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Technology. Robotics Introduction - Robot Information, Lesson Plan, Learn About Robots. Technology Lesson Plans K-5 Computer Lab. Online Projects Are for Everyone. Are you tired of locating the "perfect" Internet activity, only to find it full of dead links and confusing directions?

Online Projects Are for Everyone

Are you bored with P owerPoint? Are you looking for interesting technology integration activities that work the first time, every time? Look no further! Included: Activities, examples, and complete directions that will make you look like a tech expert whatever grade you teach! As you head back to school this fall, it's likely that you face a strong administrative mandate to more fully integrate technology into your curriculum. For many teachers, however, using technology also presents a significant challenge. To help you solve those problems and meet that challenge, to simply get you started as quickly and easily as possible, we asked the Education World Tech Team members to share with you some of their favorite tried-and-true technology integration activities. Assessment: Students click the star beneath the moon and then complete the interactive assessment activity. ELL. Nine Strategies for Reaching All Learners in English Language Arts.

Not satisfied with students' progress on district- and state-mandated tests -- and after careful deliberation by administration and staff -- the Edwards Middle School implemented the Massachusetts Expanded Learning Time (ELT) Initiative in the 2006/07 school year.

Nine Strategies for Reaching All Learners in English Language Arts

ELT has since become an integral part of the school day, where students receive an additional 60 minutes of support instruction in some core academic classes like English and math, and 90 minutes of electives in arts, sports and music, and other enrichment activities. In order to maximize the benefits of ELT for students, I looked for ways to fine tune my approach to teaching individualized learning in my English language arts classroom. CORE ELA Performance Assessment Modules - Standards Assessment & Instruction. Middle School (Grades 6-8) English Language Arts Activities, Lesson Plans, Worksheets & Handouts. Search for Lessons to Use With Popular Stories (Upper Elementary)

Free, Common Core-aligned lessons for 3rd-5th grade texts.

Search for Lessons to Use With Popular Stories (Upper Elementary)

Lessons are divided by grade-level, and listed alphabetically. When alphabetizing, the words "A" and "The" at the beginning of a title have been ignored. Please note: Page number references may not match your version of materials. Grade 3 (A-D) Across the Wide Dark Sea A boy and his family endure a difficult nine-week journey across the ocean and survive the first winter at Plymouth. Social Studies. "A Raisin in the Sun": The Quest for the American Dream. Activity 1.

"A Raisin in the Sun": The Quest for the American Dream

What is the American Dream? Lead students in a succession of questions that engages them in a discussion about the concept of "The American Dream. " Record students' responses on a board or on large display paper and categorize them according to social, educational, economical, political and religious reasons. If there are students from other countries in the class, allow them to discuss their stories of immigration if they choose. Ask students: Why do people from other countries immigrate to America? Have students write out their definition of "The American Dream".

Tell students that they will examine various documents and read and analyze the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry to understand how the quest for "The American Dream" affected African Americans during the 1950’s. Activity 2. Remind students that writers do not write in a vacuum, but that much of their creativity has its roots in personal experiences. Social Studies for Teens. Fifth Grade Resources. Interactive Whiteboard Resources. Science. Science Assessment ~ Topics. Magnetic Direction Lab. Lesson Plans - Science and Technology. Sci . Cauldron Bubbles. Mix up a bubbly brew.

sci . Cauldron Bubbles

What happens if you make Cauldron Bubbles using hot water? How about if you use very small amounts of salt? In the ZOOMsci, What's More Dense? , you can compare the density of different liquids. Can you make Cauldron Bubbles with liquids other than oil and water? Vittle, age 8 of Sacramento, CA wrote: We added lots of baking products. salt, baking soda, epsom salt, corn meal, corn starch (didnt sink). King Vang, age 14 of Milwaukee, WI wrote: The bubbles floated, it was so cool! Math. Multiplication_five_minute_frenzy_right1_0009_001. Common Core Map. Work Backwards. Entering4th.