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Nswcurriculumsupport - English Concept Mapping. Tori's Teacher Tips: Daily 5- Word Work! {giant freebie!} Daily-5-listening-to-reading. Hey everyone!


I am really sorry for my absence. I wanted to blog about 400 different times but 1. I had a house guest and I didn't think it would be polite. 2. Tori's Teacher Tips: Daily 5- Read to Someone (LOTS of freebies!) Yay- I'm back for the third post on Daily 5!

Tori's Teacher Tips: Daily 5- Read to Someone (LOTS of freebies!)

Today I'll talk about If you want to read about Listening to Reading click {HERE} If you want to read about Read to Self click {HERE} I had the BEST comments left on my Read to Self post!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Ms. You didn't leave your email so please respond here with your email so you can pick out your prize! **Make sure you read all the way to the bottom again! Some great ideas/questions came up in the comments that I wanted to share with all of you.. Tori's Teacher Tips: Daily 5- Read to Self {lots of freebies!} Hey everyone!

Tori's Teacher Tips: Daily 5- Read to Self {lots of freebies!}

I'm excited to be back for the second part of my Daily 5 review. Tori's Teacher Tips: Daily 5- Work on Writing {lots of ideas!} Hey everyone!

Tori's Teacher Tips: Daily 5- Work on Writing {lots of ideas!}

I'm back to talk about In case you are just finding me, you can read about the other posts here: Exit Slips. Our lesson plans are written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices and are aligned to state and national standards.

Exit Slips

Choose from hundreds of topics and strategies. More Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and strategies, and find out how you can connect with other literacy professionals. More. Classroom Strategies. How To Set The Tone On The First Day Of School. Of the many goals you have on the first day of school, none compares in importance to setting the proper tone for your students.

How To Set The Tone On The First Day Of School

It is the initial impression of your classroom, after all, that establishes its culture. It’s the feeling, the pace, the attitude, the mood, and the spirit of the experience that expresses who you are, what you value, and what it means to be a member of your classroom. It’s the heady mixture of hope and possibility that fuels everything you do and say with greater significance. Although your first-day lessons and activities play an integral part in setting the tone, it’s your style and demeanor that rule the day. What follows isn’t so much what to do on the first day of school . . . it’s how to be. Be Likable The old maxim that you shouldn’t smile the first two months of the school year is terrible advice.

Designing Your Cover Letter for your Resume - Boost Education. AwesomeArtists.com_Free Downloads_Free Art Lessons. 1st Grade Art with Mrs. Brown. We start by reading "Little Blue and Little Yellow".

1st Grade Art with Mrs. Brown

I give each student 1 ball of red, 1 yellow, and 1 blue. Then I have them break each ball into 4 evenly sized balls. So now they have 4 reds, 4 yellows and 4 blues. All together we mix 1 blue and 1 yellow. Building Resilience in Teacher Education - BRiTE. Number Lesson Starters and Online Activities. Number Starters: A Very Strange Game: Four different actions depending on the number which appears.

Number Lesson Starters and Online Activities

Abundant Buses: A game based around the concept of abundant numbers. Add 'em: Add up a sequence of consecutive numbers. Can you find a quick way to do it? The Lorax Activities, Printables, and Lessons. Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids. Primary Teacher Page. Jenny's Marvellous Maths Links. Multiplication Worksheets. A lifelong love of learning. Pobble. Interview Questions (List) - DEC Interview Questions and Supporting statement (GRP) NSW. Teacher Tools for Interactive Whiteboards. ↓ Skip to Main Content Numbers to Ten on the TenFrame Using a two by five array, the TenFrame supports the use of five as an anchor for early number sense.

Teacher Tools for Interactive Whiteboards

View Teacher Tool View Teacher Tool in Spanish Download Sample Lesson Plan. Lory's Page: Debbie Diller's Chapter 8 Measurement. Measurement is a great opportunity for our students to participate in hands-on activities, explore their environment and learn a bunch of new math vocabulary!

Lory's Page: Debbie Diller's Chapter 8 Measurement

:) Debbie Diller tells us that it's overwhelming for children to remember all the measurement vocabulary we ask them to use, especially if we teach all the strands of measurement at once. She said, "This is a very important (and foundational) area of mathematics, so be sure to provide enough time to teach measurement concepts well.

