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FABOOL Laser Mini. Designed by SMART DIYs | Released under CC BY-SA 3.0 FABOOL Laser Mini is an open-source, ready-to-assemble type of desktop laser cutter and engraver, which was developed by smartDIYs, a team of Japanese engineers.

FABOOL Laser Mini

The machine excels in usability and expandability, which enables it to meet a variety of needs. Illustrator. I’ve found this technique to be really useful for making quick, cheap mock-ups of 3D models, as well as getting some really interesting visual results for artmaking.


The first of the two main techniques I’ve been using is ‘slicing’ models in Rhino using the Contour command, then exporting the curves to Illustrator. The curves are cut out of flat material (usually cardboard or acrylic) on the laser cutter, then re-assembled with glue into a mock-up of the 3D model. This technique results in an economical model relatively quickly, and allows you a lot of flexibility compared to ‘unfolding’ techniques such as those used with Pepakura. It can, however, be quite tedious to re-assemble all the slices in the proper order/orientation. How to make interlocking wood designs – Ponoko Community Hub. What is a node and how do you create a good one?

How to make interlocking wood designs – Ponoko Community Hub

Advice from Dan Emery - originally posted to the Ponoko Blog. A node is typically used if your design has multiple parts that need to join together either by slotting or with a tab and hole joint. Nodes are little bumps located in the slots or on tabs in your product that are there to help compensate for material thickness variations and the laser kerf. This idea is they compress when a product is assembled providing friction at points rather than along the whole surface of the slot. This means the slot can be fractionally wider at the opening allowing the pieces to be slotted together easily but still create a snug joint.

Guidebook eng by John Yang. Website. Magic Box. Customize, create and share parametric designs in your browser.

Magic Box

They are product templates that have flexible properties that can be adjusted after the design has been made so you can change the design to your needs. What is it? Magic Box is an open-source project with the aim of promoting the use and re-use of parametric design for the creative industry.