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- Sarah Kayti... :) - I'm 18 [04-07-1993] - I dropped out of beauty school. and i dont care what others think about that! - I dont really have a religion. - I do make mistakes, I am human. - I am loud, opinionated, free-spirited, lovable, intelligent, daring, an over-thinker, blunt, rude, talkative, determinated & creative. - I live my life by no regrets ♥ - I am single. I have been forever<3 - My friends mean the world to me, meaning I'd do anything for them. - I love food! i guess you can call it an addiction!♥ - I attend Columbus Culinary Institute! - Texting is an addiction, so you should hit me up(: - Want more? The message button is at the top of the screen. ♥