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Global Teams International Christian Missionary Group | To See The Heart of Christ In The Skin Of Every Culture. How Not to Be Weird: Living Lives That Make Sense – Business as Mission. Business as Mission | Ordinary People Series | Soma. Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done… In Business: Report from the Business as Mission Global Think Tank - Malyon Workplace. It is easy to pray the Lord’s Prayer without really thinking about the words isn’t it. Neil Hudson (p. 9) challenges us to think a little more deeply (and indeed carefully) about what we are praying: These are big words. These are huge words really. Hallowed. Kingdom. Dr Rod St Hill, Dean of the School of Business at Christian Heritage College, Brisbane, is the co-author/editor of the just released report from the Business as Mission Global Think Tank entitled, “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done… In Business: Biblical Foundations for Business as Mission” (see Table of Contents opposite).

The report takes a very serious look at what it might mean for the kingdom to come in the world of business and provided a through discussion about how the world of business might contribute to God’s purposes in the world. Here’s the Executive Summary but anyone involved in the world of business and entrepreneurship would benefit greatly from reading the full report: Jesus was a servant. BAM Foundations: Business As Mission. So what exactly is Business as Mission?

In its original intent (I coined it so I can say this!) It meant that business—my job, my company, my skills—can and should be deliberately connected to what God is doing in the world, i.e. His mission. Nothing more. Nothing less. Over the past 25 years, the term Business as Mission and the concept has been adulterated and abused. Ethical Business—simply being honest in a Christian sort of wayBusiness as Visa—setting up fake or quasi-fake businesses in the effort to secure an entry visa for missionary work in a restricted access countryPoverty Alleviation—programs to help the poor make a better livingBusiness Justification—making business OK or more valuable to God by somehow doing it overseas (I write as an American) And there are many more aberrations. Business as Mission is based on a four cornered foundation: Calling Business is, like any other vocation, a call from God. Moreover, as a calling from God, business is equal to all other callings. Interview with Daniel Jean-Louis -- Transformational Business in Haiti.

Business and Church Planting: Made for Each Other! – Business as Mission. Mats Tunehag -- The BAM Movement. Forever Crystals: A Missional Business with Latin Flair – Business as Mission. Lessons From the Edge: Living the Gospel Among Unreached People – Business as Mission. Business as mission. Dwight Nordstrom -- Larger Size BAM Companies. Unreached Peoples Do You Know The Real Deal. Mats Tunehag - Business Round Table 2014. 5 Risk Factors Guaranteed to Doom A BAM Business – Business as Mission. 011 Ken Eldred – Silicon Valley Entrepreneur of the Year on Perfect Alignment | Leaders Living Life Fully.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | | More Subscribe Options Click to Download and Listen Now! Download and Listen for Android In this interview with Ken Eldred, Founder, Former President & CEO Inmac, a Public Company, and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur of the Year, shares how he integrated the secular and sacred to create an incredible life. Many of us believe the key to resolving the tension between work and faith lies in a more balanced life. “Compartmentalization is a serious problem that confronts Christians everyday. The key to changing that mindset is “redeeming” the vast majority of our time and the hours devoted to work. What You Will Learn Resources Click Here for The Integrated Life Click here for God is at Work Join Mr.

Bio Ken Eldred is CEO of Living Stones Foundation Charitable Trust and Chairman of the Board of Advisors of Parakletos @ Ventures. Mr. Prayer in the Business: We are the Branches – Business as Mission. Mats Final Video. Getting Out, Getting In, Staying In, Sinking In: Church Planting and Business Today – Business as Mission. Business as Mission with Chinese Characteristics | ChinaSource. Business as mission is an increasingly popular ministry approach, particularly in areas and regions that are not open to more traditional types of missionary work. Joe Maxwell, writing for Christianity Today in 2007, gives an excellent overview: BAM practitioners use business ventures not only to make a financial profit, but to act as an avenue for the gospel.

