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Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell is a financial expert in 123 Loan for me. She possesses interest in helping customers to meet their financial objectives and try her best to develop a clear understanding for each customer’s specific situations. She is devoted to staying aware of changes in the financial market trends and the financial products to offer the best service to her customers. She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. For more info visit at

Credit-Reporting Firms Are Making Changes To Ease Credit Rating. The three credit-confirming agencies say they’ll change the way they manage records, including making the dispute procedure simpler for customers and providing a waiting before medical obligations are reported.

Credit-Reporting Firms Are Making Changes To Ease Credit Rating

Consumer advocates have long sought for an update. Data collected through the agencies on huge numbers of people are used to create credit ratings, which could determine who will get financing and just how much interest rates are compensated with that loan. Under the changes introduced on Monday, individuals who contest products within their credit reports will get more information concerning individual disputes, including instructions on which they are able to do when they can’t stand the solution they get.

In a bid to increase accuracy, medical obligations will not be reported until following a 180-day waiting period to allow time for insurance obligations to be applied. The alterations will start to be implemented within the next few months. 3 Small Business Tax Mistakes To Avoid. 3 Small Business Tax Mistakes To Avoid The tax season is rolling in and make sure you stay away from typical small business tax mistakes like pricey penalties, costs and audits. small business tax mistakes Written by: Sarah Russell Date Published: 03/21/2015 All of us get some things wrong every so often, whether it’s moving through a stop sign, failing to remember an anniversary or forgetting the wallet in the club.

3 Small Business Tax Mistakes To Avoid

Whenever you manage a small company, staying away from any pricey penalties, costs and audits in the IRS is vital. 123LoanForMe. Contact 123LoanForMe. Learn About 123LoanForMe. Working Capital Loans. To effectively run and manage a business, cash flow is the key.

Working Capital Loans

When vendors take time to pay, and unforeseen expenses emerge, having a sufficient amount of working capital in hand is important for business growth. Often businesses require quick access to cash to capitalize an emerging business opportunity. And banks take too long to get you approved, if they approve it at all. At 123LoanForMe, we have been providing working capital loan to small businesses since 2002, offering funding solutions rapidly and successfully. Fast Funding in Days Not Months 123LoanForMe specializes in working capital financing for small businesses. Benefits Of Our Working Capital Loans. Small Business Loans. There is no size criteria for the businesses to get qualified for 123 Loan, also there is no collateral and credit history required unlike other traditional lenders. 123 loans can also be made to small businesses who are struggling in their way towards glory and success.

Small Business Loans

Restaurant Equipment Loans. Whether you need to open a new café or restaurant, expand and open a new location, launch a café or restaurant franchise, or just redesign or change your existing equipment, 123LoanForMe restaurant equipment finance program might help.

Restaurant Equipment Loans

We've over ten years of experience supporting restaurateurs, franchisees, and bar proprietors across America, and will help you quickly and effectively have the grilles, ovens, ventilation systems, tap lines, keg shelves, fire suppression systems, fridges, freezers, along with other equipment and furniture you have to keep the business running viably. Keep your restaurant business ahead of competition – make use of a restaurant equipment loan to outfit a brand new store, replace old equipment, or as collateral. Make the most of our competitive rates having a loan that's distinctively customized to the requirements of your business. Benefits Of Our Restaurant Equipment Loans. Business Line Of Credit. Entrepreneurs frequently encounter difficulties controlling their cash flow consequently of periodic credit demands and time gaps between capital needs and revenue realization.

Business Line Of Credit

This is also true of business start-ups throughout their initial phases of development once they haven't varied enough to develop a constant positive income. Once inventory continues to be bought, it's important to ride the cycle until accounts receivables have been collected. Without sufficient capital, a significant cash problem could develop.

These kinds of cash problems have forced small business owners to shut down businesses which were earning money, but simply went shattered. Business Cash Advance. A Business Cash Advance is definitely an alternative unsecured cash advance particularly for companies that have been turned down for any customary loan.

Business Cash Advance

Bad credit, amount of time in business, or perhaps a small loan request can stop you from getting a loan. 123LoanForMe is an expert in assisting small companies to secure the capital they require no matter their situation. 123LoanForMe can help small businesses find the most effective business cash advance. We're the country’s best and reliable alternative lender. We are able to size-up an offer rapidly and see which route is the greatest to consider and which kind of funding works perfect for your circumstances.

A lower rate and shorter-term is warranted and in other cases a greater rate and long term is sensible. Bad Credit Business Loans. Getting a business loan is difficult for companies with bad credit.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Getting approved for any business loan from the bank having a credit rating of 650 or lower could be very difficult. Regrettably for new companies bad credit is a very common dilemma. Small business owners rapidly discover their initial business loan was useful in creating and setting up - but expansion, maintenance or perhaps growth requires additional funding which might not necessarily be accessible. 123LoanForMe. 123LoanForMe. 123LoanForMe offers instant access to working capital.


With instant approval and quick transfer, your business can take benefit of the future prospects and can stay competitive. Unlike banking institutions, which require bulky documentation and have annoying loan process, 123LoanForMe has dedicated financial advisors to help you with your loan process. 1step Apply for quick business financing today. We get you quick approval in minutes based upon your business performance and not on your credit score. Minimal paperwork requiredConvenient and accessibleMultiple Loan optionsLower rates of interest 2step Get up to $500,000 for your business. You choose the amount and once approved, it will be directly transfer in to your account. More than 95% approval rateQuick funding in 3-5 business daysHassle-free repayment optionsNo financial/tax returns required 3step When banks aren’t helping, we can help!

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