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The Complete Guide to Crowdfunding Your Next Book. UPDATE: thanks to all your support, I finished my crowdfunding campaign with $12,979.00 in preorders.

The Complete Guide to Crowdfunding Your Next Book

The last few days saw the crowdfunding campaign skyrocket – something I did not predict happening at all. This has been a whirlwind ride and I’m so grateful – so thank you! If you’re interested in being notified about the book when it releases, to hear about its progress, or be the first in line to order the book when it’s in all major online bookstores, sign up here. In July 2012, Seth Godin started a campaign to fund the production of his latest book: The Icarus Deception. Seth did this through a platform called, which allowed his loyal fanbase to pledge funds to the book before it was finished and ready for distribution.

Seth set a minimum funding goal of $40,000 (enough presales for a traditional publisher to take notice and sign the book for distribution). During his 30 day campaign, Seth raised $287,342. If you know how to employ it the right way. #1. CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Lulu - Where Should YOU Self-Publish Your Book: The Ultimate Resource - Write Hacked. I’ve been going around and around with numerous book printers over the past three years.

CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Lulu - Where Should YOU Self-Publish Your Book: The Ultimate Resource - Write Hacked

Ever since I got the crazy, half-baked idea in my head that I wanted the “control, speed, and cost-effectiveness of self-publishing” rather than the traditional way to do it, I’ve been through the ringer with pretty much all of the well-known “indie”-book creation shops. Specifically, I’ve been down into the depths of customer service, user forums, technical spec sheets, and more with the top three: Lightning Source International, Lulu, and CreateSpace. 5 Steps to Self-Editing Your Writing - Training Authors for Success. Kinstant Formatter. 30 Lessons from Selling $30 Million Worth of eBooks. AutoResponders by Kindle Direct Publishing: Help.

KDP Select Global Fund for April 2014 The KDP Select global fund amount is $1.2 million for April 2014.

Kindle Direct Publishing: Help

We’ll share the average global fund payout for March by the middle of April. In addition, KDP Select royalty information for March will be available on royalty reports in mid-April. Remember, if enrolled in KDP Select, you will earn a share of the global fund amount every time your book is borrowed from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library on,,, and Cheap ISBN numbers for your ePub eBooks for the iBookstore for ! Book Giveaways and Contests - Self Publishing Coach Products. Are you ready to get massive exposure and sell more books?

Book Giveaways and Contests - Self Publishing Coach Products

If so, you won’t want to miss this… with Shelley Hitz, Self Publishing and Book Marketing Expert Why Should Authors Use Book Giveaways and Contests? Many reasons! Let me list just a few… Get Your Kindle eBook Done! - Get Your Kindle eBook Done! "My business book recently had the good fortune to land on the best seller lists.

Get Your Kindle eBook Done! - Get Your Kindle eBook Done!

You are one of the people I've followed over the previous year to learn about book promotion . . . obviously it works! " — Kevin Kruse, author of We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement "You have the best, most useful site for authors that I've ever come across! How to Write an Ebook.

Self-Publishing Costs for Online Self-Publishing. This is a continuation of the What Does Self-Publishing Cost series: What Does Self-Publishing Cost: A PreviewWhat Does Self-Publishing Cost: DIY Today let’s look at the next level of ambition, the author who decides to publish and seriously attempt to sell books in an economical way.

Self-Publishing Costs for Online Self-Publishing

Planning Your Book, Parts of the Book, Copyright. You’re ready to take the information and education you’ve gained from your research and apply it to your own book.

Planning Your Book, Parts of the Book, Copyright

You’ve learned that the biggest complaint about self-published books is their lack of professional editing. Although you’re anxious to see your book in print, you realize you’ll have to go through a process to make sure you’ve created the best product you can for your particular market and the goals you’ve set for your book. But first we address the manuscript itself, and how it becomes a book. Whether you use a professional editor, or plan to edit your book yourself, you can pick up a lot of useful information that will help guide you in the process.

Understanding how books are constructed will give you a reliable blueprint to putting your book together. Creating Books from Manuscripts Part of being a self-publisher is understanding rights and contracts, and particularly taking responsibility for your own copyright in your work. Copyright Getting Organized.

Goins interviews Hyatt on getting published. Jeff Goins mp3 on publishing for Kindle. How to Market & Sell Your Ebook — Everything you need to know about making money with ePublishing.