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Ali & Toumani~Sabu Yerkoy
The arts — free and on-demand The Space pilot service came to an end on 31 October 2013. You can watch The Space Journey to see some of the highlights from the last 18 months and hear from those who’ve contributed to the creation of this new digital service for the arts. The Space, the online partnership between Arts Council England and the BBC is planning to re-launch in Spring/Summer 2014, subject to BBC Trust approval, as a dynamic new space for artists and audiences to invent and explore brilliant digital art, live, free and on-demand. It will be the place for artists to experiment, take risks and think big.

Band on the Wall: The story of AfroCubism | The Space

Band on the Wall: The story of AfroCubism | The Space
12 Awesome Musical Performances In Unexpected Places
10 of Indie Rock’s Finest Summer Anthems 10 of Indie Rock’s Finest Summer Anthems The new Beach House record is out this week, and while we’ve always thought the band’s name was more wry irony than genuine summeriness — Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally’s music evokes the atmosphere of boarded-up resorts and empty beaches, as far as we’re concerned — we’ve got no doubt that Bloom is gonna be the soundtrack to many, many people’s summers. And, indeed, every summer needs a good soundtrack, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to take a look at some of our favorite indie summer anthems — songs that celebrate the sun, or just do a fine job of capturing the atmosphere of the season in all its complex, sweaty glory. The Drums — “Let’s Go Surfing” Incongruous as a surf anthem from a bunch of skinny Brooklynites is, there still aren’t many more quintessentially summery songs from the last few years than this.