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Sustainability and fashion

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As the fashion industry progresses, brands are beginning to become more aware of how they can act ethically in order to gain a positive brand image. However some countries and cultures are still using materials from animals, and using cheap labour in bad conditions.

Although how much we know as a consumer depends on how much a brand and the media want us to know, much is hidden unless consumers and rights activists can expose them. No one wants your old clothes. Updated | Visitors who stepped into fashion retailer H&M’s showroom in New York City on April 4, 2016, were confronted by a pile of cast-off clothing reaching to the ceiling.

No one wants your old clothes

A T.S. Eliot quote stenciled on the wall (“In my end is my beginning”) gave the showroom the air of an art gallery or museum. In the next room, reporters and fashion bloggers sipped wine while studying the half-dozen mannequins wearing bespoke creations pieced together from old jeans, patches of jackets and cut-up blouses. This cocktail party was to celebrate the launch of H&M’s most recent Conscious Collection. The actress Olivia Wilde, spokeswoman and model for H&M’s forays into sustainable fashion, was there wearing a new dress from the line.

7 Eco-Friendly Fashion Labels To Know Now - Sustainable, Green, and Chic Fashion Designers. For Fall 2010, Chanel used their show to highlight Global Warming and used Faux-Fur to signify the move to 'Fun Fur' Sustainable Fashion Is Legit Wearable – Day 2 Of Lakme Fashion Week Tells Us How. How does anyone get sustainable fashion right?

Sustainable Fashion Is Legit Wearable – Day 2 Of Lakme Fashion Week Tells Us How

Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive’16 dedicated Day 2 to the cause of fashion-conscious designers, and the IDiva team concluded that there is no one quintessential formula for sustainability. If your intent is to wear fashion that has a conscience to it, these are the designers who will give you a definitive head start. Urban Outfitters Bares All. The main corridor in Building 18, Anthropologie’s headquarters | Photograph by Christopher Leaman America’s original naval shipyard is in Philadelphia, at the southern tip of the city, where the Schuylkill River meets the Delaware — 900 acres that were once a literal island, a teardrop of land floating at the bottom of the city like a dot on an exclamation point.

Urban Outfitters Bares All

Even after construction crews filled the back channel to glue the dot to the mainland, the Navy Yard remained an island in spirit and function, a city unto itself. Warships were built there. At the yard’s peak during the Second World War, nearly 60,000 craftspeople and laborers jammed together each day to make cruisers, destroyers, battleships and aircraft carriers for the U.S. Navy, toiling in a waterfront cluster of hot, noisy, cavernous brick buildings, some of which were painted dull gray and shielded to prevent leaking light from revealing their location to enemy bombers. How ethical fashion brand People Tree empowers people and the planet. Has the concept of Ethical Fashion changed since you first started out?

How ethical fashion brand People Tree empowers people and the planet

Very much so. Twelve years ago when I first launched People Tree in Japan we felt like the only ones – we were telling journalists that even though you don't EAT your clothes, organic is important: we were proving that Fair Trade Fashion was well designed – not hemp sacks. H&M on Conscious Materials. Is Fashion a Credible Platform for Protest? LONDON, United Kingdom — Last week in Paris, Chanel appropriated the visual signifiers of feminist protest for its seasonal runway show.

Is Fashion a Credible Platform for Protest?

In a finale led by Karl Lagerfeld, a bevy of supermodels took to a catwalk christened “Boulevard Chanel” holding signs with slogans such as “History is Her Story,” “Make Fashion Not War,” and “Tweed Is Better Than Tweet.” On the same day in Hong Kong, a genuine protest was underway. Protesting for the right to democratically elect a candidate of their own choosing, tens of thousands of Hong Kongers formed crowds that throbbed and swelled in the city’s streets.

Playing out against this backdrop, the “faux-test” staged on Boulevard Chanel rang especially hollow, repackaging political riot as a light-hearted, Instagram-savvy performance. Russian mink farms where thousands are slaughtered and left to rot to make $1m coats. These disturbing pictures expose the macabre truth about the fur farms in Russia and China which supply the fashion market in the world's leading cities, including London, Paris and New York.

Russian mink farms where thousands are slaughtered and left to rot to make $1m coats

Across ten time zones, the images show the reality of mink and sable gulags - many set up during the harsh Communist past - where prized animals are bred for slaughter, bringing in millions of pounds to the Russian economy every single year. An investigation by MailOnline also reveals the appalling conditions in which wild animals, including different types of fox, are captured and killed, from being skinned alive to being poisoned by the faeces in the air, and reveals the heartless farm owners who can't see beyond their profits. And there are certainly profits to be made: a sable 'blanket' sold for a record-breaking $900,000 to a royal just a few years ago, while a coat at last year's Fendi show was rumoured to have a price tag of $1.2million. Greenpeace Announce the Stars of Their Detox Catwalk 2016. Throwaway Clothing Culture, Ivanka Trump vs Working Moms.

"Pressure Mounts on Retailers to Reform Throwaway Clothing Culture" (The Guardian) "Americans dispose of about 12.8m tons of textiles annually.

Throwaway Clothing Culture, Ivanka Trump vs Working Moms

But a growing number of environmentalists and clothing retailers say it’s time to begin making new clothes out of old items on a large scale, reports Yale Environment 360. " "Ivanka Trump Champions Working Moms — Except the Ones Who Design Her Clothes" (The Washington Post) "The company that designs her clothing line, including the $157 sheath she wore during her convention speech, does not offer workers a single day of paid maternity leave. " "Indian Apparel Makers Try on Ethical Supply Chains for Size" (Reuters) "Handloom attire was once regarded as fit only for politicians and villagers — now it's seeing a revival, with demand growing for ethical fashion, even as mass-market clothing still dominates. " Sustainability in the Fashion Industry - Supply Chains Effect on the Environment. As one of the biggest players in the global economy, the fashion industry has a responsibility to help protect the environment.

Sustainability in the Fashion Industry - Supply Chains Effect on the Environment

We’re commemorating this Earth Week by asking some tough questions about our impact on the planet and what we can do about it. We’ll also be profiling people and companies who are instigating change. We’re calling the series “,” and to kick things off, Maya Singer takes a look at the harsh realities of the fashion supply chain. Placing Sustainability at the Heart of Kering. PARIS, France — Sustainability is embedded in the very concept of luxury.

Placing Sustainability at the Heart of Kering

A cornerstone of luxury is the long-lasting endurance of an item. And if one of the key roles of our industry is to beautify the world, we have no greater responsibility than to do so ethically and sustainably. We may have short-term goals, like setting trends or designing new products. Protecting Female Workers, Primark on Sustainability, Cotton R... "Low Wages, Unsafe Conditions and Harassment: Fashion Must Do More to Protect Female Workers" (The Guardian) "While approximately 80% of the world’s garment workers are women, the number of women heading the 15 largest mass-market apparel companies on the Fortune 500 list is zero.

Protecting Female Workers, Primark on Sustainability, Cotton R...

" "'I Don't Like Setting Targets' — How Primark Plans to Forge Its Own Path for Ethical and Environmental Change" (Business Green) "According to Lister, the firm's low prices are not achieved through artificially depressing worker's wages and eroding supply chain standards, as some critics allege, but through a combination of volume buying, zero advertising, and tight margins.

" "How Cotton Recovery is Changing the Game for Sustainable Fashion" (Triple Pundit) "I:CO has created a closed-loop system in which textiles and shoes can be recycled and remade into new products. " "Can the Throw-Away Fashion Industry Lead a New Trend Toward Sustainability? "