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Understanding Team Dynamics using MBTI. Using-MBTI-to-Build-Team-Chemistry-The-Huddle-May-2012. Effective Team Meetings: Subtracting Bad Behaviors (The Recovering Leader) If you’re like most people at work, you probably wish you spent less time in meetings.

Effective Team Meetings: Subtracting Bad Behaviors (The Recovering Leader)

I remember as a COO, my colleagues and I used to estimate the cost per minute of the aggregate salaries around the table in “leadership team meetings” and wish we could spend the money on something more worthwhile. Yet search the web for “effective meetings” and you get overkill: 9.4 million helpful ideas, along with everyone’s favorite book or article about it. Meeting Guru. Candidates and feedback: ask the right questions, get the right answers. Make sure you've received constructive feedback before you trash your job application techniques.

Candidates and feedback: ask the right questions, get the right answers

Photograph: Alamy It can be difficult for candidates to hear – especially when you have put so much effort into job applications – but you have no automatic right to feedback. Often, when it comes to the final stage of applications, it's rare you get clear-cut reasons for rejection. As such, interviewers give you bland, vaguely troubling explanations, rather than a useful breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of your performance. A great deal of feedback is code for "we just chose someone else". But this isn't an effective jobseeking strategy. Here are some examples of useful feedback: • Speaking too much so that the interviewer couldn't hear the right evidence or ask all the questions. Dawn French: 'I decided I'd pretend to be someone very confident' Using the new Positive Psychology. The theory in Authentic Happiness is that happiness could be analyzed into three different elements that we choose for their own sakes: positive emotion, engagement, and meaning.

Using the new Positive Psychology

And each of these elements is better defined and more measurable than happiness. The first is positive emotion; what we feel: pleasure, rapture, ecstasy, warmth, comfort, and the like. An entire life led successfully around this element, I call the “pleasant life.” Unstuck iPad app - How to live better every day – Unstuck. What 5 insights can you learn from the single best book on management? - Barking Up The Wrong Tree. Women in STEM: four steps to a stronger Athena Swan application. A change is in the air: Athena Swan, the charter recognising commitment to women's careers in STEM, has become a topic of conversation at meetings in universities up and down the country.

Women in STEM: four steps to a stronger Athena Swan application

I was at a leukaemia research meeting only the other week and spent most of my coffee break talking about the scheme. Minds have been focused by money. Girls' school holds 'blow your own trumpet' week. 28 April 2013Last updated at 22:03 ET By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent Head teacher Heather Hanbury warns of the constant pressures on girls An independent girls' school is holding a "blow your own trumpet" week to help over-pressured, high-achieving pupils who find it difficult to accept that they have been successful.

Girls' school holds 'blow your own trumpet' week

"Some teenagers will continue to push themselves, never recognising when they've done enough," said Heather Hanbury, head of Wimbledon High School. Last year the school ran a "failure week" to help girls cope with setbacks. Now the London day school says it wants to raise girls' sense of "self-worth". 10 of the most controversial productivity tips that actually work. 4.7K Flares 4.7K Flares × We’ve all heard what makes us more productive.

10 of the most controversial productivity tips that actually work

To be more productive, get: Better sleep, better food, better work environment, etc. And I think these tips are amazing and a great focus to have. Heck, we even wrote about most of these and the science behind it here on the Buffer blog. 10 things I wish I knew before I started uni. 'Just a Theory': 7 Misused Science Words. Hypothesis.

'Just a Theory': 7 Misused Science Words

Theory. Law. These scientific words get bandied about regularly, yet the general public usually gets their meaning wrong. Now, one scientist is arguing that people should do away with these misunderstood words altogether and replace them with the word "model. " But those aren't the only science words that cause trouble, and simply replacing the words with others will just lead to new, widely misunderstood terms, several other scientists said. Get me a project manager, stat! 19 March 2013 by Tseen Khoo Keystone (Photo by Jonathan O’Donnell) A while back, one of our Twitter followers asked whether The Research Whisperer had any posts about project management.

Get me a project manager, stat!

At the time, I could only think of @jod999’s megastar post about what a Gantt chart is, and mine on whether you can fix a broken Gantt chart. While Jonathan’s post was about planning and putting in place a feasible and ideal timeline, mine talked about the common mistakes and remedies for timelines that don’t behave. Research projects are very much about project management, and that tweet nudged me in the direction of this post. Project management skills are elements that many sectors require, and this means that there is a weighty bunch of pixels already dedicated to the topic. 5 time management ideas… from part time PhD students. Last week @lanceb147 contacted me on Twitter looking for advice on doing a PhD part time.

5 time management ideas… from part time PhD students

Science for all. Whether female scientists will want to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March may depend on how far they look back in time.

Science for all

Things have changed, and if you talk in terms of decades, there are considerable victories to cheer about. But despite those victories, progress now seems to have stalled. That is clear from the package of articles in this week’s Nature (see that exposes the dismaying extent to which sexism still exists in science. Behavioural Attributes: Human Resources Division: University of Cambridge. The framework developed by the University of Cambridge contains 8 behavioural attributes.

The framework has been developed from the following two sources: The Educational Competencies Consortium (ECC) has developed a job evaluation scheme (HERA) specifically for Higher Education Institutions. This scheme focuses on all aspects of a role and enables analysis of roles based on fourteen discrete elements, only some of which can be described as behavioral attributes (competencies).The Judge Business School interviewed some 20 senior leaders across the University with a view to building the leadership capability of the University at the most senior levels.

This work has had the most significant effect on the development of the framework.Behavioural Attributes The eight attributes in the University of Cambridge Behavioural Attributes Framework are: Urbanity ... history: Academia's working hours culture. It’s the time of the head when myself and colleagues are doing or annual performance reviews so work-life balance has been the subject of discussion quite a lot – helped, I think, because my school recently had an equalities and diversity study carried out.

I’ve blogged about the subject before. If you get a load of academics chatting about work-life balance it quickly turns into something like this: To lay my cards on the table – I arrive in the office between 8:30-9:10 every morning, depending on what train I get. I leave the office about 5:30-6:30 (I’ve only had to sign the late-working book once in two years) and quite often have a relaxed lunch away from my desk with colleagues. Biz ladies: saying “no” It’s funny how topics and posts happen here at D*S. Sometimes they’re planned way ahead of time and sometimes they happen over the course of a few days.

Other times, like this post, they seem to flow naturally, as if my brain had already written the words and my hands merely needed to transcribe them. TT_info%20graphic_v3_0. Academic assholes and the circle of niceness. Recruitment Process: Interviewing. Negotiation - Andrew Gibbons free management and organisational downloads and learning material. Are we biologically programmed to have a preference for Thinking or Feeling? How To Be A Horrible Leader – 50 Bad Leadership Traits. Why creating and articulating your brand is important. Soapbox Science: Top Recommendations from Top Women in Science. Deepak Chopra On Enlightened Leadership. How to Recognize and Resolve Conflict in the Lab, the Classroom, and in Other Academic Settings.

Make the World Better. 10 Rules For Amazing & Brilliant Women. We Need to Tell Girls They Can Have It All (Even If They Can't) - Gayle Tzemach Lemmon. Top 10 reasons why professors leave: elephant in the lab series. 10 Happiness Tips for Busy People. Networking Tips: How to Go from Awkward to Awesome.

5 Steps to Game-Changing Relationships. The 3 Most Important Questions. Classic Feminist Writings. How Many Arms do you Have? Bioscience Careers: WOMEN IN SCIENCE. The 19 engineers - Ingenious Women - Our projects - About us - The UKRC. Why women leave academia and why universities should be worried. Good Practice in University Chemistry Departments. When Scientists Choose Motherhood. Motherhood 'detrimental' to women's scientific careers, study concludes.

_Work_Life_Balance_Executive_Summary. » How NOT to Multitask – Work Simpler and Saner. Essay on dual career issues faced by women in science. Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty. For Science Ph.D.'s, There Is No One True Path - Commentary. Are You As Busy As You Think?

Having Difficult Conversations. Difficult Conversations: Nine Common Mistakes.