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Sarah Westwood

Recruitment consultant and glamour model and actress

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The expression, and the way the red bra lends just a touch of support, is just totally erotic. Sarah is VERY good at her job – dancer44

Burlesque Model.

There was something about the 50s style, and Sarah has captured this in spades! – dancer44

Burlesque Birmingham.

Another erotic shot, looks spontaneous enough but I suspect thought and time went into this pose – dancer44

Burlesque Birmingham. Burlesque Midlands. Burlesque Birmingham.

Again extremely erotic, every businessman's Monday morning fantasy – dancer44

Midlands Glamour Model.

Still one I keep coming back to - a very firm favourite! – dancer44
There is a lot to take in on this shot....near perfect – dancer44

UK Glamour Model.

Another of my favourites. ..and yes gorgeous legs! !! – dancer44

Sexy Sarah Glamour Model.

Wonderful expression.....haughty can be very erotic – dancer44

Sarah Westwood Burlesque Model.

Perfect choice (for me anyway) of lingerie – dancer44

Birmingham Burlesque. Sarah Westwood Birmingham Glamour Model.

How to make even a simple button through dress look uber sexy – dancer44

Female users from United Kingdom working as Glamour [1 - 14], total of 14 found Google+ trends and statistics. Please feel free to get in touch, we value your feedback All Education.

Female users from United Kingdom working as Glamour [1 - 14], total of 14 found Google+ trends and statistics

Sarah Westwood Hereford Glamour Model.

Great shot.......the modesty makes it even more erotic – dancer44

Hereford Burlesque. Burlesque UK. Sarah Westwood Glamour Model. Sarah Westwood. Sarah Westwood Glamour Model 213. Sarah Westwood Glamour Model. Sarah Westwood Glamour Model.

Just revisited this....and it loses none of it's appeal – dancer44
Another simple shot where the angle and the view of stocking tops makes it special – dancer44

Sarah Westwood.

How to heat a room with a photograph? – dancer44

Sarah Westwood Worcester Glamour Model. Worcester Burlesque.

A wonderful shot...the expression is awesome – dancer44

Sarah Westwood.

The underwear looks it is from somewhere expensive...usually this is to do something for the woman wearing it. This time Sarah does something for the underwear.... – dancer44

Sarah Westwood.

There is erotic, and there is sensual. This is both – dancer44

Sarah Westwood.

What seems a straightforward and informal snapshot repays more careful attention....beautiful! – dancer44

Sarah Westwood.

Really didn't expect an acknowledgement. And my comments weren't kind but honest. have, are, something special. I get the feeling you could have flu and be dressed in a bin liner and still look better than most women. Peter – dancer44
Dancer 44 Thank you for all your kind comments Sarah x – sarahwestwood
I have never see a photograph of Sarah that wasn't in some way exceptionally erotic and memorable...this joins that collection and probably heads the list. Some women get better and better with age, and I think Sarah is definitely in that group – dancer44

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