" "If possible, start by teaching students how to measure length over several weeks... a few weeks or even months later, teach about measuring weight or capacity. Instruction on measuring time should take place later in the year. " In Lory's words...SPLIT IT UP, SPREAD IT OUT, ENJOY IT LONGER! A Maths Dictionary for Kids 2015 Full Site by Jenny Eather. About - Maths Mentality. About Maths Mentality I am a Primary Maths teacher with 24 years classroom experience. Helping children gain a deep knowledge of mathematical concepts is my passion. By working extensively with other teachers and parents across a variety of schools I've noticed something rather interesting.

Many adults (teachers and parents) don't feel confident in their own knowledge and ability in Maths and this influences their effectiveness in helping the children in their care. was born from this need. I have created a resource specifically to help teachers and parents feel more assured. If you have any questions about the site or about subscribing, please send me an email at mathsmentality@gmail.comThis email address is being protected from spambots.

Matific. Area/Perimeter. What's My Area? At the beginning the lesson, have the class answer the question, "What is area? " Record student responses on the board without making any corrections or additions to student definitions. Have students explore the Illuminations Interactive Geometry Dictionary: Areas in Geometry. As students are working, they should be instructed to think about developing or changing their definition of area.

Students should also become aware of what happens to the area of a rectangle as lines are moved closer together and further away from one another. Bring the whole class together to revise the definition of area. Interactivemaths - Area. Curriculum Materials - Cool Australia. Running Records - Warners Bay Primary School. What is a running record? A running record is a record of errors, or miscues, that readers make as they are reading. Running Records were developed as a way for teachers to quickly and easily assess their students’ reading behaviours “on the run”, so to speak. Running Records capture what the reader did and said while reading. Arts : Live.         Early Learning Education. Teaching Ideas Library - Alphabetical List of Books. Alphabetical List of Books: We have free teaching ideas and resources for hundreds of popular children's books.

Browse the alphabetical list below by clicking on a letter and then choose a book cover! Return to the main Teaching Ideas Library contents here. Free literacy PDFs and resources. Game Play, Freebies and Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites Chapter 4. I’m a bit late but back to hook up to the Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites Book Study and Strategy 4 is all about games. Planning for Writing - on Butterfly Wings ~ English. Kahoot! - Login. Primary Resources - FREE for Early Years (EYFS) KS1 & KS2.

Educational Resources – Teach Starter. Teacher Brain - Educational Games and Activities. Reading & Writing. Sheena Cameron – Resources & Links. Writing. Home - Glenmore Park Learning Community. Unite for Literacy library. Home - Maths Mentality. The Mathematics Shed - Mathematics Shed. The Literacy Shed - Home. Main. Learning.21stCentury.Snapshot - Home. MATHS RESOURCES TO SHARE - Learning.21stCentury.Snapshot.

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. Interview Questions (List) - DEC Interview Questions and Supporting statement (GRP) NSW. Problem loading page. English K–10. Jump Start Jonny – Features. Artemis Fowl. Home. ITL Research. PETAA. Welcome to AATE - AATE - Australian Association for the Teaching of English. Journals - ALEA - Australian Literacy Educators' Association. Local Languages: 13/11/2012, Behind the News. Last week we told you how the government wants all kids to learn an Asian language. But there are languages much closer to home that some people think are just as important. As Tash reports, Australia has hundreds of Indigenous languages and some people are worried that if we don't keep teaching them they could eventually disappear.

Assessment Resource Centre. NSW Syllabus. NSW Public Schools Home Page. ACARA. The Numeracy Continuum K-10. Aboriginal educational contexts. Welcome to Creative Arts K-6. About Creative Arts curriculum support. Dust Echoes: Download Study Guides. Teacher Brain - Educational Games and Activities. Rob Plevin. A Love for Teaching: Fast Finisher Done Jar! AC UNITS - Home. Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Guided Math in First Grade. I am hoping this post will help answer some questions I have been asked lately. But let me set us all straight because I am not an expert outside of my own little classroom. Sacha Drake - Mobile. Ms. Arnold's First Grade Class. INFORMATIVE TEXT - Learning.21stCentury.Snapshot. MargD Teaching Posters - HOME.

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