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Wisp Eyelash extension provides you the best ways to give your eyes an glamorous look without adding makeup to your daily beauty routine.

Can You Use a Lash Growth Serum With a Lash Lift - Wisp Lashes Lounge. If you ask any woman about her go-to beauty products, she'll say lipstick, lip gloss, and mascara!

Can You Use a Lash Growth Serum With a Lash Lift - Wisp Lashes Lounge

As everything's better with plump lips and voluminous curly eyelashes because they're the best. If you want your eyelashes to stay long and beautiful, you need a little care routine for them. Lips do not require much maintenance, but eyelashes do. What Are Wet Look Lashes? - AtoAllinks. Wet look lashes are always sexy, mysterious, and very seductive.

What Are Wet Look Lashes? - AtoAllinks

Something about a woman with wet look lashes makes all men go weak and women envious of the attention she receives. Of course, if you’re not into that dramatic style, then there are other options available. Examples include half eyelash extensions or natural-looking individual lashes which only require a little mascara to increase volume. Eyelashes when applied in the traditional way to individual natural lashes (with or without mascara). Or it applies directly to the skin for a more dramatic look. How Lash Extensions Can Minimize the Effects of Aging.

Aging is inevitable.

How Lash Extensions Can Minimize the Effects of Aging

It happens to all of us. How Can Eyelash Extensions Save Your Money? A beautiful work of art is incomplete without a perfect frame; lash extensions will serve as a frame to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

How Can Eyelash Extensions Save Your Money?

If you are among those who are not blessed with beautiful long lashes, we can understand your woes. These women go out of the way, spending time and money applying mascara or falsies to make their eyes look attractive. 4 Steps to Follow Prior to Your Next Lash Refill - wisplashes. Are you starting to count down the days till your next lash refill?

4 Steps to Follow Prior to Your Next Lash Refill - wisplashes

According to that, make the most of your appointment by following these 4 things before visiting our lash salon. To keep your lash extensions clean and well attended for, prepping yourself for a relaxing experience. We love a good laugh, and we never kid about eyelash extension care and lash longevity. So, taking care of your lashes and these tips will make such differences! Can You Use Spray Beauty Products With Eyelash Extensions? - lash extensions volume lashes. Do's And Don'ts Of Eyelash Extensions: Prevent Lashes From Falling Out. Eyelash extensions are the newest obsession in the beauty industry that lets you have effortlessly fluttery, long, and gorgeous lashes in no time.

Do's And Don'ts Of Eyelash Extensions: Prevent Lashes From Falling Out

It is a boon for all those ladies who have stubby, sticky, or thin lashes. Although the lash extensions maintenance concept may sound daunting, in reality, it is completely manageable as long as you take all the necessary precautions. Before taking a plunge into the lash world, let’s dive into the dos and don’ts of eyelash extensions. Do’s. How Can Social Media Influence Your Eyelash Extension Appearance?

Is there any other platform more powerful and resourceful than social media?

How Can Social Media Influence Your Eyelash Extension Appearance?

We bet you can’t think of anything else that is as inspirational as social media. The plus point is that you have it at your fingertips. Like any other business, the eyelash extensions industry, to a great extent, is driven by social media platforms. 5 reasons to get eyelash extensions – Telegraph. Welcome to the lash extensions epidemic.!

5 reasons to get eyelash extensions – Telegraph

As you might have noticed, everyone [even those you would least expect] is fluttering their lash extensions. From the extravagant Russian volume seen on Kim Kardashian to the low-key classic worn by Gigi Hadid, everyone is wearing the lash extension. Eyelash extension is a new hot trend, and all the females are going crazy behind it. It cannot be wrong to say that a woman and her lashes are an endless love affair. "Quite honestly" from like 99 problems, the lashes will solve 87 of them, isn't too cool? How To Select The Best Eyelash Extension Products? Eyelash extensions have been a craze in the beauty fraternity for all those looking for mascara-like fixes.

How To Select The Best Eyelash Extension Products?

The eyelash extensions industry has never seen a U-turn, with lash technicians trying their best to give their clients what they want. Besides the skills of the lash technician that plays a key role in providing those luscious lashes, lash supplies can turn tables even for the most experienced artist. Top Tips For Pre-counseling Your Lash Client. As a lash artist, it is natural to be enthusiastic when you have a new client visiting you for pre-consultation.

