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Habits. Self. Reading Graphics. Urban planning. Trying to make sense of Israel and Palestina. Teamwork. Do your bits. The 4 Rituals That Will Make You an Expert at Anything. We hear a lot about “10,000 hours” being what it takes to become an expert.

The 4 Rituals That Will Make You an Expert at Anything

But the majority of people totally misunderstand the idea. So I decided to go to the source and talk to the guy who actually created the theory. Anders Ericsson is a professor of psychology at Florida State University. His wonderful new book is Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise. So what does everybody get wrong? First, the “10,000 hour rule” is not a rule and it’s not an exact number. In most domains it’s remarkable how much time even the most “talented” individuals need in order to reach the highest levels of performance. What’s the second mistake? Let’s learn the right way… 1) Find A Mentor The most important part of deliberate practice is solitary practice. The first step is social. Twenty things to do in your 20s.


Twenty things to do in your 20s

Behave as if you’re invincible No longer a teenager, not yet an adult. Half-fledged. How to nurture your four most important friends. If you’re one of those people who get a warm glow from browsing through their list of 400 Facebook “friends”, look away now.

How to nurture your four most important friends

New research suggests that in a crisis, you can probably count on just four of them. The paper was published this week by evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar who, not content with recommending in a 2010 study that our social circles shrink down to 150 people, now says that close friendships can only be maintained in person. It seems incredible in an age when the average person has five social media accounts that just liking your friends’ posts on Facebook doesn’t actually help your friendships survive. But it’s a lesson I learned in 2013 when one of my best friends died. I was tasked with organising the funeral as her parents lived abroad, and so I became the focal point for other people’s grief.

At first I was sympathetic and grateful for the sympathy, but quickly the calls started to irritate me. 15 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2016. I’ll admit it: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” actually changed my life. The hardest part of changing your life is getting started.

I’ll admit it: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” actually changed my life

This time last year, I was living with my boyfriend of several years—like me, in his early 30s—and we were stuck. I couldn’t tell if we were working through our final fears before making a bigger commitment, or just spiraling in and out of happy moments on our way to total dissolution. I agonized about “making a decision,” and whether I would know when—if ever—to end it. But when that moment finally came, there was no decision at all. It was just announcing the inevitable: I was moving out. Up until then, I had leaned hard on friends, family, even co-workers, and—this is New York—a therapist for support.

The Competent Adult's Checklist: How Many Of These Skills Have You Mastered? Now that you’re all grown-up, you may have realized that there are some skills that you either forgot, or never acquired, by the time you turned 18.

The Competent Adult's Checklist: How Many Of These Skills Have You Mastered?

Not everything is taught in the classroom or at home, but there are things you should already know as an adult, like time management, negotiating or being able to prepare basic meals at home. Re-reading is inefficient. Here are 8 tips for studying smarter. Losing weight at 50: How I finally won my weight war. This is when it is generally accepted that a bit of middle-age spread is normal, inevitable even.

Losing weight at 50: How I finally won my weight war

Better get used to those elasticated waistlines, ladies (and gentlemen, too, if the back pages of certain 'senior’ magazines are to be believed) as it’s all downhill from here. You can be slim at any age. If I – someone who has battled with my weight for the whole of my adult life – can finally win the war, anyone can. Advice from 30 year old me to 20 year old me. 11 things that I wish I knew when I was 20. I recently turned 30. For some very odd reason I’ve not warmed to the idea of it just yet. The 15 worst mistakes people make in their 20s. Flickr/Giuseppe MiloNo one has everything figured out.

The 15 worst mistakes people make in their 20s

The best part about your 20s is that you can recover quickly from the inevitable mistakes you'll make as you figure out how to make it in the real world. That said, there are some poor choices that have lasting effects, like not starting to save money, that are easily avoidable. We've sorted through a variety of advice from entrepreneurs and writers on Quora and found recurring themes. Here are the worst mistakes 20-somethings would be wise to avoid as they establish their professional and personal lives. They think education and talent are enough to become successful. The Bloggess.

How to Make Friends as an Adult. Best free courses & lectures. Updated June 29, 2012 Not every teacher is a great teacher.

Best free courses & lectures

Not every course is a great course. So, this list is my effort to help you separate the winners from the losers. This list of the best academic podcasts and webcasts is a work-in-progress. The Dos and Don'ts of Cultural Appropriation. Sometime during the early 2000s, big, gold, “door-knocker” hoop earrings started to appeal to me, after I’d admired them on girls at school.

The Dos and Don'ts of Cultural Appropriation

It didn’t faze me that most of the girls who wore these earrings at my high school in St. Louis were black, unlike me. And while it certainly may have occurred to me that I—a semi-preppy dresser—couldn’t pull them off, it never occurred to me that I shouldn’t. This was before the term “cultural appropriation” jumped from academia into the realm of Internet outrage and oversensitivity. Self-appointed guardians of culture have proclaimed that Miley Cyrus shouldn’t twerk, white girls shouldn’t wear cornrows, and Selena Gomez should take off that bindi. At my house, getting dressed is a daily act of cultural appropriation, and I’m not the least bit sorry about it. 13 Ways to Tell Whether It's Love or Manipulation. Telescoping: A New Way for Looking at Problems and Change. I must say, we’re pretty lucky to work in such an awesome field where we help children and adults communicate and connect with others every day.

Telescoping: A New Way for Looking at Problems and Change

What could be better? But let’s get real—no job is problem-free. That’s just part of life! So, I recommend finding a strategy for approaching and solving workplace issues. 20 Health Mistakes to Stop Making Before You Turn 40. Nixing bad habits now can help you live a healthier life down the road. by Karen Pallarito Want look and feel young into your 40s and beyond? Now's the time to hit the refresh button. "When you're in your 20s and 30s, you have forever"—or so you think, explains Heather Provino, CEO of the workplace wellness company Provant Health Solutions Inc., in East Greenwich, R.I. Do You Really Want to Know What People Think of You? Boost Critical Thinking: Let Students Use Google on Exams.

By Robert Montenegro What's the point of a high school examination? Ostensibly it's to gauge whether a student has crammed enough necessary information into his or her noggin. According to the head of a U.K. -based exam authority, we may very well be at a turning point for exams. 9 Habits to Master Before Turning 30. 'En Colombia los negros no son caballeros' Carlos Angulo Góngora. Curso gratuito de redacción para estudiantes universitarios (UNAM) - Estudiar por Internet. This free online encyclopedia has achieved what Wikipedia can only dream of. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy may be the most interesting website on the internet. Not because of the content—which includes fascinating entries on everything from ambiguity to zombies—but because of the site itself. Its creators have solved one of the internet’s fundamental problems: How to provide authoritative, rigorously accurate knowledge, at no cost to readers.

It’s something the encyclopedia, or SEP, has managed to do for two decades. The internet is an information landfill. Somewhere in it—buried under piles of opinion, speculation, and misinformation—is virtually all of human knowledge. The story of how the SEP is run, and how it came to be, shows that it is possible to create a less trashy internet—or at least a less trashy corner of it.

25 Habits That Will Make You Smarter. 4 Strategies for Remembering Everything You Learn. Why-we-have-nightmares-and-what-they-mean-10490783. These are: 1) Anxiety: Often the same people experiencing terrifying dreams are more afraid of their daytime world. 2) High dream recall, and vividness of dreams and waking imagery: Many of the people with frequent nightmares also report more vivid, beautiful, 'peak experience' dreams.

Most of the drugs which increase nightmares also increase either general anxiety (some malaria meds) or vivid dreaming in general (antidepressants). Here’s the best way to guess correctly on a multiple choice test. Older women reveal what they wish they knew when they were younger. Seventy per cent of British women feel under pressure to be the “perfect woman”, according to a survey by Sanctuary. Cuando la educación hace daño: madres tóxicas. Hablamos de madres tóxicas, no obstante, cabe aclarar también que hay padres tóxicos y abuelos tóxicos. Pilares en la educación de los niños que lejos de fomentar una madurez personal y una seguridad con la cual, poder abrirse posteriormente al mundo, no hacen más que anclar pesadas cadenas vetando por completo la independencia física y emocional de esa persona. Ahora bien, cabe decir que el rol de la madre tiene casi siempre, un peso más intenso en la educación de los niños. Science Points to the Single Most Valuable Personality Trait.

