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British Vogue Announces Edward Enninful Editor-in-Chief. Edward Enninful has today been unveiled as the new Editor-In-chief of British Vogue, following Alexandra Shulman’s departure in January after 25 years.

British Vogue Announces Edward Enninful Editor-in-Chief

Enninful will leave his six-year position as Fashion + Creative Director at W Magazine to take up the much coveted role at Vogue in August; making him the first male in 100 years of British Vogue history to take a lead on the magazine. Announced this morning Condé Nast International Chairman and Chief Executive Jonathan Newhouse, branded Edward Enninful “an influential figure in the communities of fashion, Hollywood and music which shape the cultural zeitgeist”, adding that “by virtue of his talent and experience, Edward is supremely prepared to assume the responsibility of British Vogue.”

Read more on B. The Communications Agency welcomes VON DUTCH. Following a soft launch in 2016, legendary accessories & casualwear brand Von Dutch is BACK and have appointed b. the communications agency to handle its official UK relaunch and communication strategy.

B. The Communications Agency welcomes VON DUTCH

In addition to core press office, b.’s remit will include digital influencer and VIP initiatives, and events; repositioning the brand to cult status whilst connecting with new local and global audiences. Groupe Royer purchased Von Dutch in 2009, looking after the brand’s global licensing development, trademark protection & brand development. Von Dutch is distributed in the UK by District J, who were also the original distributers for the brand the first time around. Von Dutch is currently stocked at ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and a selection of other independent retailers across the UK. For more information, please contact Megan Freebury at b. the communications agency Website: Instagram: @vondutchuk.

B Public Relations: How Can A PR Agency Help Boost Business. If you’re in the fashion business, you probably already know that there’s stiff competition in this industry.

B Public Relations: How Can A PR Agency Help Boost Business

How can you get a step ahead? A PR agency in London can help in creating a vibrant strategy that covers everything from events, creative, social and the digital landscape. From web page artwork, Facebook advertising and sponsored tweets to managing press trips, visual direction and guest list management; it takes a professional company to create and run a strategy that can lead to lasting results. Experience counts. An integral part of the PR strategy particularly in the beauty and fashion industry is to influence the right people.

Whether it is through print, social or digital means, it takes a professional PR agency to create, execute and monitor a campaign in the best way possible. Get the basics right Any top fashion PR agency will tell you to set the foundation prior to building a campaign. To begin with, identify your goals and objectives. Where do you want your brand to go? PR Agency London – Fashion PR, Beauty PR, Lifestyle Pr Agencies. Fashion PR Agencies London. Represents.

Fashion PR Agencies London The city of London is known for its fashion and beauty industries and anyone who wants to work in either of these fields knows that this is the place to be in.

All the big names are certain to have their offices in London. There is no doubt then that it will be quite easy to find beauty PR agencies in London who are well connected and are good at their job. To survive in this city you need to be really good at your work. These firms handle the PR for industries producing beauty products like hair care, hand and nail care products, skincare products. PR for spas and salons as well as grooming centres is also handled by these agencies. Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle. B Public Relations: Why Should We Work With Fashion PR Agencies In London? You must have heard people mention the importance of a good PR.

PR or public relations is necessary for those companies, organisations and anyone who in order to get some publicity has to communicate with the media and the public. When you have good PR, then the image that is created is positive and this in turn is good for business. Most large organisations prefer to employ the services of a PR agency and in London there are some very efficient agencies that do a great job.

The job of a PR specialist is to communicate on behalf of the company or organisation to the rest of the world or target audience. It is their duty to build a positive image and they could make use of newsletters, press releases or public appearances. Tools of PR There are a wide range of techniques and tools that are used by the specialists of PR agencies in London and some of them are as follows. Top Fashion PR Agency London. Beauty PR Agency London. Fashion PR Agencies London. Home - B Public Relations.