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IoT Healthcare Applications and Benefits. The global pandemic caused due to COVID-19 has given scope to new inventions in the internet of things healthcare market.

IoT Healthcare Applications and Benefits

A news report stated that the future of IoT in healthcare will be prioritized and facilitated by IoT service providers once the chaos caused by the COVID-19 ends. The report also said that IoT will further modernize healthcare, create new preventive channels, and manage health-related disasters more efficiently. How IoT Helps to Fight Against the Spread of COVID-19. WHO on March 11th declared Covid19 as a global pandemic which itself reveals the magnitude and fatal effect of this virus.

How IoT Helps to Fight Against the Spread of COVID-19

In this current situation, still, countries around the world are facing challenges to contain this virus from further spreading through self-disciplinary action of social distancing. The technologies, however, help the businesses go up and running to prevent global economic slowdown. IoT Healthcare solutions - Remote Patient Monitoring System. To embrace the Internet of things technology in the healthcare system, proper infrastructure support equipped with cutting edge technology is important.

IoT Healthcare solutions - Remote Patient Monitoring System

Over the last decade, the developing countries have also seen tremendous growth in the smart healthcare system which was initially streamlined by the western countries alone. According to an article published in, Nexleaf Philanthropic Relations Coordinator Natalie Evans says “IoT and sensor technologies have an incredible potential to overcome resource and infrastructure challenges in low-income countries.” The App association forecasts predicted that 40% of the connected healthcare market will come from developing countries. IoT Healthcare Companies You Can Trust in 2020. The role of IoT in the healthcare industry has been transformed by top IoT healthcare solution providers.

IoT Healthcare Companies You Can Trust in 2020

IoT healthcare companies have created a path for new innovation, smarter systems and digital healthcare solutions. As stated by the Market Insights Reports,The global IoT in healthcare market was valued at $55.5 billion in 2019.The report also suggested that the market would grow at a CAGR of over 25% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2026. Moreover, with the current global pandemic of COVID-19, top healthcare IoT companies are vying opportunities to further this growth and invent newer IoT healthcare solutions.

7 Best DevOps Service Providers to Accelerate Your Software Delivery Process. Want to get 200X more frequent deploy with 24X faster recovery times then adopting a DevOps culture to your organization is an optimal solution.

7 Best DevOps Service Providers to Accelerate Your Software Delivery Process

NASA after implementing DevOps, they managed to reduce the security patching drastically from multiple days to just 45 mins. A lot of tech giants already reaping the benefit by selecting a top DevOps solution provider company and using the appropriate DevOps tools and DevOps strategies for their organization. Here’s a carefully curated list of top DevOps consulting service providers, based on the customer reviews, their annual revenue and positive feedbacks from best company research sites. Choosing the best DevOps service provider helps to accelerate the software delivery pipeline by implementing a DevOps culture with right DevOps practices and tools. 1. Contus a leading Software as a Product (SaaP) company provides Digital Engineering services along with video streaming services and real-time chat communication platform. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Top Use Cases For Industrial IoT Development. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)has a transformative role to play in the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as we know it.

Top Use Cases For Industrial IoT Development

Industrial IoT development has already proven its mettle in use cases spanning many industries, this list will continue to grow in number and expand in scope. What is Industrial IoT? The term refers to sensors, machinery and instruments that are networked together within industrial setups including energy and manufacturing. In this technology, sensors are fixed to physical assets and then connected to each other to function as a network. IoT Based Asset Management Solution. According to the Business Insider, Cisco one of the largest logistics provider in the world, has estimated that their Revenue On Investment has increased to $1.9 trillion dollars with assets management .

IoT Based Asset Management Solution

Thanks to the constantly evolving IoT technologies with asset tracking solutions. With attached sensors and tracking tags, now retrieving real-time data is a cake walk. As with many automotive industry, importing auto parts from various regions is inevitable. In these scenarios, real-time data tracking provides the exact transit location, current temperature, gives a heads-up for any hazard condition in the roadways and so on. “Increase your Uptime with real-time asset visibility” While asset management immensely benefit from startup to large scale enterprises, a reliable customized tracking system is essential for building a robust organizational model. Top best 7 leading industrial iot solution providers.

