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Weld Nuts. Wing Nuts. Knurled Thumb Nuts. Tri-Groove Nuts. Break Away Shear Nuts: Albany County Fasteners. Tamper Proof Security Nuts. Metric T Nuts - Zinc Plated Steel. Metric T Nuts, also called Tee Nuts or Barrel NutsUsed in wood, composite, plastic, particle or other soft materials4 Prongs dig into installation materialUsed to attach machine screws or bolts to soft materialsCR+3 Case Hardened Zinc Plated Steel T nuts, commonly called tee nuts and blind nuts, are used in wood, composite, particle or other soft materials.

Metric T Nuts - Zinc Plated Steel

Made from an internal threaded barrel and flange, t nuts have prongs that dig into the soft installation surface. Zinc Plated Steel T Nuts. Stainless Steel T-Nuts. Stover Prevailing Torque Cone Lock Nuts. Two Way Reversible Lock Nuts. Slotted Nuts. Nylon Insert Lock Nuts. K-Lock Nuts. K-Lock Nuts. Castle Nuts. Lock Nuts. Left Hand Thread Jam Nuts. Heavy Hex Jam Nuts. Hex Jam Nuts. Jam Nuts. Non-Serrated Nuts. Serrated Nuts. Flange Nuts. Structural Nuts. Square Nuts. Machine Screw Nuts. Heavy Hex Nuts. Hex Nuts. Finish Nuts. Coupling Reducer Nuts. Coupling Nuts. Extension Nuts. Extra Tall Cap Nuts. High Crown Cap Nuts. Standard Cap Nuts. Acorn Cap Nuts. Nuts. Wood Sammy Screws. Post Cap Anchors. Post Base Anchors. Joist Hangers. Hurricane Ties. 316 Stainless Steel Deck Framing Angles. The MP34 is the standard multi-purpose framing angle.

316 Stainless Steel Deck Framing Angles

It's the smallest of our selection making it well suited for attaching smaller joists.The MPA1 is a multi-purpose framing angle featuring bendable tabs on one end and a reversable design. These tabs enable two-way and three-way connections, allowing for a wide range of applications. Note: Bend Tabs Only Once.The MP5 is a skew-able framing angle featuring a perforated corner. It can be field adjusted from 0-degree to 135-degree to fit a range of angles (comes fabricated at a 100-degree angle). Self Drilling Anchors. Sammy Screws for Drywall - Vertical. Toggle Anchors. Hollow Wall Anchors. Hollow Wall Anchors. Wedge Anchors. Sleeve Anchors. Sleeve Anchors. Sleeve Anchors. Concrete Sammy Screws - Vertical. Masonry Concrete Screws. Machine Screw Anchors: Albany County Fasteners.

Hammer Drive Pin Anchors. Drop In Anchors. Double Expansion Anchors. Decking Anchors. Drywall Anchors. Concrete Anchors. Anchors. T-Handle Hex Allen Keys. Allen Wrench Sets. Long Arm Allen Wrenches. Short Arm Allen Wrenches. Allen Keys. What is a blind Rivet and how to use rivet tools? Rivet Kits. Rivet Tools. Well Nuts. Tri Bulb Rivets. Pop Rivets. Rivets. Evolution Cold Cut Diamond Edge Saw Blades. Cutting Blades For Saws Rated For Brick, Concrete and Other Applications Evolution Industrial Cold Cut Cutting Blades utilize premium features to be better than your average saw blade.

Evolution Cold Cut Diamond Edge Saw Blades

These cold cut blades have a robust and durable design, cutting without producing heat, a burr, and having virtually no sparks to create an instantly workable finish. Masonry Drill Bits - Albany County Fasteners. Acoustical Wedge Anchors. 3/8" Zinc Plated Phillips / Flat Head Sleeve Anchors. Plastic Toggle Anchors. Threaded Rod Anchors. 1/4"-20 Zinc Plated Toggle Wing Anchors. KapToggle® Hollow Wall Anchors. Machine Screw Anchors. Bookkeeping Services Blog — Advantages of Bookkeeping Services tx. Hammer Drive Pin Anchors. Concrete Drop In Anchors. Zinc Plated Lag Shield Expansion Anchors. Machine Screw Anchors. 316 Stainless Steel Lag Bolts. Albany County Fasteners Blog - Uses of Lag Bolts. How to Install a Lag Bolt The installation process begins by aligning the materials that need to be screwed together.

Albany County Fasteners Blog - Uses of Lag Bolts

This prevents mistakes by making sure everything is in place before the installation begins. T-Handle Hex Allen Key Set. Long Arm Ball Point Allen Wrench Set. Torx Tamper Proof L Keys. Metric T-Handle Hex Allen Keys. T-Handle Hex Allen Keys. Long Arm Hex Allen Keys. Hex Allen Key - Allen Wrench - Short Arm Alloy Steel. Cutting Tools. 316 Stainless Steel Machine Screws.