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Wisp Eyelash extension provides you the best ways to give your eyes an glamorous look without adding makeup to your daily beauty routine.

Why You Should Never Use a DIY Lash Lift Kit At Home. Who would not want those fluttery luscious lashes?

Why You Should Never Use a DIY Lash Lift Kit At Home

They can glam up your look, making you ready to steal the show. Many women want to look gorgeous, without paying the price. They tend to save costs of the beauty treatments by doing it themselves at home rather than visiting professionals. Well, trying simple stuff like eyebrow shaping or waxing is not harmful in the long run. Should You Do Eyelash Extensions On Yourself? Eyelash extensions are masters when it comes to having luscious fluttery lashes without spending hours on a make-up regimen.

Should You Do Eyelash Extensions On Yourself?

But, you may have to spend big bucks at the salon to get eyelash extensions done professionally. Lash artists are trained with the skill to apply lash extensions safely and perfectly. When you think of purchasing an eyelash extensions kit and doing it yourself, you are taking a severe risk. But, hey! Do you do the electrics of the house by yourself? Everything You Need to Know About the Spring Lash Shed. We’ve all heard of hair fall, right?

Everything You Need to Know About the Spring Lash Shed

Have you heard of lash shedding? Many of us are not aware of this. Much like our hair, our eyelashes go through a growth cycle where they shed and regrow. Easy Remedies for Long Lashes. Luscious long lashes are a superb way to beautify your dramatic eyes.

Easy Remedies for Long Lashes

They instantly elevate your look, enhancing your features to make you look gorgeous. Some lucky gals are gifted with a beautiful set of long and thick lashes, whereas some are ready to do anything under the sun to achieve exotic long lashes by applying falsies, mascara, and of course eyelash extensions. What are lash fills and why refills are a must? A lot can happen at the bat of an eyelid.

What are lash fills and why refills are a must?

Surely your whole look can change when your eyes do the talking. Have you not noticed how your entire appearance transforms only if you do your eyes well? Luscious dark eyes are immensely attractive. They add to your beauty as well as persona. When poets and lyricists pay ode to those intoxicating eyes of their beloved, there’s a genuine reason behind it. A comfortable lash room for your clients. There is tough competition in every sector; Eyelash extensions are no exception.

A comfortable lash room for your clients

Lash extensions play a crucial role in elevating your appeal by magnifying the beauty of your eyes. Artificial lashes are applied to your natural lashes using adhesive glue. You need not spend long hours in front of the mirror each morning once you have put on your valuable lash set. But this procedure would require you to visit the lash artist regularly for refilling session. Besides professional skill, what clients are on the lookout for is comfort. 1) A comfy Lash Bed or Recliner Chair It is the most crucial factor when it comes to maximizing the comfort levels of the clients during lashing sessions. Massage tables are durable and made of faux leather that makes them easy to clean.

Whether you choose a recliner chair or a massage bed, the level must be convenient for the lash artist to operate without any hassle. Lash protection tips for the coming cold winter. The most popular winter season is about to set in; for some, it is the best time of the year.

Lash protection tips for the coming cold winter

People will start to plan for several winter activities due to the stunning climate. Skiing on the high snowy mountain slopes is among the favorites. Besides the fun, this wonderful time can become petrifying for your skin, hair, and eyelashes. There is very little moisture in the environment due to low temperatures and lack of humidity. The skin and hair become dry and, it affects the lashes also. On the other hand, the same climate plays a vital role in the growth cycle of lashes. 1) Refrain from using oil-based make-up The only visible body part during the winters is your face. Eyelash Extensions Make Every Day a Fabu-LASH Day! Have you ever wondered how even after spending thousands of dollars on expensive makeup brands and long hours in front of the mirror, you seem to look the same every day?

Eyelash Extensions Make Every Day a Fabu-LASH Day!

In the meantime, other women around you are becoming more and more glamorous each passing day? One beauty trend that is optimizing the natural beauty of women around the globe is individual eyelash extensions. Visit Wisp Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Shaping salon to get effortless, healthy, voluminous eyelashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Wisp Eyelash Extension serves in Austin, TX, and Knoxville, TN enhance your natural beauty by adding eye-opening, long and dark synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions on top of your natural lashes. Natural Lash Extensions – Deciding The Perfect Length, Curl, And Thickness.

Long, thick, curly eyelashes add drama to your dreamy eyes.

Natural Lash Extensions – Deciding The Perfect Length, Curl, And Thickness

But not all are blessed with naturally thick and curly eyelashes. So how to get voluminous natural eyelashes? The answer is very simple, go for natural lash extensions. 5 Things To Remember When Showering With Lash Extensions. Eye make-up such as mascara or curlers has been used to amp up the appearance of your eyes.

5 Things To Remember When Showering With Lash Extensions

Tips on Eyebrow Shaping: Maintaining bushy eyebrows at home during lockdown. With the recent COVID -19 global pandemic that has plagued the world, most countries around the globe are in a lockdown where life has almost come to a standstill. Like other services women are unable to enjoy their luxury beauty treatments at beauty parlors and salons making them feel like a damsel in distress sometimes causing anxiety and often leading to low self-esteem. Several beauty treatments can be done with great ease without expert help; however, when it comes to women woes that make them cringe each time they glance at their bushy outgrown eyebrows, many believe that they will have to wait till the lockdown is eased to pop at salons for their Eyebrow Shaping appointments with their beauty professionals. Well! So let’s begin our journey to maintain those bushy eyebrows with all that we have from the comfort of our homes. 1) Use Dual mirrors Your dressing table mirror might not suffice alone in this scenario.

Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant? The pleasure of bringing a new life into the world is incomparable to anything else. Pregnancy is a very uncertain and crucial phase in the life of every woman. No two women may have the same pregnancy experience. Although one thing is certainly common in most expecting mothers; they all want to feel more loved, appreciated, confident, and beautiful from within. Wisp Lashes Logo (1)