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On innovation

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Building Collective Agility for Innovation. Agility is important to me. For me, agility and innovation have needed to always go together. I named my company Agility Innovation Specialists and at its core, we state that the value of this focus can offer a real “intensity in innovation” that we believe reflects today’s world of need. We encourage you to disrupt the accepted, to constantly challenge the current ways and push into uncomfortable territory.

We suggest you seek out customer’s unmet needs, unexplored opportunities to give a new diversity to any thinking, and then we set about accelerating these ideas to fruition. Those all need abundant and constant agility. Many of our business organizations continue to struggle with innovation and how to make it repeatable, sustaining and transformational. Often, it seems, the more large organizations attempt to become ‘agile’ the more they seem to achieve the very opposite, of rigidity. Then we have collective agility It got me curious. The big “ah-huh” for me Art and science fuse. Building Collective Agility for Innovation.