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Aggiornamenti geopolitici mondiali

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GEOPOLITICA. Argomento GEOPOLITICA Agi China 24 - Notizie della settimana Agi China 24 - Notizie della settimana In studio Valeria Manieri (Radio Radicale).


In collegamento Francesco Radicioni, corrispondente e collaboratore di Radio Radicale ed Eugenio Buzzetti, corrispondente da Pechino per AgiChina24. Le Monde diplomatique. Courrier international - L'anticipation au quotidien. Project Syndicate - the highest quality op-ed ( opinion-editorial ) articles and commentaries.

STRATFOR - Geopolitical intelligence, economic, political, and military strategic forecasting. Freedoms Zone. What Have We Done Wrong/Right in the War on Terror. There's a terrific piece in the National Journal today, adding up the costs of the "war on terror" and pointing out that unlike some other costly wars in American history, this one has produced almost no economic benefits.

What Have We Done Wrong/Right in the War on Terror

That is, unless you think people standing in TSA lines are using those idle minutes (hours?) To dream up lots of innovative new ideas that will fire up the U.S. economy. I rather doubt it. Home. Council on Foreign Relations. AffarInternazionali. A New Perspective on Global Affairs. mRI Magazine // Meridiani Relazioni Internazionali // Politica Internazionale, Geopolitica, Notizie dal Mondo. Geopolitica - Globalizzazione. Henry A. Kissinger. Geopolitica su Petrolio by Blogosfere - Pagina 1. - Centre for Research on Globalization. - Approfondimento sugli assetti geopolitici mondiali - sviluppo e globalizzazione. Home. Chatham House - Home. Political Resources on the Net.

Heartland - Limes. Rivista italiana di geopolitica - Limes.