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VI.C.1.i. Lesson Planning Resources

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How to Start Generating Leads with Infographics 2015. Guide to Inductive Bible Study-Free Download. Faster than a Lapbook, More Fun than a Book Report! What’s faster than a lapbook, more fun than a book report, makes for super review and teaches computer skills while documenting learning?

Faster than a Lapbook, More Fun than a Book Report!

Digital Scrapbooking! We had fun making this Ben Franklin page this morning. More and more of our school time is watching documentaries then scrapbooking. Boys love it. You can get lower resolution images using Google image search. Scrapbook to Learn Step-by-Step Read a book or passage on the topic.Optional but fun: Watch a Youtube video on the topic.Brainstorm a list of facts to record. Home School Commons. Welcome to Homeschool Commons!

Home School Commons

If you're new to the site you might want to subscribe by email at the right or add the RSS feed to your feed reader. Thanks for visiting! Hello my name is Aadel and I created Homeschool Commons to serve as a central juncture for finding free resources to use in personal and commercial ventures. There are other amazing websites that are directed towards homeschoolers which organize and/or provide free resources for use in educating your children. This site is not trying to reproduce the efforts of others. Instead, this site attempts to provide a clear distinction between material that is free for personal use, and that which is truly liberated. This means that much of the material can be used to create new works and share with others. All the material you will find on this site, unless otherwise noted, is free. I have homeschooled my children since 2004 and have used tons of free use or public domain content in our studies.

About. At, I focus on high quality, 100% free educational finds.


I post for the children: preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. I also post for homeschoolers, teachers, students, and families who love to learn together. Stone Soup Homeschool Resources - Stone Soup Homeschool Resources. Free Printables for Kids and Moms & Dads. Learning American History Through Movies & Free Timeline.

Movie Homeschooling I could not find a chronological list of movies of American History so I made the one below.

Learning American History Through Movies & Free Timeline

First I created a timeline from 1630 to 2000 into 12 eras and listed the most important people and events. (You can download a 8.5×11 printable version below. ) Then I found period movies for each time period listed below (I will continue to add to this list). Ultimate Guide to US History. Please note: this post contains affiliate links.

Ultimate Guide to US History

As a child in school, History was one of my least favorite subjects. Memorizing dates and trying to learn about people who once lived…just did not appeal to me. As a Mom of three children witnessing a dramatic shift in our American culture and a desire to grow my children’s interest and love for History, I have spent the last few years seeking resources to truly pull them in and help them larn our true American Heritage.

It has been a fun endeavor and I am so happy to begin sharing a lot of it with you. Reviewing and renewing my mind and my thoughts based on American History has enlightened me of the true meaning behind the quote by George Santayana: “Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Based on that, it is my desire to provide you with a great list of resources for your home that provide good, accurate information based on American History or rather, the History of the United States of America. Various. Homeschool Goals Forms. Goals can be made for short and for long periods of time.

Homeschool Goals Forms

Not only can you make academic goals but you can make a record of other types of goals such as character goals, personal growth, personal improvement, etc. Make goals and objectives at the beginning of the year and during the year based on your child's work and work habits. Objectives Form use for several subjects The Objectives Form may be used for periods of weeks or for long term. Examples of objectives could be taken from standards lists. Another place to look for objectives, and this is something that I did in addition to using World Book standards, is from your children's work and observing how they work. Keeping a record of short-term objectives is optional, but when I kept the records, I found that the lists helped me plan my children's work with improved purpose and the lists helped me in the daily direction of teaching.

Johnnie's Math Page - Fun Math for Kids and their Teachers. Math Worksheet Generators: The Math Worksheet Site This is the most comprehensive site.

Johnnie's Math Page - Fun Math for Kids and their Teachers

It offers worksheets across mathematical topics not just arithmetic. Math Fact Cafe As the name suggests, this site builds facts worksheets. A Plus Math Superkids Math Worksheet Generator. National Audubon Society Education. Free Homeschool Deals © - Homeschool Freebies, Free Homeschool Printables, Free Homeschool Curriculum, Homeschool Resources, and More! Official Resound School Blog. How does one memorize a piece of music?

Official Resound School Blog

Every music student/musician encounters this. Whether it is that Classical Piano Sonata, Rock song, or the chord changes to a jazz tune, memory seems to "fail" us at one point or another. Or is it us that "fail" our memory? (Please see "(Perfect) Practice makes Perfect") There are 4 main ways that the human mind/body tends to remember: Physical/muscularAural/audioVisual/photographicAnalytical/theoretical Physical This is often known as "muscle memory". 3-D Notebooking Pages Templates & Mini-Books - Notebooking Pages.