Top Tips For Pre-counseling Your Lash Client

You need to gear up for this important meeting, as client retention is the key to boost your business. As first-timers, clients may come in with a lot of expectations and demands. They may be unaware of the exact details of the eyelash extension procedure. You may have to furnish them with more information on the volume and classic lashes.

Keep Your Lashes a Mystery With Eyelash Extensions - What is the one thing that the makeup world is slowly getting in to? Natural-looking makeup! Everyone wants to show their natural beauty and just enhance what they already got. Gone are those days when sharp contour, highlighter and clump mascara looks were ruling. Today we all want a dewy base with naturally long and voluminous looking eyelashes without too much drama around the eyes. This may create concerns among people with heavy lash extensions. The fashion industry has illustrated countless times the methods and techniques on how to hide the fact that you have a set of eyelash extensions. How to Get Longer and Fuller Eyelashes – Wisp Lashes.

You pick up any fashion magazine; the first thing you are bound to notice is a model with dramatically long eyelashes. Getting classic eyelash extensions has now become one of the most common enhancement procedures women are carrying out throughout the globe. The procedure is consumer-friendly to an extent where the client can completely customize the result based on their expectations. Brow lamination – What is it? How does it work? There is a multitude of ways to groom your brows with different levels of pain; microblading, tweezing, waxing, etc. Brow lamination is an innovative beauty treatment that aims at creating shiny, smooth brows. Synonymous to eyebrow perm, this new procedure is a sigh of relief for those experiencing thinning or unruly brows. The high shine effects of can be achieved without using needles or colors like in microblading.

How To Maintain Perfect Lash Extensions During The Summer Months. Summer has set in, and it’s time to rock. With your stylish summer apparel, lash extensions can be the cherry on top. It is one of the best trends that ever graced the beauty industry. A lash extension can make you look effortlessly glamorous all the time, even with little or no additional make-up. It is a low-maintenance option that allows you to ditch the annoying runny mascara. Besides getting your bikini bodies ready for the stunning summer season, you will have to take special care of your lashes.

The warm, humid weather and activities can result in poor lash retention, demanding extra TLC just like you take care of your skin. Mink Eyelashes: What You Need to Know. What better way to look gorgeous without make-up than opting for lash extensions? The best part for ladies who are aficionados of this beauty therapy is that looking beautiful is not limited to special occasions. allow you to feel fabulous without much effort even when you wake up early in the morning.

There are many different types of eyelash extensions available in the market; mink, silk, and faux mink. But real mink eyelash extensions are the crème de la crème of them all. They are renowned for their natural fluttery-looking appearance. What Exactly Is A Lash Lift & Tint, And How Is It Done? Should You Get Lash Extensions Before Your Wedding?

Why You Should Never Use a DIY Lash Lift Kit At Home. Who would not want those fluttery luscious lashes? They can glam up your look, making you ready to steal the show. Many women want to look gorgeous, without paying the price. They tend to save costs of the beauty treatments by doing it themselves at home rather than visiting professionals. Well, trying simple stuff like eyebrow shaping or waxing is not harmful in the long run. Should You Do Eyelash Extensions On Yourself? Everything You Need to Know About the Spring Lash Shed. Easy Remedies for Long Lashes. What are lash fills and why refills are a must? A lot can happen at the bat of an eyelid. Surely your whole look can change when your eyes do the talking. A comfortable lash room for your clients.

Lash protection tips for the coming cold winter. Eyelash Extensions Make Every Day a Fabu-LASH Day! Have you ever wondered how even after spending thousands of dollars on expensive makeup brands and long hours in front of the mirror, you seem to look the same every day? In the meantime, other women around you are becoming more and more glamorous each passing day? One beauty trend that is optimizing the natural beauty of women around the globe is individual eyelash extensions. Visit Wisp Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Shaping salon to get effortless, healthy, voluminous eyelashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Wisp Eyelash Extension serves in Austin, TX, and Knoxville, TN enhance your natural beauty by adding eye-opening, long and dark synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions on top of your natural lashes. Natural Lash Extensions – Deciding The Perfect Length, Curl, And Thickness. 5 Things To Remember When Showering With Lash Extensions. Tips on Eyebrow Shaping: Maintaining bushy eyebrows at home during lockdown. Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant?