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A Move to Woo Oracle? Google to use OpenJDK for Android N. Recently Google made public its plans to have OpenJDK replace Oracle’s Java programming language APIs, indicating that it might want to explore the features of Java 8 with this initiative.

A Move to Woo Oracle? Google to use OpenJDK for Android N

The OpenJDK APIs will be visible in the new planned mobile operating system by Google – Android N. Google announces that the purpose behind this move is to simply ensure a common code base for developers to build services & applications. To be Online or Not, Is the Question that is. Establishing Credibility A website establishes credibility.

To be Online or Not, Is the Question that is

The digital id gives a reference and allows customers to search about the business online before making any contacts or before transacting. Digital invisibility harms real bad. Confirms Professionalism Having a website conveys that the business is contemporary and is very professional. True, that to give a very professional impression to the viewers, a website design goes a long way. Combating Competitors. Streamlined Data Refinery – Sure Shot Success in Big Data Solutions. Pentaho – the globe’s leading BI and Big Data solution provider needs no introduction when it comes to the Big Data Solutions that it encompasses in its product stack.

Streamlined Data Refinery – Sure Shot Success in Big Data Solutions

Time and again, Pentaho has kept adding refined and novel technologies in it kitty, attracting widespread clientele including Fortune 1000 companies and increasing its reach from mid size segment to large conglomerates. A major ability of Pentaho is its capability to handle large sized data integration from disparate sources like enterprise data warehouses, Hadoop and NoSQL etc. Yet another highlight that Pentaho focuses on, in its Big Data Solutions, is its big data blueprints, in which the entire limelight is on generic use cases for ETL offloading, customer analytics which go off well with high performance databases like MongoDB and Cassandra. Now, with BI and Big Data going great guns, the expectations of end users from the solutions are increasing day by day. Mobile Device Management Gears up For BYOD. Today, mobile devices dramatically change the way an Enterprise works, enabling employees to have more speed, accessibility and efficiency for tasks related to work.

Mobile Device Management Gears up For BYOD

BYOD enables the workforce to work with devices they prefer and be connected to the office anytime from anywhere. The flip side is that this very ease of accessibility to enterprise resources and networks from outside brings with it multiple security concerns. Mobile Device Management is a niche technology to address these concerns and circumvent any threats that may arise with them. Addresses vulnerability issues arising for Enterprise resources Protection of the devices themselves BYOD a Big Challenge for MDM Bring Your Own Device gives the workforce a choice to remain in vogue.

OpenShift for Java and More. Offers a Variety of Languages The best part about the OpenShift platform is, it allows the developers to choose the correct method for the given work and providing various choices for every project, as per the requirement.

OpenShift for Java and More

This way developer can code the applications in language of his choice, be it Java, Ruby, Node.js, Python, PHP or any other. Databases With OpenShift, gives access to private database instances with full control. One can have a choice between the classic relational database and modern NoSQL data stores, like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and SQLite. Extensible Cartridge System Along with the built-in languages and services, developers can add any other language, database or middleware components required for their projects, via the OpenShift Cartridge API. Enterprise Resource Planning Leading Startups to Fortune. It is not wrong to start a business with the bare minimum.

Enterprise Resource Planning Leading Startups to Fortune

Lesser investments directly correspond to saving costs. iOS Application Development - Hire iOS App Developer. iOS has slowly and surely entered into our lives and there is then no wonder that SPEC INDIA with its insight and technical finesse brings to you niche solutions for iPad and iPhone to propel refinements in the quality of your lives.

iOS Application Development - Hire iOS App Developer

The visually appealing graphics, help in quick analysis and overview convening your customer expectations for flexibility, style, excellence, amusement and simplicity of use. Contemporary techniques like IoT, Augmented Reality and Location Based Services are integrated by us to make the user experiences more purposeful. Healthcare Applications for Home Care Agencies, providing caretakers with patient history and directions to a patient’s location.

