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Bob and Lee welcome you. Shunt. Curious. WILDWORKS is an international theatre company, based in Cornwall - The Beautiful Journey. Goat Island Performance Group. Blind Ditch. Punchdrunk. Wrights & Sites. Forced Entertainment.

There are considerable educational resources - funding requirements place a requirement for practitioners to explain or disseminate their work. Students often use this uncritically, but it is extremely helpful to have this kind of material available. – sarahinthepark

Blast Theory. Because of our focus on interaction, technology has been a key driver, enabler and determinant of the work we make.

Many artists are involved in scholarly documentation and dissemination of their own work in the first place. Getting students to do this kind of delving is difficult, and could be embedded by thinking about how to find reliable sources, or to visual their research using a system like pearl trees. – sarahinthepark

Despite starting with no technical skills we have developed a practice that engages deeply with developers and researchers.

Blast Theory

Through these partnerships we generally develop bespoke software for our projects. Our research is usually tightly tied to the development of a particular work or series or works. We have focused on the intersection between technology and culture, with a specific focus on Human Computer Interaction.