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Books you should read or try at least

Magazines, comic books, books by frelance authors +more. These are the 12 most popular books of all time. Harper Lee’s new novel 'Go Set a Watchman', the follow-up to 'To Kill a Mockingbird', is set to become one of the fastest-selling books of all time.

These are the 12 most popular books of all time

Researchers have collated the figures for the number of editions, translations and copies sold of the world’s most popular books – these are the most loved tomes: 1. The Koran 2. The King James Bible 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9 = Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll 9 = Dream of the Red Chamber, Cao Xueqin 9 = And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie 9 = The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien Source: More: The nine books deemed less valuable to humanity than the Bible. These are the 10 books every child should read before they leave school. Frances Hardinge's The Lie Tree was a surprise winner of the Costa Book of the Year award on Tuesday - becoming only the second children's book to scoop the prize.

These are the 10 books every child should read before they leave school

In a survey of 500 teachers last year, George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece 1984 beat Harry Potter to the top of a list of books that “every student should read before leaving secondary school”: 1. Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell 2. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee 3. 4. Oliver Sacks's Best Essays and Interviews. Oliver Sacks always seemed propelled by joyful curiosity.

Oliver Sacks's Best Essays and Interviews

The neurologist’s writing is infused with this quality—equal parts buoyancy and diligence, the exuberant asking of difficult questions. More specifically, Sacks had a fascination with ways of seeing and hearing and thinking. Which is another way of exploring experiences of living. He focused on modes of perception that are delightful not only because they are subjective, but precisely because they are very often faulty.

To say Sacks had a gift for this method of exploration is an understatement. Over the course of his life’s work, Sacks approached his many questions with rigorous intellect and, above all, empathy. Here’s a small sampling of some of Sacks’s great conversations and shorter reflections. “Sabbath,” The New York Times, 2015 Sacks reflects on what it means to live a good and worthwhile life — and what it took for him to achieve “a sense of peace within oneself.” “Seeing God in the Third Millennium,” The Atlantic, 2012. The 10 books every child should read before they leave school.

Online Research: Where to Start. The New York Public Library has a huge selection of online content to help with your research, whether it's finding a single article, tracing a family tree, writing a dissertation, or anything in between.

Online Research: Where to Start

Our go-to starting point for online research is our Articles & Databases page. By "databases," we really mean any website where you can access information, be it data, books, articles, sheet music, songs, videos, even guided tutorials. Many of these are purchased by NYPL, giving you access to rich, well-described material that you couldn't find just by searching through Google.

But with over 400 subscription databases and even more courtesy links to freely-available websites, it can be hard to figure out where to start. So, what are some tricks to picking your research square one? For starters, which best describes your current research need? I am looking for a specific newspaper/magazine/journal. Do you have the citation for an article and want to locate a copy?

Lion? The 100 best novels written in English – quiz. Can You Identify These Classic Novels From Their Closing Line. Jorge Luis Borges Selects 74 Books for Your Personal Library. Extracts From Adam's Diary by Mark Twain. FRIDAY -- The naming goes recklessly on, in spite of anything I can do.

Extracts From Adam's Diary by Mark Twain

I had a very good name for the estate, and it was musical and pretty -- GARDEN OF EDEN. Privately, I continue to call it that, but not any longer publicly. The new creature says it is all woods and rocks and scenery, and therefore has no resemblance to a garden. Says it LOOKS like a park, and does not look like anything BUT a park. Consequently, without consulting me, it has been new-named NIAGARA FALLS PARK. My life is not as happy as it was. SATURDAY -- The new creature eats too much fruit. SUNDAY -- Pulled through. MONDAY -- The new creature says its name is Eve. TUESDAY -- She has littered the whole estate with execrable names and offensive signs: This way to the Whirlpool This way to Goat Island Cave of the Winds this way She says this park would make a tidy summer resort if there was any custom for it.

FRIDAY -- She has taken to beseeching me to stop going over the Falls. SUNDAY -- Pulled through. TV411.