From Waterfall to Agile to DevOps – A Cultural and Technological Shift. ‘Change is the only constant’ – a known and proven fact, be it any periphery in life.

From Waterfall to Agile to DevOps – A Cultural and Technological Shift

And, IT is one of the foremost industries proving this theory. With numerous technologies paving their way forward, each and every aspect of IT undergoes a change with the blink of an eye. You see tremendous changes and innovations each time you move around to look for something in IT. Whatever role you play, you find advancements your way, the moment you start off any venture. Project Management has been the fundamental block of any IT venture. Project Execution Methodologies – Rising a Step Further. Erasing the Thin Lines Between SFA and CRM. The very thin line between the indispensable duo becomes thinner.

Erasing the Thin Lines Between SFA and CRM

Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship converge into one when they become a part of Enterprise Relationship Management. Though none need introduction, it is a tough call to differentiate one from the other. Sales Force Automation SFA, the indispensable powerful tool for sales force personnel to carry out their day to day activities with the help of contemporary techniques to simplify the otherwise complex Sales cycle of enterprises. Self-created Alluring Dashboards with Self Service BI Plug-in. With Business Intelligence engraved deeply into enterprises across the globe, the diverse facets of BI are spreading their wings all over – Self Service BI, Cloud BI, and Mobile BI.

Self-created Alluring Dashboards with Self Service BI Plug-in

There are exemplary BI tools and technologies supporting these concepts. What comes across as the most important aspect is that the information should reach out to the most vital set of audience and should be accessible in the desired format in the desired time. What better than doing it yourself your own way? Client Satisfaction Service and Maintenance Application.

Are you facing challenges of an elevated turn-around time on the field, tracking the location of your service engineers, low customer satisfaction? Be it any type of enterprise of any size of industry domain, there are apparent routine maintenance inspections, repairs and services needed by the esteemed clients as a part of the normal service and maintenance procedures. And, hence, it becomes a must to handle this part of the procedure most effectively and efficiently. Howsoever you may perform with your product manufacturing and installation, if you don’t offer prompt and quality rich service, you are doomed. You ought to lose out on client loyalty and satisfaction. There could be quite a vast variety of service and maintenance jobs on the spree. An ideal Electronic Service and Maintenance application caters to field level service activities, is of a large use to field maintenance staff / field service engineer teams.

6 Simple UI/UX Development Tips to Create Classy Designs. ‘We Believe What We See’ – Such an understated statement which has been widely accepted all these years and carries abundance of significance tagged along with it. What really makes any application stand out from the rest is primarily the visual appeal i.e. the UI/UX development of the application. Its features, performance, reports etc. – all come later, what hits the end user’s eye first is its look and design. Get Introduced to the Technical Essentials of Business Intelligence (BI) Through FAQs.

The jargon ‘Business Intelligence (BI)’ is now engraved into enterprises and business operations across the globe. It, no longer, is an individual entity which may or may not be adapted by organizations, who indeed want to turn out successful and aim high. News Detail. SPEC INDIA Associates with Consumer Goods Myanmar Ltd for ERP System Development 8-November-2015 SPEC INDIA associates with a leading FMCG company in Myanmar. It is a very reputed, established organization in the region with multiple subsidiaries catering to a vast consumer base through one of the strongest distribution channels across Myanmar for its own produces along with third party brands in non-competing segments. Keep an Eye on Vehicles with GPS Fleet Tracking System. When it comes to on-line and real-time monitoring and scrutiny of vehicles that are allotted to the field force, it is always quite cumbersome and inaccurate, if done manually. There remain many questions unanswered whether your vehicle has move on the accurate route or not, what time is it going to take to reach the client location, is the vehicle moving within the assigned boundaries or not.

