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EvolveAR Scanner | Augmented Reality Scanner App. Untitled. Augmented Reality Is Driving Value to Automotive Industry. Augmented Reality Is Driving Value to Automotive Industry. Agmented Reality: Dispurting The Real Estate Industry : adelajoel. EvolveAR Creator - Augmented Reality Technology Platform. What is Augmented Reality – Tech, Types & Usage 2019 - EvolveAR. Augmented reality can simply be defined as a combination of interactive digital features like graphic overlays, haptic interchange, or other sensory projections overlaid into our real-world environment.

AR is the enhanced reality where a real-world environment is augmented with superimposed computer-generated imagery/graphics over a user’s view; collectively it ends up enhancing perception and adds layers of information in one’s reality. Augmented Reality Explained Let’s get into the literal meaning of Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented is derived from the word augment, which means to add, enrich or enhance something. In the case of Augmented Reality, 3D models, videos, images, sounds, and touch feedback are added to provide an overall immersive user experience. The Working and Usage of AR This promising and futuristic technology works in conjunction with augmented reality devices such as AR headset/smart glasses or smart devices such as tablets, smartphones and even PCs. Layered AR Conclusion. Augmented Reality in Automotive Industry – Usage & Benefits - EvolveAR.

Technological advancements and the automotive industry is one of the most promising crossovers we have encountered in recent times. The way augmented reality in automotive facilitate end-users is quite exceptional and companies are keen towards benefiting from it the most. Augmented reality has clearly taken the automotive industry to the next level of immersion. Key car manufacturing companies and holdings are using this evolving tech in different ways to aid their processes and to expand their businesses.

Here, we will take a look at how the automotive industry is using the application of augmented reality in cars to enrich the user experience, production, design and prototyping, and much more. The automotive market has witnessed huge investments in AR, and it quite seems like a natural reaction as this technology not only simplifies processes but also expands and cut costs of production as well. Augmented Reality for Dealerships Augmented Reality Car Apps Summary Article Name Description.