10 Habits Successful People Give Up to Increase Their Productivity. What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Richard Feynman: The Difference Between Knowing the Name of Something and Knowing Something. A Self-Made Billionaire Uses This Easy Trick for Decisions. The first chapter in Seymour Schulich’s book, Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons, offers a decision tool that adds to the simple pro-and-con list that many of us have used to make decisions. Schulich, a self-made billionaire, is one of Canada’s richest and best-known businessmen. I learned this tool in a practical mathematics course more than fifty years ago and have used it for virtually every major decision of my adult life.

Why tidying up could change your life. I am stuffing a letter between two books when I realise my possessions are in charge of me. It’s a hoarder’s attempt at tidying: hiding stuff inside other stuff. My coffee table groans under books, digital devices, coffee cups, lint rollers, newspapers and one or both of my kittens, Ollie and Sebastian. When Emotional Intelligence Goes Wrong. “People skills” are almost always assumed to be a good thing. Search employment ads and you will find them listed as a qualification for a startling array of jobs, including Applebee’s host, weight-loss specialist, CEO, shoe salesperson, and (no joke) animal-care coordinator. The notion that people smarts might help you succeed got a boost a quarter century ago, when the phrase emotional intelligence, or EI, entered the mainstream.

The Histomap. Quiz: How anxious are you? A Guide to Thesis-Writing and a Guide to Life. The Moral Bucket List. Intelligent People All Have One Thing In Common: They Stay Up Later Than You. Understanding Language - University of Southampton. Take the Habit Personality Quiz. 7 simples formas de acelerar tu metabolismo cada mañana. How To Make Friends Easily And Strengthen The Friendships You Have. What The Music You Love Says About You And How It Can Improve Your Life. How To Make Friends Easily And Strengthen The Friendships You Have. A Navy SEAL Explains 8 Secrets To Grit And Resilience. The Morning Routine Experts Recommend For Peak Productivity. What a Neuroscientist Said About Eminem’s Brain.

Mindfulness Teaches You to See the World as a Child Does. The Top 14 Things Landlords Wish Tenants Knew. The Most Important Lesson in College: How to Learn. Research Shows These 5 Simple Things Can Help You Live to 100. 9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt. Creating a New Mission Statement. Peter Bradshaw’s top 50 films of the demi-decade. From BFF to ‘Friend Divorce:’ The 5 Truths We Should Teach Our Girls About Friendship. Why You’re Better Off With a Hard-Working Child than a Smart One. Secret of healthy ageing discovered in ground-breaking 35-year study. Norton’s Latest Anthology Explores World Religion. 'Twinkle' Sparks Fireworks As Fiddler Guts Violin Method.

How to Get People to Like You: 7 Ways From an FBI Behavior Expert. An Introvert's Guide to Networking. Why Trust Is A Crucial Ingredient in Shaping Independent Learners. Great Vacation? Don't Brag to Your Friends. 1 Trick to Remember Even the Most Boring Information. Curiosity: It Helps Us Learn, But Why? : NPR Ed. How to Get People to Treat You Right: The Science Behind Trust.

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn't Exist. 42 Ways to Make People Like and Respect You. How to Go From Dreaming to Doing: 4 Steps to Motivation. The Myth of 'I'm Bad at Math'. 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your 20s Professionally. Apply. Test Your Body Language IQ. A Better Way to Introduce Your Friends at Parties. The Online Life Coach.

TEDxPhnomPenh - Colin Wright - Extreme Lifestyle Experiments. How to learn anything: Josh Kaufman at TEDxCSU. 5 techniques to speak any language: Sid Efromovich at TEDxUpperEastSide. How to learn anything: Josh Kaufman at TEDxCSU.