How to Implement DevOps to Automate the Software Delivery Process. Patrick Debois coined the termed “DevOps” nearly a decade ago is no more a buzzword in the Software industry.

How to Implement DevOps to Automate the Software Delivery Process

Well we can say it has gained momentum tremendously and growing in the right path. According to statisca, it has grown up to 17% in 2018, a 10% increase from its previous year and gets more exciting in 2019. DevOps Implementation Strategy – Why do we need DevOps? “The most crucial element of any successful DevOps Implementation is an effective cultural collaboration within the organization. GPS Fleet Tracking System for Vehicles. “The Global Market Value of Fleet Management System is expected to grow USD 28.66 Billion by 2022 at a (CAGR) Compound Annual Growth Rate of 15.8%.”

Top Trusted IoT App Development Companies. Global market for IoT will grow 457 billion by 2020.

Top Trusted IoT App Development Companies

Here we look at the Top 7 IoT app development companies based on several metrics like customer reviews, usage of the best IoT technological stack, providing the Enterprises increased scalability, cost, and connectivity. The following IoT consulting companies lists are chosen based on various metrics like customer reviews, product scalability, work culture, expertize level in the IoT development services and so much more. 1. How Smart Metering Solution Helps to scale up the Utility Sector. “What if your utility meter acts like a big daddy here and talks back to you about your usage & advises you where your consumption is high & how you can safe?”

How Smart Metering Solution Helps to scale up the Utility Sector

Well! That’s a Smart metering solution! We are not far behind and not fully there yet! But with the internet of things development surely we are getting there at full throttle! Top IoT Trends in 2020 to Shaping Your Business. The current Internet of Things trends makes life easier for the betterment of humankind. In this era of sensors, data insights derived from the data visualization tools and other techniques are transforming the world digitally by interconnecting with each other. 1. AI with IoT The number one on our list of IoT trends in 2020 is Artificial Intelligence. Hire a Dedicated Full Stack Developer And How Much Does It Cost? “Jack of all trades, but master of none” A Well said figure of speech that is ideally flattened for a Full Stack developer. So, What makes so special about a full stack developer?

Have you ever seen someone who has the potential to act, sing, direct a movie, be a DJ, Compose and greatly Produce it? Certainly Yes, and they might not have won any Grammy or Oscar awards but they have tons of experience and proficiency. The Similar concept plays here, 6 Essential Tips on How to Become a Full Stack Developer - By. How to become a full stack developer?

As one of the hottest topics for developers, the discussions have never stopped. On LinkedIn and Facebook, lots of people put their job title as a full stack developer. Besides, it seems that the “Full Stack” topic has already become a new job trend. An article on Medium has discussed the full stack designer getting both praise and blame. IoT App Development Companies. IoT for Smart Agriculture. Agriculture is no more about doing the hard work in the hundreds and thousands of acres under the scorching sun or damp rainy weather. But it’s all about smart work. The role of IoT in agriculture is evolving rapidly and smart farming is the need of the hour. As the famous saying goes, the traditional list of the three basic needs for humankind is ‘Food, clothing, and Shelter,’ Food always remains the first and foremost basic necessity. To feed the evergoing population which, is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the agriculture industry must follow a much vigorous model to meet the demand.

IoT Data Visualization for IoT Platforms and Applications. Why Implementing DevOps is Beneficial for your Organization. In 2019, as DevOps is celebrating its 11th birthday, nearly a decade ago, DevOps was born from the idea of two like-minded developers. They met at an Agile Conference in Toronto who later on went ahead and created an Agile System Administration group aiming to provide an effective collaboration between the developer teams and system administration teams. 5 Reasons Why Healthcare Industry Need IoT. Introduction. Best DevOps Service Providers.