann of Kutch Wildlife is around 93 kms from Ahmedabad. Shanku Water Park Ever wish you could be a kid again? All set for a drive? There are several places of tourist interest in and around Ahmedabad. Like this: Like Loading...

5 Must Visit Offbeat Destinations Near Delhi. Stress has become a part of our everyday life. Be it office or home most of us are stressed about everything happening in our lives. Off late Delhi has become synonymous with traffic jams that add to the stress. Traveling is one of the best ways to disconnect from our everyday hectic life and prevent the stress from taking a toll on our body and mind. Getting off days from work is a battle in itself, but if you manage to get a few day’s break, get into your car and enjoy some fresh air and scenic beauty, traveling to nearby tourist destinations. In case, you do not own a car, you can rent a car in Delhi and plan your journey.

Did you watch Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”? Pangot is a charming hill town in Nainital and is birdwatcher’s trove. Kanatal is situated in between two of the most popular hill stations in the country, Mussoorie and Chamba. Located 320 km from Delhi, Naukuchiatal is one of the surreal travel destinations. Sareeka Dhawan. 5 Destinations in Delhi for Romantic Sojourns. Given the hectic lifestyle, and busy schedules that characterize most people’s lives, countless couples complain of losing the “spark” in their relationships. If your relationship is in a tunnel and you need a spark to reignite the romance, some quality time away from everybody is just what the love doctor prescribes.

A break from routine and quality time is essential to keep the romance blooming in a relationship. Get deep into intimate conversation, hold hands, and frolic in the sun while sipping fine wine. Though Delhi can be regarded as a concrete jungle, the city has a lot to offer in terms of the perfect romantic getaways to reconnect with your partner and find the magic again. This blog post lists some of the most popular romantic places that you can easily visit with self drive cars in Delhi. Let’s look at the options. 1.Garden of Five Senses Garden of Five Senses is situated in an ideal location close to Saket. 2.Deer Park, Hauz Khas Complex 3.Lodhi Gardens 4. 5.

Wrapping Up. Self-Drive Car Rental: Is that all You Need to Know When Renting a Self-Drive Car?: selfdrivecars. Self-drive car rental in cities, such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune, is gaining popularity by every passing day. Self drive cars on rent are not only available at lesser price than private cabs, but are also very convenient as you enjoy complete privacy while driving. You must, however, understand that besides the self-drive car rental, there are miscellaneous other charges that may incur under certain circumstances, such as cancellation, accidental damages, and late returns among others.

This blog post covers additional charges that may incur in your self-drive car rental services. Take a look. Cancellation Charges If you cancel your booking, you may have to pay a cancellation charge. Typically, self drive car rental companies do not provide any refund if the customer does not show up on the date of booking. Depending on the policy of the car rental company you may reduce or shorten your booking time. 5 Places You Cannot Miss to Visit When in Delhi - Self Drive Cars India. Top 5 Places you Need to Visit on a Trip to Ahmedabad – Self Drive Car Rental. Top 5 Places you Need to Visit on a Trip to Ahmedabad – Self Drive Car Rental. Top 5 Places you Need to Visit on a Trip to Ahmedabad – Self Drive Car Rental. 5 Best Places to Enjoy Street Food In Ahmedabad. Self-Drive Cars: Changing The Way Indians Commute.

4 Must-Visit Treks Near Bangalore for Adventure Enthusiasts. How to Rent a Self-Drive Car in Delhi: selfdrivecars. Top 4 Popular Temples in Bangalore. 5 Must-Try Adventurous Activities in Mumbai. Top 4 Reasons People are Switching to Self-Drive Cars on Rent. You Haven’t Seen Delhi Until You Have Been to These Five Places! - Auto Riders. Top 7 Places to Visit in Hyderabad. Offbeat Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad.

Want to Rent a car? Follow These Tips to get the Best Deal on Your Ride – Self Drive Car Rental. 5 Amazing Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad – Self Drive Car Rental. 5 Reasons to Hire a Self-Drive Car: selfdrivecars. 5 Places in Bangalore that Give a Sneak Peak in... - Self Drive Cars - Quora. Hiring a Rental Car: A Brief Guide | mysite. Self Drive Cars — Delhi Darshan – an Exploration Trip to Delhi. 6 Striking Waterfalls You Need to Visit in Bangalore – Self Drive Car Rental. 3 Places Worth Visiting in Ahmedabad - Self Drive Cars India. 4 Attractions in Ahmedabad You Can’t Afford to Miss - Auto Riders.

4 Exotic Beaches Near Mumbai for an Ideal Weekend Trip – Self Drive Car Rental. Carrentaldelhi. 5 Hills Stations Near Delhi for a Weekend with Nature - Auto Riders. Why it Makes Sense to Go on a Self-drive Trip - Self Drive Cars - Quora. Car Rental Ahmedabad, Car on Rent, Car Hire in Ahmedabad. 6 Must-visit Destinations in Hyderabad - Auto Riders. 4 Parks and Gardens to Spend a Day with Kids in Bangalore – Self Drive Car Rental. Top 5 Must-Visit Destinations in Mumbai - Auto Riders. Take a Trip to Hill Stations Near Bengaluru thi... - Self Drive Cars - Quora. Self Drive Cars — 4 Hills near Hyderabad for A Chill this Weekend. Explore the Seven Sisters in Self Drive Cars – Self Drive Car Rental.

Inube Verification. 3 Destinations that Are 5 Hours’ Drive from Ahmedabad. 5 Thrilling Road Trips to Embark Upon in India – Self Drive Car Rental. Rent a Car in Bangalore - Autoriders Cars For Rent. 3 Reasons Why Opting for Self-drive Car Rental Makes Sense – Self Drive Car Rental. 5 Must-Follow Tips to Ensure a Safe Road Trip – Self Drive Car Rental. Self Drive Cars: 7 Essential Tips to Make Your Road Trip a Memorable One. 5 Thrilling Destinations Around Bangalore for an Adventurous Vacation – Self Drive Car Rental. Self Drive Cars: 5 Reasons to Reconsider Your Decision to Purchase a Car. Five Reasons to Take a Solo Trip from Bangalore to Ooty – Self Drive Car Rental. 3 Must Check-out Beach Destinations Near Bangalore – Self Drive Car Rental.

Self Drive Cars: Self Drive Cars: 4 Kinds Of People Fuelling the Need. 5 Romantic Getaways for the Road Trip Lovers – Self Drive Car Rental. 5 Astonishing Locations to Explore Near Bangalore by Road – Self Drive Car Rental. Self Drive Cars — 5 Handy Tips for First-time Renters of Self Driven... 5 Effective Tips to Make Car Rentals Less Costly – Self Drive Car Rental. Four Things you Need to know about a Road Trip from Bangalore to Mysore – Self Drive Car Rental. Top 5 Things You Must Do When in Bangalore – Self Drive Car Rental.

Self Drive Cars: 6 Essentials to Make Your Road Trip Safe and Fun. Self Drive Cars: Self-drive Cars: 5 Reasons Delhi’s Latest Trend is Catching up fast. Self Drive Cars: 4 Reasons to Hire a Self-Drive Car for an Adventurous Trip. 5 Great Places Within 100 kms from Mumbai. Weekend Breaks: 5 Hill Stations to Drive on Your own near New Delhi | Self Drive Car Rental. Self Drive Car Rental in Delhi.