The most ideal solution to all these troublesome questions is implementation of a flexible and comprehensive Vehicle Tracking System (VTS). The main fundamental on which VTS works is a perfectly coupled Global Positioning System (GPS), whose tracking feature takes care of monitoring and tracking all the vehicles and passes on the related information to the higher authorities. This GPS vehicle tracking system can be deployed on GPS enable mobile devices which pass on the co-ordinates to the server on usual basis. Process Flow of an All-inclusive Vehicle Tracking System. News Detail. Givling - Gamifying Crowdfunding with SPEC INDIA 26-November-2015 Givling, an Android based app created by SPEC INDIA is a rage with its innovative concept of gamified crowdfunding.

News Detail. Self Service BI Plug-in @ Pentaho Marketplace Added with Valuable Features to Perk Up Usefulness 24-November-2015. Healthcare Industry Benefits Leaps and Bounds with Big Data Solutions. When the data gets big, Big Data gets going. The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility for Industrial Manufacturing. News Detail. Yoli Scam Uncover Out What is Going On Here. Internet of Things-The Key to Augment Marketing. Teamwork gets a Whole New Meaning with SPEC INDIA TeamViewer Plugin. Custom Software Development Catering to the New Age User.

There was a day custom software development companies accepted the inevitable. That not there was no escape from being mobile. ASP.NET 5 with the Two Innovative Runtime Environments. An open source web application framework for the server side, ASP.NET from Microsoft needs no introduction. Built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), ASP.NET allows developers to create various software components like dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. Starting from the very first release in the early part of this decade the .NET framework today boasts of the latest entrant with ASP.NET 5. Released in July 2015, this robust programming language from Microsoft is feature rich with contemporary features to support the current day needs of Development and Deployment of Software. ASP.NET 5 Runtime Environments ASP.NET 5 is a single framework that runs on top of either .NET Core 5 runtime (Core-CLR) or the .NET Framework runtime (CLR).The runtime of choice can be selected from the Visual Studio 2015 Preview. .NET Core 5.

Continuous Integration - Catch the Bugs before They Hit you. Microsoft’s HockeyApp – Mobile Application Testing Tool. User Onboarding for Enhanced UX of Mobile Application Designs. Metamorphosis of the Software Development Outsourcing in India. FAQs That Help You Understand Business Intelligence. Robust GPS Fleet Tracking System To Keep Eye On Your Vehicle. Location Based Applications -Innovative Technologies in today’s World. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross Platform Application.

Mobile Device Management – the Need for Today. The Yummy Android Marshmallow is here ! News Detail. E-Commerce Application Development Today. Big Data Solutions Thrust to Healthcare Industry. UI / UX Development for Parallax Design. News Detail. The Perfect Choice for Big Data Analytics. Hire Android App Developers from India. News Detail. Cloud Computing with Integrated Services at its Best. News Detail. Prime Reasons why Java Application Development Continues to Rule.

The Smashing New Apple watchOS 2 Coming This Fall. News Detail. Smart Faces. Enterprise CRM – the Need for Today. Deployment Via Container Virtualization Technology with Docker. Java in the World Today. Mobile Sales Force Automation Coupled with Business Intelligence – A Comprehensive Solution. Cloud BI – Reloading Business Intelligence Applications.

Top Reasons to Invest in Customer Relationship Management. News Detail. Digitally Empowered India for Tomorrow's India. News Detail. News Detail. News Detail. UI/UX Design for the Wearables. 6 Prime Reasons Why Custom Software Development Is a Perfect Fit for your Requirements. Bringing Together Embedded Analytics and BI Solutions. Flux and React.js – Complementing Each Other. Top Java Tools for Implementing the Java Lifecycle. User-manage-pr. How can eCRM Enhance Customer Retention? An Exhibit of Enterprise Services and Solutions Proposed by SPEC INDIA @ JITW 2015. News Detail. News Detail. iPhone now Offers Innovative Technology for Crowdsourcing Collaborative Medical Research. Microsoft’s HockeyApp – A Well-liked Mobile Application Testing Tool.