They administer their companies like any Christian running a business: ethically, honestly, and with concern for the business's neighbors. Yes, they exist to provide jobs and services and to make profits. As the church in China matures, and looks for more ways to be salt and light in society, business as mission is increasingly seen as a viable means for evangelism.

Zhao Xiao, a Christian economist in China is one if its most out-spoken proponents. Regarding workplace missionaries, Dr. The famous city of Dali, Yunnan Province has long been a popular travel destination because of its unique natural landscape. 8 BAMers Share Their Stories: How Did You Prepare to Launch? – Business as Mission. Tentmaking Briefs - your tentmaking business as mission monthly. Four Characteristics of High Performing Kingdom Companies Twelve Kingdom Companies operating in the same country and culture were producing completely different results. While six were thriving, meeting or exceeding their financial and spiritual goals, six others struggled to survive financially and to show any spiritual impact. What was the difference? Were there common factors which could help other businesses identify best practices and be more effective. An in-depth look at these companies revealed some common themes. Kingdom Companies that were producing positive ministry and business results tended to have four traits in common: A blessing orientation Openness regarding purpose and identity Partnership with local churches and ministries High cultural adaptation Conversely, low performers had four contrasting characteristics in common.

A converting orientation Secrecy regarding purpose and identity Independence, preferring not to partner with others Low cultural adaptation Notes. Brian Chan: The Danger of Business as Missions [MBA Distinguished Speaker Series] How They Got Started: 3 Different Routes into Business as Mission – Business as Mission. 9 Ministries That Satisfy the Great Commission - Mission to the World. Matthew 28:18-20, more commonly known as the Great Commission, is centered on the imperative that the Christian Church “make disciples.” This non-negotiable mandate is frequently misconstrued as evangelism. This perspective does not correspond with the intent of the original text or the rest of Scripture.

The making of converts through evangelism is clearly valuable and mandated in Scripture, but the Great Commission is about taking those converts are coming alongside them for a lifetime of learning God’s ways. Discipling is the act of Christian believers who are being instructed by other Christian believers. A conversion is a valuable beginning to a long journey. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Showing a film, handing out a tract, constructing a house, hosting a medical clinic, and feeding the poor are all biblical and Christ honoring ministries. Jesus tells us a disciple is someone who abides in His Word (John. 8:31). Mike Pettengill is an MTW missionary serving in Equatorial Guinea. Triple Bottom Line #1: A BAM business will be profitable and sustainable.

The Triple Bottom Line is a guiding force for the Business As Mission (BAM) movement. This is the first of a 3-part series briefly examining the meaning of each of the three bottom lines that drive BAM businesses, starting with Triple Bottom Line #1: For most of the 20th century businesses and MBA programs would answer the question, “What is the goal of your business?” With a simple response, “to maximize shareholder value” or “to make a profit”. However, the real goal of business is more importantly to serve others and bring glory to God. The original purposes of God are evidenced in the Creation Mandate that he is a God of enterprise, creativity and production – for His glory.

“To provide the community with goods and services that will enable it to flourish” and "To provide opportunities for meaningful work that will allow employees to express their God-given creativity.”1 In recent years, many business people have come to the conclusion that there is a wider purpose of business. Life Encounters Life: The Integration of Business and Mission – Business as Mission. Business As Mission 2015. Do Business for God - Christian Finances, Money Management, Debt. Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Jeff Van Duzer's book, Why Business Matters to God (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed), (InterVarsity Press, 2010).

Business is much more than just a way to make money. It's work that matters to God - work that can be a valuable part of helping to redeem this broken world. Business has value beyond the income it generates for you to donate to churches and charities, and beyond the platform it gives you to share your faith with other people. The actual work you do in business has great intrinsic value, because it helps shape the kind of world in which we live. Here's how you can do business for God: Provide goods and services to your community that will enable it to flourish.

Your business can serve your community in valuable ways by providing products and services that people need. Provide opportunities for meaningful work that will allow employees to express their God-given creativity. How to Pray: Practical Guidelines for a BAM Company – Business as Mission.